Urologist Doctor In Gujarat

Gujarat, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and industrial prowess, also boasts a robust healthcare system. Within this landscape, urologist doctors in Gujarat play a pivotal role in addressing a wide spectrum of urinary and reproductive health concerns. This article explores the significance of urologists in Gujarat, highlighting their services and the vital role they play in promoting urological wellness.

Here Is Top 10 Urologist Doctor In Gujarat

1. Siddhi Vinayak Hospital

Established on 13th February, 2004, the hospital has since been a landmark of healthcare service in the eastern part of the city. The hospital caters a wide array of services to its community ranging from health-check ups to the most complex of operating procedures. It provides it's services in a wide spectrum of specialities. The hospital has professional medical consultants from specialist and super-specialist fields like Urology, Nephrology, Critical care, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Arthroscopy, Neonatology and Traumatology in it's wing.

Physically, the hospital is spread out on a large campus having two well-structured buildings having a total capacity to accomodate about 100 patients. The rooms available range from the most const-effective rooms to suites, which are customizable per patient demand. The hospital is located in the prime location of Maninagar,Ahmedabad very near to Balvatika – a tourist destination besides Kankaria lake.

The hospital enjoys proximity and easy access to routine modes of transport like the central S.T. bus station, local bus transport stand and the railway station which is just at 5 min walk. Kidney Stone Treatment in Ahmedabad by Dr. Abhay Khandekar, Best Doctor For Stone Treatment in Ahmedabad, Pathri Specialist in Ahmedabad, Kidney Stone Doctor in Ahmedabad, Best Urologist In Ahmedabad, Best Multi Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad.

Contact Details

Address : Punit Maharaj Rd, near Jaldhara Water World, Balvatika, Tulsibag, Kankaria, Maninagar
Phone No :
+91 08048053867
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

2. Marengo Asia Hospital

Marengo Asia Hospitals is an integrated platform of multi-specialty hospitals with a focus on providing tertiary and quaternary care, creating ‘centres of excellence’ across medical specialties, and adopting a ‘patient first’ approach.

To be a multi-specialty chain of hospitals that relentlessly pursues clinical excellence through technology and its people.To make Healthcare Humane for every Stakeholder – Patients, Doctors, Employees and Shareholders – with empathy.

To provide a reliable healthcare delivery platform with our ‘patient first approach’ by making expert healthcare accessible for all whilst following our principles of reliability and sustainability.

Contact Details

Address : Marengo CIMS Hospital ,Ahemdabad ,Gujrat
Phone No :
+91 124 4131091
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

3. Shyam Urosurgical

Are you experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection or kidney stones? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a urologic condition and need to find a specialist in Ahmedabad. Whatever your reason may be, choosing the right urologist is essential for receiving optimal care and achieving a positive outcome. In this article, we will provide you with tips and recommendations on how to choose the best urologist doctor in Ahmedabad.

Urology is a medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the urinary tract and male reproductive system. These conditions can range from common ailments like urinary tract infections and kidney stones to more complex disorders like prostate cancer and bladder tumors. Choosing the right urology hospital in Ahmedabad is crucial for receiving the correct diagnosis, effective treatment, and compassionate care.

It is crucial to choose an urologist who has experience and specializes in treating your specific condition. For example, if you have prostate cancer, look for an urologist who has experience in performing prostate surgeries and treating prostate cancer patients.

Contact Details

Address : Shyam Urosurgical Hospital4 Th floor viva complex,Opposite Parimal Garden, Ellisbridge,Ahmedabad-380 006, Gujarat, India
Phone No :
+9198244 65767
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

4. Dr.Vivek Kothari

Dr.Vivek Kothari is a Urologist in Ahmedabad, providing comprehensive General and Advanced Urological care.Dr Kothari is available daily at KESHAVAM HOSPITAL South Bopal Ahmedabad.

Practicing in his own setup KESHAVAM HOSPITAL , located at Saffal Parisar Road , South Bopal , Ahmedabad , Dr Kothari maintains a unique approach to patient care by utilizing the latest and most effective medical treatment combined with his vast experience. Patient’s overall well being is his top most concern.His personalized approach has helped to solidify a rewarding, lasting relationship between him & his patients, making him a unique Urologist in Ahmedabad.

Dr.Kothari understands the difficulty of obtaining quality medical care that many people face in an increasingly complex & impersonal Health Care System. He understands and respects the privacy of the patient.He graduated in MBBS from S.S.G Hospital Baroda in the year 2004.He specialized in M.S. General Surgery from the same institute in the year 2009.

He did his superspeciality, DNB Urology under the auspicious guidance of Dr.Bapat Sir ,one of the pioneer in Urology from the Pune in the year 2015

He worked dedicatedly in URO-ONCOLOGY for 1.5 years , where he dealt with lot of cases of kidney cancers, bladder cancers, prostate cancers etc. He spent 6 months working with Dr.Hemang Baxi Sir (Uro Onco Robotic Surgeon) at HCG Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad and 1 year as consultant Uro-oncologist at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI), one of the best Government Institute for Cancer care in Ahmedabad.

Contact Details

Address : 401-403, Gala Magnus, Opp Gala Galleria, South Bopal, Ahmedabad - 380058
Phone No :
+9163557 38311
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

5. Shivanta Hospital

This could be signs of Urological issues in your body. The excretion of waste mostly moves the body through the urinary tract. It is hard to ignore the importance of taking care of the urinary system at all times as this is also considered the most possible location for infection caused by intoxication.

Post surgeries can be a struggle and with the wide cases of kidney stones, painful peeing experience because of infections, it is even more important to take care of yourself after the surgery. We specialize in keeping a post-surgery follow-up for all our patients.

Shivanta Multispeciality Hospital is the number one Best Urology Hospital in Ahmedabad. When it comes to the subject of urological care, we are the preferred option for patients seeking exceptional treatment and empathetic support. Our specialized group of urologists, cutting-edge medical facilities, and patient-focused approach provide the ideal destination for those searching for the best urology hospital in Ahmedabad.

Our expert team, led by renowned urologist Dr. Dushyant Pawar, is committed to delivering personalized treatment options and compassionate care to individuals with urological conditions. With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, we strive to offer the highest standards of medical services in the field of urology.

Contact Details

Address : 2nd Floor , AARYAN EUREKA, opp. Shayona Shikhar near vandematram cross roads, New SG Rd, Gota, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382481
Phone No :
+91756 746 5000
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

6. Sterling Hospital

The Department of Urology at Sterling Hospitals is committed to providing patient-centric care with a focus on delivering accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and optimal outcomes.

The team of urologists works in close collaboration with other specialists, including radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists, to provide multidisciplinary care for complex urological conditions. With a patient-friendly approach, advanced facilities, and a team of highly skilled experts, the Department of Urology at Sterling Hospitals is a leading center for urological care in Ahmedabad and the surrounding regions.

As a trailblazer, Sterling Hospitals has set a benchmark and is the leader in setting industry standards. Today, Sterling Group has successfully established tertiary care multi-speciality hospitals in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Rajkot. The group also has established a state-of-the art and high end secondary care centre at Gandhidham. It is the first corporate hospital in Gujarat to be accredited by NABH. Sterling Hospitals believes in offering outstanding medical as well as surgical care to its patients. Today, all these four hospitals are accredited by NABH.

To give effect to its vision and philosophy, Sterling Hospitals has established state-of-the-art units and critical specialties such as cardiology and CVTS surgery, neurology and neuro-surgery, nephrology urology, liver and renal transplant (live and cadaveric), GI medicine and surgery, haematology, bone marrow transplant, oncology and onco-surgery, critical care, emergency and trauma care, orthopaedic and joint replacement, spine surgery, obesity surgery, neonatology as well as general medicine and surgery amongst others.

Contact Details

Address : Sterling Hospitals, Gurukul,Memnagar, Ahmedabad -380052, Gujarat, India
Phone No :
+9198 98 98 78 78
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

7. Dr. Ashit Shah

Dr. Ashit Shah is a senior consultant Urologist heading Aashray Urology Institute. After completing his M.B.B.S. and M.S. in General Surgery, he was awarded Diplomate of National Board (D.N.B.) in Genito-Urinary Surgery by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.

He earned his Diplomate in Laparoscopic Urology from Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France in the year 2006. Dr. Shah has a special interest in Endo-Urology, especially Urolithiasis i.e. Urinary Stone Disease.

Having spent more than 27 years in the profession of Urology, he has experience of over 75,000 urological consultations and more than 15,000 surgeries. Being counted amongst the torch bearers of ethical and transparent medical practice in the city of Vadodara, he was conferred ‘Inspiring Urologist Award’ for the year 2019 by The Economic Times.

Contact Details

Address : 80/A Sampatrao Colony, Lane Opposite Circuit House, Off R.C. Dutt, Road, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007, India
Phone No :
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

8. Shaleen Hospital

Shaleen Hospital is home to the best gall bladder stone surgery doctors in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our expert surgeons specialize in performing gall bladder stone removal surgeries with precision and care. Trust Shaleen Hospital for comprehensive and effective treatment of gall bladder stones in Ahmedabad.

Shaleen Hospital houses a team of leading gall bladder cancer doctors in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With their specialized expertise, our doctors provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and care for gall bladder cancer patients. Choose Shaleen Hospital for expert care and effective treatment of gall bladder cancer in Ahmedabad.

Shaleen Hospital features skilled doctors specializing in gall bladder stone removal in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our experienced team provides effective treatment options for gall bladder stone removal, ensuring patient comfort and well-being. Visit Shaleen Hospital for trusted gall bladder stone removal in Ahmedabad.

Shaleen Hospital boasts a team of top gall bladder surgery doctors in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our expert surgeons specialize in gall bladder surgeries, delivering optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. Trust Shaleen Hospital for comprehensive gall bladder surgery in Ahmedabad.

Urologists diagnose and treat diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women. They also diagnose and treat anything involving the reproductive tract in men.In some cases, they may perform surgery. For example, they may remove cancer or open up a blockage in the urinary tract.The urinary tract is the system that creates, stores, and removes urine from the body. Urologists can treat any part of this system.

Contact Details

Address : 4th & 5th Floor, ShaleenPlaza, Nr. Mangaldeep Party Plot, Nr. Sukan Mall Cross Road, Science City Road - Sola, Ahmedabad - 380060.
Phone No :
+9182380 92233
Email ID : [email protected]
Website :

9. Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital

With the effective use of advanced technology and high-quality equipment, we aim at providing top-notch treatment facilities to all our patients. We have 16 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) along with an ICU on wheels to meet the emergency needs of the patients. Other facilities are sonography, CT scan, dialysis center, blood storage, 3 modular operation theatres, and round-the-clock pathological laboratory & pharmacy. Thus, the patients can certainly expect all sorts of treatments under one roof.

We also provide patients with a complete package of surgical solutions; some of them are Renal Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics, Robotic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Joint Replacement.

Consultation and treatment for Oncology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Nephrology, and Physiotherapy are also available with a 24×7 functional trauma care centre.

And, to add to our quality care we are pleased to share that now GUJARAT KIDNEY & SUPERSPECIALITYHOSPITAL has introduced Robotic Surgeries in Vadodara and become the only hospital to do so in the region of Central Gujarat.

Contact Details

Address : New India Mill Compound,Nr. Jetalpur Bridge, Jetalpur Road,
Anand Nagar, Haripura,Vadodara, Gujarat 390020
Phone No : +918849448102
Email ID : [email protected]
Website :

10. Samved Urology

A leading government organisation survey reveals that more than 35% of women suffer from complications such as urinary incontinence. Even among men, problems related to the prostate and the like are common. These complications could be easily avoided if only the patients would approach the urologist when the first signs appear.

In India, urological problems are often ignored till they take a grave turn. This is partly due to the lack of awareness coupled with the sparse availability of specialist care. Understanding this void, Samved Urology Hospital has come established itself as an advanced centre for urological needs in Ahmedabad?

Contact Details

Address : Nr. Stadium Circle,Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009,Gujarat (India)
Phone No : +9179 2642 0285,
Email ID : [email protected]
Website :

Gujarat, a vibrant state steeped in cultural richness and economic prosperity, is also a beacon for advanced healthcare services. Amidst this landscape, urologist doctors in Gujarat emerge as crucial healthcare professionals, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. In this article, we explore the significance of urologists in Gujarat, shedding light on their services, expertise, and the essential role they play in fostering urological wellness.

The Profound Role of Urologist Doctors: Urologists are medical specialists committed to addressing a diverse range of urological conditions, encompassing kidney health, urinary tract disorders, prostate issues, and male reproductive health. In Gujarat, these dedicated professionals bring a wealth of expertise to the forefront of urological care, ensuring that residents have access to cutting-edge medical advancements.

Leading Urologists in Gujarat: Acknowledged for proficiency in managing kidney stones and urinary tract disorders.Practices at (Hospital/Clinic), equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for accurate diagnostics and comprehensive treatment.Specializes in male reproductive health, offering nuanced care for issues like male infertility and erectile dysfunction.Utilizes advanced technology for precise diagnostics and performs minimally invasive surgeries.

Diagnostic Excellence: Utilization of advanced imaging techniques such as ultrasound and CT scans for accurate and timely diagnosis.Conducting urodynamic studies to assess bladder function and identify issues related to urinary incontinence.

Medical Management: Prescribing medications for urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).Offering hormonal therapies for male reproductive health issues.

Surgical Expertise: Performing minimally invasive procedures for kidney stone removal, ensuring quicker recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.Conducting surgical interventions for prostate issues, including transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).

Choosing the Right Urologist: Selecting an apt urologist is pivotal for individuals seeking specialized care. Factors such as the doctor's experience, specialization, patient reviews, and the facilities available at the hospital or clinic should be considered. A patient-doctor relationship built on trust and effective communication enhances the overall healthcare experience.

Urologist doctors in Gujarat stand as navigators of urological excellence, contributing significantly to the health and well-being of the community. As Gujarat continues to advance as a center for healthcare excellence, these urologists play an indispensable role in providing advanced and compassionate care. For individuals experiencing urological symptoms or seeking preventive care, the urologist doctors in Gujarat provide a pathway to a healthier and more fulfilling life. With a commitment to advanced medical techniques and personalized care, the journey to urological wellness in Gujarat is guided by the hands of skilled and dedicated professionals.

What does a urologist in Gujarat specialize in, and when should I consult one?

 Urologists in Gujarat specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. Consult a urologist if you experience symptoms like persistent pain during urination, blood in urine, or reproductive health concerns.

 How do I choose the right urologist in Gujarat for my needs?

 Consider factors such as the urologist's experience, specialization, patient reviews, and the facilities available at the hospital or clinic. A comfortable patient-doctor relationship and effective communication are crucial.

 What conditions do urologists in Gujarat commonly treat?

 Urologists in Gujarat address a range of conditions, including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, bladder issues, prostate disorders, and male infertility.

 What diagnostic procedures do urologists in Gujarat perform?

 Urologists use advanced imaging techniques, such as ultrasound and CT scans, conduct urodynamic studies to assess bladder function, and perform blood tests like prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing for diagnostics.

 Are there urologists in Gujarat who specialize in reproductive health?

 Yes, some urologists specialize in male reproductive health, addressing issues like male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

 What can I expect during my first visit to a urologist in Gujarat?

 During your first visit, the urologist will likely review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and may order diagnostic tests if necessary. Be prepared to discuss your symptoms and concerns.

 Can urologists in Gujarat provide preventive measures for urological conditions?

Yes, urologists may offer guidance on preventive measures, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, and seeking prompt medical attention for urinary symptoms.

 How do I schedule an appointment with a urologist in Gujarat?

 You can schedule an appointment by contacting the urologist's clinic or hospital directly. Many healthcare facilities in Gujarat provide online appointment scheduling for convenience.

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