Urologist Doctors In Chhattisgarh

Urologist Doctors In Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, is also home to a burgeoning healthcare system. Within this system, Urologist Doctors play a crucial role in safeguarding the urological health of the community. In this article, we explore the significance of Urologists in Chhattisgarh, their expertise, and the comprehensive care they provide.


Ramkrishna CARE is a direct descendant of Ramkrishna Surgical Nursing Home, which was established in July 1992 as a 25-bed un-disciplinary institution by Dr. Sandeep Dave. Through immaculate and arduous teamwork, innovative pursuits, effervescent enterprises, and intuitive foresight, it had grown to 215 bedded multidisciplinary super specialties by 2004 and another 200 bedded multidisciplinary super specialties by October 2017.

With the help of CARE Group of Hospitals backed by Ever CARE Group, Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals is providing superior health care with state-of-the-art equipment, dexterity, and technology. On October 17, 2004, a new endeavour of a private firm at Pachpedi Naka, Raipur, was inaugurated in a new building in a diverse and varied environment.

Address : Aurobindo Enclave, Pachpedhi Naka, Dhamtari Road, Raipur,
Chhattisgarh - 492001
Phone : 771-6165 656
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://www.carehospitals.com/


To pursue excellence in Urology specially laparoscopy, robotics and renal transplant and further translate the knowledge into patient care so that people coming from all strata of society, even the underprivileged ones get state of art treatment for their ailments. To work in and to explore the vast field of minimally invasive urology, Robotic surgery and renal transplant and contribute my best towards its development.

The head urologist and andrologist surgeon at mmi hospital, Dr. Varun Sharma is a Senior Consultant Urologist surgeon in Raipur, providing comprehensive urology care to men, women, and children.

Operating at MMI Hospital as a senior urology surgeon, Dr. Varun Sharma maintains a unique approach to patient care by utilizing the latest, most effective medical treatments, combined with urology conditions and respect for the patient as an individual and their overall well-being. As a urologist, Dr. Varun Sharma is wholly committed to providing the best healthcare whenever you need it.

Address : NHMMI Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Dhamtari Road, Lalpur, Raipur(C.G.), India
Phone :9584972784
Email Id :[email protected]
Website :https://urologyklinik.com/


Dr. Harsh Jain is one of the best Urologist & Andrologist in Central India, currently practicing at Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh.
He was born and brought up in Bhilai, did his schooling from Delhi Public School, Bhilai and completed his Masters in General Surgery from Pt JNM Medical College. Thereon, he further went for super-specialization in Urology & Kidney Transplantation and did his MCh (Urology) from the prestigious PGIMER & Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.

Thereafter, he completed his Post-Doctoral Senior Registrar ship from the same institute. He has won many national and international awards and accolades throughout his career and represented India in various International Urological Forums.

Address : Raipur
Phone :78288-76969
Email Id :[email protected]
Website :https://www.drharshjainurologist.com/


At Urocare Hospital, our mission is to improve the urological health and well-being of our patients through comprehensive, compassionate, and patient-centered care. We aim to be a leading center of excellence in urology, offering advanced diagnostics, innovative treatments, and personalized solutions for a wide range of urological conditions.
Our urology specialists are highly experienced, with expertise in various subspecialties of urology. From kidney stones and prostate health to male infertility, pediatric urology, and urologic cancers, our team covers a wide spectrum of urological conditions. We collaborate across specialties to ensure holistic care, especially in complex cases.

At Urocare Hospital, we strive to create a warm, welcoming, and patient-centric environment. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you, ensuring your comfort and addressing any concerns you may have.

Address : Motibagh Rajbhawan Road, Daga Marg, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Phone :91 98434 34582
Email Id :[email protected]
Website :https://www.drharshjainurologist.com/


Aarogyam superspeciality Hospital & Research Center is first of its kind in Twin city with the aim of providing specialised urology and nephrology care. It was established in Feb 2016 in Bhilai. It has fully dedicated and trained staff with the intent of providing patients service to their best. It has everything including pathology and pharmacy under one roof for quick and comfortable services to OPD our patients.

At Aarogyam, we have conducted different check up camp in different occasion like world prostate month, world kidney day and world incontinence week for increasing awareness among patients about kidney and prostate disease. We regularly publish article in different newspaper in different topic of urology. We have lithotripsy machine which is first and only in twin city.

We have specialisation in minimal invasive procedure for stone and Prostate (BPH). We have done number of endourological procedures for stones like Standard PCNL, Mini PCNL, URSL with success rate of more than 95%. We are master also for prostate disease and removed very large gland in single stage. We have mastered the technique in reconstructive urology with very good success rate in urethroplasty( End to End and Substitution Urethroplasty)Pyeloplasty, VVF repair etc. At Aarogyam , special Men’s health clinic is also proposed for Erectile dyfunction patients.

Address : Kadambari Nagar Durg Bypass Road
NH - 53, Opposite Toyata Showroom
Durg 491001
Phone :1800-889-2092
Email Id :[email protected]
Website :https://www.drharshjainurologist.com/

Chhattisgarh, a state marked by its cultural diversity and picturesque landscapes, is also witnessing remarkable advancements in healthcare. Among the specialized healthcare professionals contributing significantly to the well-being of the community are the Urologist Doctors in Chhattisgarh. In this article, we explore the essential role these specialists play in urological health, their expertise, and the comprehensive care they provide.

Understanding Urology: Urology, a specialized branch of medicine, focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system. Urologist Doctors in Chhattisgarh are highly trained medical practitioners with specialized knowledge in addressing a broad spectrum of urological concerns.

The Role of Urologist Doctors in Chhattisgarh: Urologist Doctors in Chhattisgarh serve as vital healthcare providers offering specialized care for individuals dealing with urological issues. Their expertise encompasses routine check-ups, diagnostic evaluations, and intricate surgical procedures. These healthcare professionals are adept at diagnosing and treating conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate issues, male reproductive health concerns, and urological cancers.

Services Offered by Urologists:

Diagnostic Excellence: Urologists utilize advanced diagnostic tools, including detailed medical history reviews, physical examinations, imaging studies, and specialized tests. This ensures accurate and thorough assessments of urological conditions.

Medical Management: Urologists prescribe medications and develop medical management plans for conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and prostate issues. This approach often includes personalized treatment plans tailored to individual health needs.

Surgical Expertise: Urologists in Chhattisgarh are skilled in performing various surgical procedures, ranging from minimally invasive surgeries to complex interventions. Common procedures include kidney stone removal, prostate surgery, and bladder surgeries.

Male Reproductive Health: Urologists address male reproductive health concerns, including erectile dysfunction, male infertility, vasectomy procedures, and other reproductive health issues. They provide comprehensive care to ensure the optimal functioning of the male reproductive system.

Urological Oncology: Urologists play a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of urological cancers, including bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and prostate cancer. Their expertise extends to both the identification of cancerous conditions and the implementation of appropriate treatment plans.

Finding a Urologist in Chhattisgarh:For individuals seeking urological care in Chhattisgarh, connecting with a Urologist is facilitated through various means:

Physician Referrals: Primary care physicians or family doctors can provide valuable referrals based on individual health needs.

Hospital Directories: Hospital directories in Chhattisgarh often list Urologists along with their areas of specialization and contact information.

Online Healthcare Platforms: Utilize online healthcare platforms that feature information about Urologist Doctors in Chhattisgarh. These platforms typically include details about the Urologists' qualifications, experience, and patient reviews.

The Importance of Timely Consultation:Many urological conditions, if detected and treated early, can be effectively managed. Timely consultation with a Urologist in Chhattisgarh is crucial if individuals experience symptoms such as frequent urination, blood in urine, pain during urination, or changes in reproductive health.

Choosing the Right Urologist:Consider the following factors when selecting a Urologist in Chhattisgarh:

Qualifications and Experience: Look for Urologists with the necessary qualifications, certifications, and experience in treating your specific condition.

Patient Reviews: Reading patient reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the experiences of others under the care of a particular Urologist.

Accessibility: Choose a Urologist whose clinic or hospital is easily accessible, ensuring convenience for regular check-ups and follow-up appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Urologist Doctors in Chhattisgarh

What is a Urologist, and what conditions do they treat?

A1: A Urologist is a medical specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system. They treat a wide range of conditions, including urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate issues, male reproductive health concerns, and urological cancers.

When should I consult a Urologist in Chhattisgarh?

A2: Consult a Urologist if you experience symptoms such as frequent urination, blood in urine, pain during urination, changes in reproductive health, or if you have concerns about kidney or bladder issues. Routine check-ups are advisable for those with a family history of urological conditions.

What conditions do Urologists in Chhattisgarh commonly treat?

A4: Urologists in Chhattisgarh commonly treat conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate issues (enlarged prostate, prostatitis), male reproductive health concerns (erectile dysfunction, male infertility), and urological cancers (bladder, kidney, prostate).

What happens during a visit to a Urologist in Chhattisgarh?

A6: During a visit, you can expect a thorough medical history review, a physical examination, and, if necessary, additional diagnostic tests. The Urologist will discuss your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Are urological procedures painful?

A7: The level of discomfort during urological procedures varies. Many diagnostic tests are minimally invasive and relatively painless. Surgical procedures may involve some discomfort, but Urologists use anesthesia and pain management strategies to ensure patient comfort.

Can Urologists in Chhattisgarh help with fertility issues?

A8: Yes, Urologists often specialize in male reproductive health and can diagnose and treat conditions that may contribute to infertility. They may recommend lifestyle changes, medications, or surgical interventions to address fertility concerns.

How often should I see a Urologist for check-ups?

A9: The frequency of check-ups depends on individual health factors and risk factors. Routine check-ups may be recommended for those with a family history of urological conditions, certain age groups, or individuals with specific risk factors.

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