Urologist Doctors In Haryana

Urologist Doctors In Haryana

Urologist doctors in Haryana are instrumental in fostering urological health within the community. Their expertise, combined with a patient-centric approach, ensures that individuals facing urological concerns receive the highest standard of care. As guardians of urinary and reproductive health, these urologists contribute significantly to the overall well-being of Haryana, embodying the essence of specialized healthcare in this culturally diverse state.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, the role of specialized medical practitioners becomes increasingly vital. Urology, a branch dedicated to the urinary tract and male reproductive health, is witnessing significant Urologist doctors in Haryana contributions from urologist doctors in Haryana. These skilled professionals are at the forefront of providing comprehensive care, ensuring the urological well-being of the state's residents.

Urologists are medical specialists with expertise in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions affecting the urinary system and male reproductive organs. In Haryana, urologist doctors bring a combination of experience and dedication to address a diverse range of urological concerns, ranging from common issues to complex Urologist doctors in Haryana surgical interventions.

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Urologist Doctors In Haryana

1. ILSS Hospital

Welcome to ILSS Hospital (Institute of Laser & Stone Surgery), a subsidiary unit of Laser and Endoscopy Training Institute Private Limited. A leading healthcare institution specializing in the fields of Urology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Situated at the heart of the city, our hospital is synonymous with excellence, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to improving the lives of our patients.

ILSS Hospital’s specialization in urology and minimally invasive surgery ensures that you receive care from experts who are leaders in their respective fields.Our hospital is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including high-end laser machines, to provide you with the most advanced and precise treatments available.

Your comfort and well-being are paramount to us. Our patient-centric approach ensures that you receive compassionate care tailored to your unique needs.Whether you require routine check-ups, diagnostic tests, or advanced surgical interventions, ILSS Hospital is your trusted partner in health.

At ILSS Hospital, we are dedicated to diagnosing and treating a wide range of urological conditions, from kidney stones to prostate health. Our urologists employ the latest techniques and technology to ensure optimal outcomes.Minimally invasive surgery is at the core of our surgical approach. Our skilled team, led by Dr. Prem Kumar, excels in procedures that reduce pain, shorten recovery times, and enhance overall patient satisfaction.

Contact Details

Address : Plot No 8 D, 1, YMCA Rd, Pocket D, Sector 11, Faridabad, Haryana 121006
Phone : +91-8874799747
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://ilsshospitals.com

2. Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital

Dr. Sharma is one of the most experienced and skilled doctors in the area of Faridabad, with a reputed work record. He specialises in AV fistula for dialysis, renal transplants, and kidney stone surgeries. He has worked as a consultant urologist in the chain of RG Stone Hospitals mainly Faridabad and Delhi, before that in B.T.

Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot as well. Dr. Sharma is a man of strong word and motivation, which makes him a board-certified urologist. He has accomplished 5000 plus and more kidney stone surgeries and many other successful urological surgeries, with healthy and satisfied patients. He is not only prominent for his surgeries but also for his knowledgeable contribution in several publications and also being a major part of many camps.

He is the right choice for the people who are looking for best Urologist. He has received several accolades in his field of specialisation, further authenticating his work. He also organises occasional programs for periodic health monitoring of his clients.

The flagship hospital of the Apollo Group, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, was established in 1983. Today it is one of the most respected hospitals in the world, and is also amongst the most preferred Urologist doctors in Haryana destinations for both patients from several parts of India, as well as for medical tourism and medical value travel. The hospital specializes in cutting-edge medical procedures.

It has over 60 departments spearheaded by internationally trained doctors who are skillfully supported by dedicated patient-care personnel. It is one of the few hospitals in Chennai that have state of the art facilities for various health disorders. It has been a pioneer among the hospitals in Chennai, and even in India, in many different treatments and procedures.

Contact Details

Address : A-6, Neelam Bata Rd, Nehru Ground, AC Nagar, New Industrial Town, Faridabad, Haryana 121001
Phone : +91 9176665992
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : http://drneerajsharma.in

3. Dr. Praveen Pushkar

Dr, Pushkar did his MBBS from the prestigious Government Medical College, Thrissur in 2004. He subsequently joined Patna Medical College for his Masters in Surgery. Here he gained extensive experience in trauma, GI Surgery and laparoscopy. He completed his post-graduation in 2009.

Dr Pushkar developed a keen interest in Urology and joinedIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi as DNB trainee. This is India’s first JCI accredited super specialty hospital and is a part of Apollo group of hospitals which is Asia’s largest health care provider. During his training Pushkar gained experience in open, laparocopic, robotic urology and endourology. He also got exposure to Kidney transplantation and assisted more than 200 successful transplants there.

He has gained lot of experience in the management of complex patients as well as open and laparoscopic donor nephrectomy. He also gained experience in vascular access surgery.
He has published many papers in international and national journals and presented his work globally.Dr, Pushkar did his MBBS from the prestigious Government Medical College, Thrissur in 2004. He subsequently joined Patna Medical College for his Masters in Surgery. Here he gained extensive experience in trauma.

Contact Details

Address : A-6A, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Nehru Ground, New Industrial Twp 1, New Industrial Twp, 1, Haryana 121001
Phone : +91-94-6669-7777
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://drpraveenpushkar.com

4. Jatindera Hospital

Jatindera Hospital Panipat offers comprehensive healthcare services, including general surgery, Laparoscopic surgery,Laser treatment for Hernia, Appendix and Piles or removal Gall Bladder ,Uterus with NDVH and also provide Gynaecological services. It ensures high-quality care and patient satisfaction.

Patients praise Jatindera Hospitals for its exceptional healthcare services and compassionate staff. They commend the state-of-the-art facilities, skilled doctors, and personalized treatment plans. Patients express gratitude for the promptness of care, a warm and welcoming environment, and positive outcomes. Jatindera Hospitals is a trusted name in healthcare.

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus, often performed for the conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, or cancer, leading to the cessation of the  menstruation and fertility.

Contact Details

Address : Plot No-126, Sukhdev Nagar, Old Housing Board Colony, Panipat, Haryana 13210
Phone : +91 94160 17123
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://jatinderahospital.com

5. Dr. Deepanshu Gupta

Dr Deepanshu Gupta is one of the top Urologist in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR. He is a dedicated and reputed Urologist, Andrologist & Renal Transplant surgeon proficient in kidney stone treatment, Prostate Enlargement Surgery, Erectile dysfunction and male infertility treatment. Having performed around 8000 endoscopic surgeries in the last 10 years he is particularly keen on delivering advanced urological treatment to masses at a very affordable price.

He has completed his MS General Surgery from the prestigious PGIMS, Rohtak and MCh (Urology and Genitourinary Surgery) from RML Hospital New Delhi where he secured 1st  Rank on an All India basis. He has a profound interest in academics and research and has many publications in international journals to his credit. He has been an organizer of many international and national conferences in Urology including the Global Perineocon 2018, OABCON, DUSCON to name a few.

Deepanshu Gupta has also participated in various national and international conferences and made presentations. He is an active member of various societies like the European Association of Urology (EAU), Urology Association of Asia (UAA), Urology Society of India (USI), Delhi Urology Society(DUS), North Zone Urology Society of India(NZUSI), Delhi Medical Council(DMC). He is committed to his endeavour to lessen suffering and promote good health.

Contact Details

Address : Plot No, 222, Sector 51, Gurugram 122003, Haryana, India
Phone : +91 88002 63884
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://drdeepanshugupta.com

6. Dr Shrey Jain, Urologist Expert

Dr. Shrey Jain, MBBS, MS, Mch Urolgy, Robotic and Renal transplant surgeon is a highly qualified and experienced urologist in Delhi NCR region.

He is a consultant in Urology and Kidney Transplant department at Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

Dr. Shrey has been associated with many prestigious government organizations and completed his education from top medical colleges in India like King George Medical University (KGMU) Lucknow from where he passed his post graduation in general surgery and Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute, (SGPGI) Lucknow from where he completed his superspecialization in urology.

He is easily approachable, very polite in nature and gives priority to his patients over anything else. Having done his superspecialization from one of the leading urology institutes and is well versed with all the latest treatments in urology including robotic surgery and renal transplant.

He has a keen interest in urology cancers (kidney, bladder, prostate, testis and penile) and endourology dealing with kidney stones, urethral strictures and bladder tumors. He takes keen interest in educational activities and research.

Contact Details

Address : Medi Club India, 2003 SP, Block A, Greenwood City, Sector 45, Gurugram, Haryana 122003
Phone : +919565933996
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://dr-shreyjain.com

7. Dr Sandeep Harkar

Dr Sandeep Harkar began his medical career at Govt Medical College, Jammu where he successfully completed his MBBS medical degree in first class. He pursued his post graduation (M.S) in the field of General Surgery from the same institution.

Dr Harkar moved to the prestigious MAMC College & associated Lok Nayak Hospital at New Delhi where he worked as Senior resident under the mentorship of the stalwarts of General surgery.
His passion for Urology attained fulfilment when he joined the prestigious Army Hospital (R&R) New Delhi, which is the premier institute of armed forces, for Urology training.

During his training, Dr Harkar collaborated closely with the senior team at Army Hospital (R&R) and performed or assisted in nearly all major open/ endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgeries.
He also got indepth exposure to Kidney transplant training at Army Hospital (R&R). He was awarded the Diplomate of National Board ( DNB) by the National Board of Examinations after successful completion of training.

Contact Details

Address : Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Sector 51, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Phone : +91 9818228777
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://drharkarurologist.com

8. Tirupati Hospital

Tirupati Hospital in Sirsa is known for its top-notch urology services. A Dedicated Urology Centre in Sirsa Kidney, Prostate & Stone Clinic.

As a leading urologist, I strive to provide my patients with the best care possible. My comprehensive approach to urology ensures that I can address a wide variety of conditions and symptoms, allowing for a personalized treatment plan for each individual. My commitment to excellence is reflected in my motto: “For the best in urologic care, come to me!” I strive to keep the latest technologies and advancements in urology at the forefront of my practice, to ensure that all my patients are able to get the highest quality of care. With my experienced and knowledgeable staff, I am confident that I can provide the utmost in urological care.

Our hospital is dedicated to deliver high-quality treatment for various urological problems. Our experienced urologist and specialist use the latest technologies and best practices to diagnose and treat conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, urethral stricture, male Infertility and other urological disorders.

We understand the importance of personalized care and strive to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive and compassionate treatment tailored to their needs. With a focus on patient satisfaction and positive outcomes, we are committed to provide exceptional urological care that helps improve the quality of life for our patients.

Contact Details

Address : Near Suraj Cinema Complex, Dabwali Road Sirsa
Phone : 99928-67262
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://tirupatihospitalsirsa.com/

Urology, a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system, plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. In the vibrant state of Haryana, a cadre of skilled and experienced urologist doctors stands ready to address a spectrum of urological issues. This article explores the landscape of urological care in Haryana, highlighting the expertise and contributions of urologists in the region.

Expertise and Specializations:

Urologists in Haryana are highly qualified medical professionals who undergo extensive training to diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions. These conditions include urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate issues, bladder disorders, male infertility, and various cancers affecting the urinary and reproductive systems.

Several urologists in Haryana specialize in specific areas within the field, such as pediatric urology, female urology, and andrology. Pediatric urologists focus on treating urological issues in children, while female urologists specialize in conditions unique to women. Andrologists, on the other hand, specialize in male reproductive health, addressing concerns related to fertility and sexual health.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Haryana boasts modern healthcare facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology for accurate diagnosis and advanced treatments. Leading hospitals and clinics in cities like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Chandigarh, and Hisar provide comprehensive urological services.

These facilities offer a range of diagnostic tools, including advanced imaging techniques, blood tests, and minimally invasive procedures. Many urologists in Haryana are well-versed in cutting-edge surgical techniques such as robotic-assisted surgery, laparoscopy, and laser procedures, ensuring patients receive the most effective and least invasive treatments available.

Prominent Urologists in Haryana:

  1. Dr. Anil Agarwal (Gurgaon): Renowned for his expertise in robotic surgery and prostate cancer treatment, Dr. Anil Agarwal has made significant contributions to urological care in Haryana.
  2. Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan (Chandigarh): A specialist in pediatric urology, Dr. Ranjan has dedicated his career to addressing urological issues in children, providing compassionate care to young patients and their families.
  3. Dr. Pankaj Wadhwa (Faridabad): With a focus on male reproductive health, Dr. Wadhwa is a leading andrologist in Haryana, offering solutions for male infertility and sexual health concerns.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Urologists in Haryana are known for their patient-centric approach, emphasizing clear communication, empathy, and personalized care. They collaborate with other medical professionals, including radiologists, oncologists, and nephrologists, to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to urological care.

The field of urology in Haryana is characterized by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and patient well-being. Urologist doctors in the state play a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating a wide array of urological conditions, contributing to the overall health and quality of life of the residents. With state-of-the-art facilities, specialized expertise, and a patient-centric approach, urologists in Haryana continue to make significant strides in advancing urological care in the region.

What is a urologist, and what conditions do they treat?

A urologist is a medical specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system. They treat a variety of conditions, including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, prostate issues, bladder disorders, male infertility, and urological cancers.

How do I know if I need to see a urologist?

If you experience symptoms such as frequent urination, blood in urine, pain during urination, kidney stones, or reproductive health issues, it is advisable to consult a urologist. Additionally, individuals with a family history of urological conditions or those seeking preventive care can benefit from a consultation.

Are there specialized urologists in Haryana?

Yes, many urologists in Haryana specialize in various areas within the field. Pediatric urologists focus on children's urological issues, female urologists specialize in conditions unique to women, and andrologists concentrate on male reproductive health.

What diagnostic and treatment options are available in Haryana?

Leading healthcare facilities in Haryana offer a range of diagnostic tools, including advanced imaging techniques, blood tests, and minimally invasive procedures. Urologists in the region are well-versed in state-of-the-art surgical techniques such as robotic-assisted surgery, laparoscopy, and laser procedures.

Who are some prominent urologists in Haryana?

Prominent urologists in Haryana include Dr. Anil Agarwal (Gurgaon), known for his expertise in robotic surgery and prostate cancer treatment, Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan (Chandigarh), specializing in pediatric urology, and Dr. Pankaj Wadhwa (Faridabad), a leading andrologist.

What is the patient-centric approach in urological care?

Urologists in Haryana adopt a patient-centric approach that emphasizes clear communication, empathy, and personalized care. They collaborate with other medical professionals to ensure a multidisciplinary approach, and they prioritize preventive measures and patient education to empower individuals in maintaining urological health.

Do urologists in Haryana perform minimally invasive surgeries?

Yes, many urologists in Haryana are skilled in minimally invasive surgical techniques, including robotic-assisted surgery, laparoscopy, and laser procedures. These advanced techniques offer effective treatments with shorter recovery times and fewer complications.

How can I schedule an appointment with a urologist in Haryana?

To schedule an appointment with a urologist in Haryana, you can contact the urology department of a reputable hospital or clinic. Many healthcare facilities also offer online appointment scheduling for the convenience of patients.

What should I expect during a visit to a urologist?

During a visit to a urologist, you can expect a thorough medical history review, physical examination, and, if necessary, diagnostic tests. The urologist will discuss your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and recommend an appropriate treatment plan, which may include medications, lifestyle modifications, or surgical intervention.

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