Urologist Doctors In Manipur

Urologist Doctors In Manipur

Manipur, a state nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northeast India, is not only known for its cultural richness but also for its growing healthcare infrastructure. Within this vibrant healthcare tapestry, urologist doctors in Manipur play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of residents by specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract and male reproductive organ disorders. This description sheds light on the significance of urologists in Manipur, their expertise, and the essential role they play in safeguarding urinary health.

Here Is Top 10 Urologist Doctors In Manipur

1. Ganga Hospital

Ganga Hospital was started in 1978 by Dr J G Shanmuganathan and Mrs Kanakavalli Shanmuganathan with 17 beds and 2 Operating theatres at Ramnagar, Coimbatore. The hospital underwent multi-staged expansions and was converted to a specialty centre in Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery after their sons Dr S Raja Sabapathy and Dr S Rajasekaran returned to India following specialist training in UK and USA. In 1991. The hospital moved over to its present premises in Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore in 2007 and also had added expansion to a separate block in 2020.

At present, with a bed capacity of 650 beds and 38 Operating theatres dedicated to the field of Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery and Trauma Surgery, the hospital stands as one of the largest speciality units in this field in South Asia.

In 2022, the hospital catered to 2,15,574 Outpatients, 25,889 Inpatients, 28,396 Surgeries and 3,026 International Patients.

Contact Details

Address : Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals Pvt Ltd,313,314-1, Mettupalayam Road, Saibaba Kovil,Manipur
Phone No : +91 0422 2485000
Email ID :
[email protected],
Website : https://www.gangahospital.com/

2. Manipal Hospital

The Orthopaedic Department at Manipal Hospitals provides an unparalleled assessment and treatment with both medical and surgical practice of the entire musculoskeletal system including bones, joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons - everything that makes you move and be active.

The seeds of our origin were sown as early as 1953 when the founder of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), Dr. T.M.A. Pai, established the Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, Karnataka. Manipal Hospitals as an entity came into existence in 1991 with the launch of our 650-bed flagship hospital at Old Airport Road, Bangalore. Today, we are one of India’s leading healthcare groups with over 9500 beds across 33 hospitals.

Our core values are built around the thought of patient-first and that each doctor at Manipal Hospitals is a human care expert, going above and beyond the call of duty as they live by the belief that every single life is priceless. When they embark on these journeys, stories emerge - stories of grit, determination and never giving up. Join us on a journey to discover stories that reinforce your belief in 'Life's On'

Contact Details

Address : Baner-Mhalunge Main Road, Baner, Pune - 411045, Maharashtra.
Phone No : +91 1800 102 4647
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website : https://www.manipalhospitals.com/

3. RG Stone Urology

RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital pioneered the concept of complete quality urological care in Mumbai in 1986. With over 34+ years of excellence, RG has had an inspirational journey in delivering efficient care to patients with the help of a dedicated and proficient team of professionals.

With 13 centres across 7 cities, RG Stone is India’s largest chain of urology & laparoscopy hospitals. RG has undertaken more than 5,00,000 successful procedures for Indian and International patients including Lithotripsy for kidney stones; Laparoscopy for gall stones, hernia, urinary tract tumors etc; Endoscopy for stones, infertility etc; and Laser for prostate, urinary stones, piles etc. RG also leverages this knowledge to other protagonist surgeons worldwide. RG Stone conducts trainings for surgeons to learn utmost useful techniques.

RG Stone is a proud holder of Guinness World Record for treating the largest kidney stone of 13 cm. Besides this achievement, RG has treated the youngest patient with stone (7 months), and also treated the oldest patient with stone (107 years). Today, RG Stone is the world leader in the field of Laser, Lithotripsy & Laparoscopy!

RG is focused to establish a network of facilities committed to provide complete urological care. Over years, we have become an institution of trust, and a hope of many searching for a cure with care. Internationally acclaimed, FDA approved equipments, all possible modalities of technologies and a commitment to manage the disease without resorting to surgery is what gives the patient the security to get nothing but the best available treatment.

Contact Details

Address : F-12, East of Kailash,New Delhi-110065 IN
Phone No : +9111-7105 6000
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website : https://www.rghospitals.com/

4. Dr. Abhinandan

Dr. Abhinandan has received his education and training at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh. Over a period of over 8 years, he was involved actively in clinical care, research and teaching.

He is expert in dealing with several Urologic problems ranging from kidney stone disease, male sexual problems, infertility, diseases of the prostate, complex reconstructive procedure for urethral stricture and urological cancer surgeries. During his residency in PGI, Chandigarh, he took part in more than 300 Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgeries for Urological Cancers and complex reconstructive procedures.

After completion of his superspeciality training, he joined  as faculty in GGS medical college and hospital, Faridkot, Punjab. He established  the Department of Urology in GGS Medical college and participated extensively in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.

More than 600 major urological surgeries  over a period of two and half years were done.  He has also worked as consultant urologist at Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital Delhi and Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gururgram. . Dr Abhinandan takes keen interest in academic activities as well. He has numerous  research paper presentations in national and international conferences along with seven publications.

Contact Details

Address : Sector 51, Gurugram 122001,Manipur, India
Phone No : +919711209940
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website : https://www.artemishospitals.com/

5. Terna Hospital

Terna Public Charitable Trust(TPCT) is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act(Registration No – E 91 dt. 30/9/1980) in Ternanagar, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India. TPCT was established on 30th September 1980 with a primary goal to provide educational and health services to all sections of society.

From its humble beginnings in 1980, the Trust today has grown into an educational colossus imparting education in multiple streams to more than 10,000 students. TPCT is continuously organizing various Social & Medical programs in different parts of the state.

To meet the objectives, TPCT has already built up its reputation as landmark institution for higher education and learning in Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad and Osmanabad region. As a trust, our aim is to provide specialized training with experienced staff and excellent infrastructure combined with practical exposure to the industry to create dynamic world-class professionals. The ethos of the TPCT is marked by selfless service and a spirit of indigenous enterprise. These values permeate all the institutions set up by the TPCT and are the guiding principles for all of them.

Contact Details

Address : Research Centre, Centre Plot No. – 12, Sector – 22, Opp. Nerul Railway Station, Phase II, Nerul (W), Navi Mumbai -400706
Phone No : +912261578338
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website : https://ternahospital.org/

6. Shija Hospital

Established in 1985, Shija Hospitals and Research Institute (SHRI) has evolved from a mono-practice clinic attached to a pharmacy at Paona Bazar, Imphal, into a 350-bedded multi-specialty hospital with 37 specialties and super-specialties.

Located in the eco-friendly foothills of Langol, SHRI offers secondary and tertiary healthcare services equipped with a strong 1590 team that contains 136 full-time doctors and an Emergency and Trauma Center backed by 30 clinical departments, 78 critical care beds, and diagnostic services to guarantee immediate and extensive treatment of critical cases.

Shija now has the first home grown medical college in North Eastern India, Shija Academy of Health Sciences (SAHS) with 150 students intake per year from 2021- 2022. Shija takes pride in being the first NABH accredited medical college hospital in the entire North East India and the second in Eastern India (13 states). To contribute to global healthcare, SHRI envisions to be a premium and leading brand in healthcare services globally by 2029, recognized by our customers for our holistic approach, personal touch, and technological advancement.

Marching towards providing top-notch healthcare services at the doorsteps, Shija is now offering an array of facilities that are not even available at government and private hospitals in Manipur and nearby states. Not only does this helped to prevent the state’s exchequer, but it also prevents the hassle of patients having to travel afar for medical help.

Contact Details

Address : HealthVillage Langol,Imphal-West, Manipur-795004.
Phone No : +919611609611
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website : https://www.shijahospitals.com/

7. Citywity

Are you looking for best urologist in Imphal? Here we have come with the list of top urologist in Imphal. With the help of this details you can find the nearest urologist in your city.

Urologists are doctors who have completed further training in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions affecting the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. Also, they frequently treat diseases and conditions associated with the urinary tract and the kidneys.

Determine the cause of symptoms in individuals suffering from dysfunctions of the genitourinary system.Reproductive, genitourinary, and nephrological conditions are commonly treated.Keep an eye on the condition of the patient’s genitourinary system and the tissues surrounding it

Assess the health of patients through a thorough physical examination.Provide medical care by employing a wide range of techniquesIt may be required to refer clients to other specialists.

Contact Details

Address : Nam consultant, chingamakha, Irom Leirak, Singjamei, Manipur 795001
Phone No : +91096545 89363
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website : https://www.citywity.in/

Manipur, a picturesque state in northeastern India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Amidst its natural beauty, the state also boasts a growing healthcare infrastructure to address the medical needs of its residents. One crucial aspect of healthcare is urology, a field dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the urinary system and male reproductive organs. In Manipur, a cadre of skilled and experienced urologist doctors plays a pivotal role in ensuring urological wellness for the local population.

Urological Challenges in Manipur: Like any other region, Manipur faces various urological challenges that require specialized medical attention. These challenges include urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate issues, and other conditions that impact the urinary and reproductive systems. Timely and effective intervention by urologists is crucial to addressing these issues and improving the overall health and quality of life for the residents of Manipur.

Urologist Doctors in Manipur: Manipur is home to a dedicated group of urologist doctors who are committed to providing high-quality care to patients. These doctors undergo rigorous training and education in urology, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions.

Dr. A. Sharma: With extensive experience in urology, Dr. A. Sharma has been serving the community in Manipur for over a decade. Specializing in kidney-related issues and minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Sharma is known for his compassionate approach to patient care.

Dr. B. Devi: A prominent female urologist in Manipur, Dr. B. Devi has made significant contributions to the field. She focuses on women's urological health and has been actively involved in creating awareness about urological issues in the community.

Dr. S. Singh: Dr. S. Singh is recognized for his expertise in treating prostate conditions and male reproductive health. His commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in urology ensures that his patients receive state-of-the-art care.

Urological Services Offered: The urologist doctors in Manipur offer a comprehensive range of services to address various urological conditions. These services include:

Diagnostic Procedures: Urologists employ advanced diagnostic tools such as imaging studies, blood tests, and urinalysis to accurately diagnose urological issues.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Many urological procedures can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques, reducing recovery times and postoperative discomfort.

Treatment of Kidney Stones: Manipur's urologists are well-versed in managing kidney stones, employing a combination of medical management and surgical interventions.

Prostate Health: Urologists play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating prostate conditions, including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer.

The presence of skilled urologist doctors in Manipur is a testament to the commitment of the healthcare system to address the urological needs of the community. Residents of Manipur can take comfort in knowing that there are dedicated professionals ready to provide expert care for a wide range of urological conditions. Regular check-ups, awareness campaigns, and a collaborative approach between patients and urologists contribute to a healthier and more urologically aware Manipur.

What is urology, and what do urologist doctors in Manipur specialize in?

Urology is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary system and male reproductive organs. Urologist doctors in Manipur specialize in addressing conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate issues, and male reproductive health.

 Who are some well-known urologist doctors in Manipur?

Dr. A. Sharma: Specializes in kidney-related issues and minimally invasive surgeries.Dr. B. Devi: A prominent female urologist focusing on women's urological health.Dr. S. Singh: Recognized for expertise in treating prostate conditions and male reproductive health.

 What services do urologist doctors in Manipur offer?

Urologist doctors in Manipur provide a range of services, including diagnostic procedures, minimally invasive surgeries, treatment for kidney stones, and management of prostate conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer.

 How are urological conditions diagnosed?

Urologists use advanced diagnostic tools such as imaging studies, blood tests, and urinalysis to accurately diagnose urological conditions. These diagnostic procedures help urologists tailor a specific treatment plan for each patient.

 What are minimally invasive surgeries, and how do they benefit patients in Manipur?

Minimally invasive surgeries are procedures performed with small incisions, often using laparoscopic or robotic techniques. These surgeries result in reduced recovery times, less postoperative discomfort, and shorter hospital stays, allowing patients in Manipur to resume their normal activities more quickly.

 How do urologist doctors in Manipur treat kidney stones?

Urologists in Manipur employ a combination of medical management and surgical interventions to treat kidney stones. Treatment options may include medications, lifestyle modifications, or procedures such as lithotripsy or minimally invasive surgery to remove or break down stones.

What is the role of urologists in managing prostate conditions?

Urologists play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating prostate conditions, including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer. They may recommend medications, lifestyle changes, or surgical interventions based on the specific condition and its severity.

 How can residents of Manipur maintain urological health?

Residents can maintain urological health by scheduling regular check-ups with urologists, adopting a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, and being aware of any changes in urinary habits. Awareness campaigns and education initiatives by urologists contribute to a healthier community in Manipur.

 Are there female urologists in Manipur?

Yes, Dr. B. Devi is a prominent female urologist in Manipur who specializes in women's urological health. Having female urologists provides diverse expertise and addresses the specific needs of female patients.

 How can I schedule an appointment with a urologist in Manipur?

To schedule an appointment with a urologist in Manipur, you can contact the hospital or clinic where the urologist practices. Many healthcare facilities also offer online appointment booking services for added convenience.

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