Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj

Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj
Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj

Prayagraj, a city steeped in history and culture at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers, is not only known for its religious significance but also for its burgeoning healthcare infrastructure. In recent years, the field of urology has emerged as a crucial component of Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj, addressing the diverse urological health needs of its residents. Urologist doctors in Prayagraj play a pivotal role in diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

Urologist doctors in Prayagraj are integral to the city's healthcare ecosystem, contributing significantly to the well-being of its residents. Through their expertise, dedication, and use of advanced medical technologies, they ensure that individuals facing urological Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj concerns receive prompt and effective care. As guardians of urological health, these specialists play a crucial role in fostering a healthier and more vibrant community in Prayagraj.

Urologists are specialized medical professionals with expertise in the intricate workings of the urinary system and male reproductive organs. Their role encompasses a wide range of conditions, from common ailments such as urinary tract infections to complex surgeries for Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj conditions like urological cancers. Urologist doctors in Prayagraj are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to their patients.

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Urologist Doctors In Prayagraj

1. Balaji Institute Of Renal Diseases Pvt. Ltd

We Balaji Institute Of Renal Diseases Pvt. Ltd., situated at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh provide effective personalised treatment. We are one of the renowned centres in the city. Focusing on patient health is our first aim. Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patient's comfort in mind. We assure our patients a stress free life by offering quality services.Healthcare is simplified like never before! With our rich knowledge and experience, be assured of quality healthcare service.Nestled in the heart of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, stands Balaji Institute of Renal Diseases Pvt. Ltd.

A name synonymous with exceptional care and compassion for all things kidney-related.At the helm of the institute is a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, each with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the founding director, is a renowned nephrologist and urologist whose dedication to his patients is as legendary as his surgical skill. He, along with his team of specialists, ensures that every patient receives personalized treatment tailored to their specific needs and medical history.

Balaji Institute is not just about cutting-edge surgical techniques and sophisticated equipment. It's about creating a patient-centric environment where empathy and understanding reign supreme. The institute boasts a friendly and supportive staff who cater to the emotional and physical well-being of their patients, providing them with constant guidance and reassurance throughout their treatment journey.

Balaji Institute's commitment to excellence extends beyond its doors. The institute actively participates in community outreach programs, raising awareness about kidney diseases and offering free health checkups to underprivileged communities.

This dedication to social responsibility has cemented Balaji Institute's place as a trusted healthcare provider, not just in Allahabad but throughout the region.For countless patients struggling with kidney disease, Balaji Institute has become a beacon of hope. The institute's unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate care has transformed lives, offering patients a second chance at leading healthy and fulfilling lives. And as Balaji Institute continues to grow and evolve, its dedication to innovation and patient-centered care promises to illuminate the path to brighter futures for many more to come.

Contact Details

Address : 7A/8A/B,Near Dr A K Bajaj Skin Clinic,Panna Lal Road, Allahabad City, Allahabad, 211003, Uttar Pradesh
Phone : +91-9415309456
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : http://www.balajiinstituteofrenaldiseases.com

2. Narayan Swaroop Super Speciality Hospital

Narayan Swaroop Super Speciality Hospital is an integrated healthcare system providing exceptional medical care to our local and global communities. It primarily comprises hospital, diagnostic services and day care speciality facilities. Our healthcare system is designed to increase efficiency, improve quality, outcomes and enhance access to primary, advanced and speciality services.Our mission is to treat every patient with compassion, seamless co-ordination and leading with innovation.

While we improve the health of the diverse communities we serve.Vision of Narayan Swaroop Hospital is to grow continually and challenge convention through our pioneering spirit, scientific advancement and progressive thinking. We have a collaborative approach to provide exceptional patient care with efforts that are specialist led, data driven and evidence based for the communities that we serve. Our vision is “to be a locally and regionally respected and trusted health care organization known for clinical excellence and distinctive patient care.”

Staff will assist you in the discharge process which may take few hours to complete. Once the final bill is generated, you will be expected to clear the dues by paying in cash or credit / debit card. Staff will also explain the medication you need to continue after your discharge and follow-up instructions.

At the reception our staff will assist you through the admission process. One will generate Unique Health Identification Number (UHID) for the patient and all the medical records will be maintained and stored by the hospital for all future references, will also guide you in selecting relevant category of services, rooms and draw out the estimated expenditure. You will be required to make an advance payment that will be adjusted towards the patient’s final bill at the time of discharge. Patients seeking cashless services have to visit Third Party Administration (TPA) Counter for hospitalization.

Contact Details

Address : 40A, Narayan Swaroop Hospital, Neem Sarai, Dhoomanganj, Allahabad,Uttar Pradesh , 211011.
Phone : 9450405584
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://www.narayanswaroop.com/

3. Meddco

MEDDCO.COM is India's first digital pricing online platform, with the focus of price transparency in healthcare sector. At Meddco, we offer a platform for healthcare providers to sell their services and customers to take advantage of those services. Meddco's passion for making healthcare accessible to everyone has driven it to create an online healthcare platform that is user-friendly and innovative.

India’s Healthcare industry faces various difficulty each day. Finding affordable options for surgery with good doctors at affordable price is a major task for common people. Hospitals and patients need each other equally as healthcare is a two way affair. Due to absence of reliable platform both couldn’t connect to each other . This Problem was understood by Dr. Sanjit Paul CMD of Meddco.com a passionate healthcare professional who believes that healthcare should not come at a high cost. Dr. Paul spent years researching and understanding the various challenges faced by patients in India, from exorbitant medical bills to long waiting periods for appointments. This led him to create Meddco.com, a platform that makes healthcare simpler, quicker affordable and more transparent.

Meddco.com has quickly gained traction in the healthcare industry in India due to its user-friendly interface and hassle-free services 24/7 since the year 2018.At Meddco we firmly believe that healthcare should not be a privilege reserved for few, but a right that should be available to all.

We believe in empowering patients by providing them with transparent pricing information for various medical procedures, surgical treatments, diagnostic tests, and healthcare services. This allows patients to compare costs and make informed decisions that align with their financial capabilities.

Contact Details

Address : Shop No 7, Saidham arcade, Near St Mary's School
Phone : +917039970399
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://meddco.com/

4. Phoenix Hospital

Phoenix was a mythical bird of Ancient Egypt which reputedly burned every 500 Years and rose rejuvenated from its Ashes with renewed youth to live another cycle. This word is used as a symbolic for a person or thing who is regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.
Similarly, our Hospital is named as Phoenix because it is a never ending organization which will exist and run successfully always.

Like the Phoenix Bird, it will take re-birth again and again with a much more enthusiasm in better Hospital. Phoenix is a multi-specialty hospital which is a venture of Prayag Health Care where Prayag is the old name of Allahabad, a city known for its confluence of 3 rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati called as ‘Sangam’. Allahabad is a peaceful, cheerful and clean city with lots of greenery adding to its beauty.

Phoenix Hospital is the First Wide ranging Multi and Super-Specialty Hospital of this city with the mission to provide Quality Medical and Health Care. Phoenix Hospital is a unit of Prayag Health Care And Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., one amongst the best healthcare institutes in the eastern Uttar Pradesh. Phoenix is the genesis of the dream seen ten years back by few Super-Specialists of the Allahabad city to provide superspeciality services under one roof.

The dream nurtured and grew within the founder directors of Phoenix Hospitals Dr. Sanjay Asthana, Dr. J.V. Rai, Dr. Dhanesh Agrahari, Dr. R.K.Sinha , Dr. Gupta, Dr. Alok Mishra, Dr. Vibhav Malviya, & Dr. Neogi until the point of culmination happened in 2012.

Phoenix hospital has been designed as an energy efficient building that complies with the ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code) and sustainable design concepts have been incorporated in different aspects of the building design. Phoenix Hospital is situated in the heart of city in Tagore Town, in front of Colonelganj Inter College near Anand Bhawan & Balson Crossing.
It offers a convenient location for Patients, their Attendants and Families.
Phoenix hospital has centrally air-conditioned OPD block facilitated with round the clock Pharmacy backup & a big waiting lobby with nice ambience & comfort.

Contact Details

Address : 49/163A, Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, Tagore Town, Allahabad.
Phone : +91 - 9838086888
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://phoenixhospital.org/index.php

5. Sehat

We provide tools, services and information that help patients weigh their options and make the best decision with confidence. We believe, when patients find the right doctor and right hospital, it leads to better quality care.We also provide 24/7 online medical assistance through “Ask a Doctor” module.

Sehat.com is owned and operated by Dot Labs Web Solutions Private Limited, a web solutions major based from Hyderabad.We wish you a Happy and Healthy life.

Contact Details

Address : rasoolpur chandhan tikari, kodihar , allahabad zone-1
Phone : 9807750760
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://www.sehat.com

6. Jeevan Jyoti Hospital

Jeevan Jyoti Hospital is a 210-Bedded, CGHS Approved, NABH Accreditated, ISO 2015 certified, NABL Accredited Lab, multi-specialty hospital in Prayagraj.

The hospital was founded in 1988 by renowned laparoscopic surgeon Late Dr. A.K Bansal and eminent IVF expert Dr. Vandana Bansal, with the vision and mission of providing top-of-the-line healthcare facilities under one roof.

Jeevan Jyoti Hospital started its journey with 20 beds, and within a few years, the hospital acquired the status of a premier medical institution by extending its bed capacity and providing specialized and super-specialized medical services to patients from Prayagraj and the neighbouring districts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar. It is ideally located in the heart of the city in the Rambagh locality.

In 1999 the hospital started a state-of-the-art IVF facility, called the Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre, to provide advanced infertility treatment to childless couples. The Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre was inaugurated by the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh Hon’ble Shri Suraj Bhan. Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre now holds several records in this field.

Under the leadership of Dr. Vandana Bansal, Jeevan Jyoti Hospital is also credited for introducing state-of-the-art ICU, and popularizing Laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgery) which offers minimum risk to patients, Advanced Hysteroscopy, LASER Surgery, Advanced Neuro Surgery & Orthopedics centre with joint replacements and Cosmetic Gynecology, with Interventional Radiology, and Clinical Genetics as the newest addition.

Recently with the joining of Dr. Harshit Bansal MD Radiodiagnosis with a fellowship in Interventional Radiology and Dr. Sakshi Rajoria Bansal MD/Pediatrics with a fellowship in Clinical Genetics, the Jeevan Jyoti Hospital has become the First hospital in eastern Uttar Pradesh to start inhouse Interventional Radiology and Clinical Genetics.

Contact Details

Address : 162 Bai Ka Bagh, Lowther Road, Prayagraj (Allahabad) - 231001, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Phone : +91-6390103011
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://jeevanjyotihospital.com/index.html

7. ResearchGate

We started ResearchGate in 2008 to address the problems we saw in the way science is created and shared. Our mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all. The 20 million researchers in our community come from diverse sectors in over 190 countries, and use ResearchGate to connect, collaborate, and share their work.ResearchGate is for you: the scientist, the clinician, the student, the engineer, the public health worker, the lab technician, the computer scientist.

The work you do is important. But too often, you are overworked, underpaid, have low job security, and operate under high pressure. Becoming a researcher in the first place was no easy task, and access all too often relies on privilege. Our purpose is to make your life easier.

We offer a home for you—a place to share your work and connect with peers around the globe, traversing the borders and silos of science. We want to empower you to do your best work, advance your field, and make a better world for all.

For the intellectually curious, the seekers of truth, the geeks, the makers: our members offer you a treasure trove of knowledge in areas as diverse as materials science, agriculture, human health, and quantum physics.We believe that science is humanity's most important tool. It's responsible for the great leaps we've made in understanding our universe, and the best means we have to meet the challenges of our future.

Still, it's not without problems. The systems powering research are too slow and inaccessible to address the global challenges of our time. Complicated funding processes and proprietary interests are hampering progress towards open science.

Contact Details

Address : Jhalwa, 211015, Allahābād, UP, India
Phone : +91-532-2922237
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://www.researchgate.net

8. Priti Hospital

Priti Hospital, was established in the year 1990 by Late Dr. Priti Gupta. This is a 100 bed hospital. Which provides its best services with qualified doctors. Priti Hospital is super multi specialty hospital approved by IOC, Power Grid, NTPC and Many Insurance Companies. Which has also received the prestigious Kayakalp Certificate by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for adopting cleanliness and infection control practices as per the guidelines of the Ministry.

Late Dr. Priti Gupta was a Karmayogini woman. Seeing the people helpless in the absence of medical treatment in the society, they continued to render their help with complete service. And following the same footsteps, now the institute is also running. Priti Hospital fulfilling the duty of social service as per the wish of its founder. The money received from the hospital is used to provide health care to the needy and helpless, education and public interest research. Not only this, Priti Hospital also organizes free medical and counseling camps from time to time.

Hip and knee replacements are surgical procedures that involve replacing a damaged or diseased joint with an artificial joint, or prosthesis. These procedures can be performed to eliminate pain and improve mobility in people with conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions that cause joint damage.

The first hip replacement surgery was performed in the early 20th century, and the first knee replacement surgery was performed 1995s in Prayagraj Performed by Prof S C Gaur & his team at Priti Hospital. These procedures have significantly evolved over the years, and today they are considered to be highly effective treatments for joint pain and disability.

Contact Details

Address : 29-बी, पन्नालाल रोड, इण्डियन प्रेस चौराहा, प्रयागराज - 21100
Phone : 0532-2461339
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://www.pritihospital.com

9. Yash Hospital

Yash Hospital Healing with Heart, Leading with Innovation. NABH Accredited, QCI Emplannelled. A unit of Krishna Swaroop Hospital Private Limited.Compassionate Multi-Specialty Care in Prayagraj saving lives since 2000.

Kidney Stone Management Our state-of-the-art 65 W Laser system ensures precise and minimally invasive kidney stone treatments, promoting faster recovery and lasting relief.Prostate Health Trust our experienced urologists for comprehensive prostate care, including innovative laser procedures for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

With a team of skilled professionals led by Dr. A. K. Saxena and Dr. Vaishali Saxena, we embrace compassion and innovation, providing distinctive patient care while staying at the forefront of medical advancements. At Yash Hospital, we heal with heart and lead with innovation to serve our community with unwavering dedication.

Contact Details

Address : Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, Krishna Swaroop Hospital Private Limited. 8B Elgin Road, Civil Lines 211001
Phone : +91 923 565 9064
Email Id : [email protected]
Website : https://yashhospital.co/index.html

Prayagraj, a city renowned for its spiritual and cultural significance, has not only been a center of historical importance but has also embraced advancements in healthcare. Among the array of medical specialties, urology stands out as a critical field addressing issues related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system. Urologist doctors in Prayagraj, with their specialized knowledge and dedication, play a pivotal role in ensuring the urological well-being of the city's residents.

Understanding the Role of Urologists:

Urologists are medical professionals specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions affecting the urinary system and male reproductive organs. Their expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from common urinary tract infections to complex surgical interventions for urological cancers. In Prayagraj, these urologist doctors are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care to patients.

Services Offered:

Prostate Health:

  • Prayagraj's urologists are well-versed in addressing conditions related to prostate health, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer. Regular screenings, advanced diagnostic tools, and a range of treatment options are employed to ensure optimal prostate care.

Kidney Stones:

  • Kidney stones are a prevalent concern, and urologist doctors in Prayagraj utilize state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat this condition. Minimally invasive procedures are often employed, providing patients with effective and less invasive treatment options.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs):

  • UTIs can impact daily life and well-being. Prayagraj's urologists excel in the diagnosis and treatment of UTIs, prescribing appropriate medications and offering preventive measures to manage and reduce the risk of recurring infections.

Male Infertility:

  • Urologists specializing in male reproductive health in Prayagraj provide comprehensive evaluations and treatments for couples facing challenges with conception. This may include hormonal therapies, surgical interventions, and the incorporation of assisted reproductive technologies.

Urological Cancers:

  • Timely detection and management of urological cancers are paramount. Urologists in Prayagraj collaborate with oncologists to offer a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive and integrated treatment plans.

Accessibility and Healthcare Facilities:

Urologist doctors in Prayagraj practice in both private clinics and public healthcare institutions, enhancing accessibility to a wide range of patients. The city benefits from a network of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing cutting-edge urological care.

In Prayagraj, urologist doctors are instrumental in fostering urological health within the community. Their expertise, coupled with a patient-centered approach, ensures that individuals facing urological concerns receive the highest quality of care. As guardians of urinary and reproductive health, these urologists contribute significantly to the overall health and vitality of Prayagraj, embodying the spirit of holistic healthcare in this culturally rich city.

What is a Urologist, and When Should I Consult One in Prayagraj?

aA urologist is a medical specialist focusing on urinary tract and male reproductive system issues. Consult a urologist in Prayagraj if you experience symptoms like frequent urination, pain during urination, blood in urine, or reproductive health concerns.

How Can I Find a Urologist in Prayagraj?

You can find urologists in Prayagraj through recommendations from your primary care physician, local hospitals, or online directories. Check with your health insurance provider for a list of participating urologists.

What Services Do Urologists in Prayagraj Provide?

Urologists in Prayagraj offer services for prostate health, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, male infertility, and urological cancers. They provide medical and surgical interventions, including minimally invasive procedures.

When Should Men Start Seeing a Urologist for Prostate Health in Prayagraj?

Men should consider regular check-ups with a urologist for prostate health, especially after the age of 50. However, those with a family history or specific risk factors may need earlier screenings.

How Are Kidney Stones Diagnosed and Treated by Urologists in Prayagraj?

Urologists in Prayagraj diagnose kidney stones through imaging and may recommend treatments such as medications, lifestyle changes, or minimally invasive procedures to remove or break down stones.

What Happens During the First Visit to a Urologist in Prayagraj?

During the first visit, the urologist will take a detailed medical history, perform a physical examination, and may order diagnostic tests based on symptoms. Treatment options will be discussed based on the diagnosis.

Do Urologists in Prayagraj Accept Health Insurance?

Many urologists in Prayagraj accept health insurance. Confirm with the urologist's office and your insurance provider about coverage details and any pre-authorization requirements.

Is Surgery Always Required for Urological Conditions?

No, urologists explore non-surgical options first, such as medications or lifestyle changes. Surgery is considered when conservative measures are ineffective or for more complex cases.

Are Second Opinions Common in Urology in Prayagraj?

Yes, seeking a second opinion is common, especially for complex or major urological procedures. Urologists in Prayagraj understand the importance of patient confidence and encourage seeking additional perspectives for informed decision-making.

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