Urologist Doctors In Telangana

Telangana, a state known for its cultural diversity and technological advancements, is also home to a thriving healthcare sector. Within this landscape, urologist doctors in Telangana play a crucial role in addressing a wide spectrum of urinary and reproductive health concerns. In this article, we delve into the significance of urologists in Telangana, highlighting their services and the pivotal role they play in promoting urological wellness.

Here Is Top Urologist Doctors In Telangana

1. Dr. Anjaiah

Dr. Anjaiah S is an acclaimed name in the field of orthopaedics. He deals with problems related to the musculoskeletal system which concerns the correction of spinal and bone deformities in children and adults. Dr. Anjaiah has been in practice for the last 22 years.

He has also performed an extensive number of knee replacement surgeries. He studies every patient’s case with extreme accuracy, followed by recommending the right treatment for best results.

To create a comprehensive and integrated world-class healthcare facility with the best clinical practices and cutting-edge technology.o deliver world-class patient care services in a comprehensive manner to respect every individual with an emphasis on quality service and excellence at affordable cost.We are committed to abide by ethical codes of practices and are responsive to the safety, welfare and needs of all our patients.

Continually improve up on its service offering to the patients through getting periodical feedback mechanism and acting up on the feedbacks immediately.

Contact Details

Address : Plot No.V–7, NH–9, Narsimhapuri Colony, Kothapet, Saroornagar , Hyderabad – 500035, Telangana.
Phone No : +918897161616
Email ID :  
[email protected]
Website :

2. Russh Hospital

Urology & Andrology are both medical specialties that focus on the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

Urology is a surgical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the urinary tract in both men and women, as well as the male reproductive system. Urologists are trained to treat a wide range of conditions including urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder problems, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. They also perform surgical procedures such as cystoscopy, prostatectomy, and kidney stone removal.

Andrology, on the other hand, is a sub-specialty of urology that focuses specifically on male reproductive health. Andrologists diagnose and treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, male infertility, and hormonal imbalances that affect male reproductive health. They may also perform procedures such as vasectomy or vasectomy reversal.

While there is some overlap between the two specialties, urology and andrology have different areas of focus. Both specialties may work together to provide comprehensive care for male patients with conditions affecting the urinary tract and reproductive system.

The specific tests performed in urology and andrology may vary depending on the patient's individual condition and symptoms. Here are some common tests and procedures that may be performed in these specialties:

Contact Details

Address : H.No.2-181/2/C,Suchitra Circle,Medchal Highway,NH 44, Hyderabad
Telangana - 500 067
Phone No : +91888 66 11 108
Email ID :  
[email protected]
Website :

3. Saanvik Aurology

A urologist is an expert who has specialized skill and knowledge about problems of the male reproductive organs and the male and female urinary tract. Due to the variety of clinical problems encountered, knowledge of internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, and other specialties is required for a comprehensive Urological health care delivery. The organs that urologists treat are the kidney, ureter, urethra, urinary bladder and Prostate and male reproductive organs.

If you are looking for the Best Urologist in Hyderabad, then look no further. Dr. B. Sri Harsha is the first preference for all your Urological problems. Dr. B. Sri Harsha treats his patient at Saanvika Urology Clinic, Which is one of the best Urology Clinics in Hyderabad.

Dr. B. Sri Harsha is a highly experienced Urologist in Hyderabad who has a special interest in the laser treatment of kidney stones and prostate, Andrology, Laparoscopic Urology, female and Pediatric Urology respectively. He has earned MBBS from Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences and MCh (Urology)-Jawaharlal Institute of Post graduate medical education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry.

Dr. B. Sri Harsha is an expert in the LASER treatment of prostate and Kidney Stones, ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPIC UROLOGY,MICROSURGICAL ANDROLOGY and RENAL TRANSPLANT SURGERY.

Contact Details

Address : 24-124 2nd floor, above Sukhsagar restaurant, Anandbagh cross Roads, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500047
Phone No : +919381003480
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

4. Germanten Hospital

For years, Germanten Hospital has been offering quality healthcare to the people for their diverse medical needs. Under strong management and astute leadership, Germanten Hospital has become a center of excellence for specialties like Orthopedic, Cardiology, Neurology, Reconstructive, and Plastic surgery.

Through its collaboration with German Hospitals, the hospital has access to the latest equipment and medical technology. It also helps them in exchanging synergies for consultation. Apart from its technological superiority and quality healthcare, Germanten also follows a patient-centric approach. The aim of this hospital is to provide access to German Medical technology at affordable prices to the people of India.

Germanten Hospital is a 250 beds,  Best Super-Specialty Hospital in Hyderabad and maintains high-quality standards in subspecialties of Orthopedic such as Joint Replacements, Arthroscopy, Spine Surgery, Rheumatology, and Sports Medicine. German also offers services in other specialties, including Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, General Surgery, Pulmonology, and Critical Care.

Contact Details

Address : # 4-8-138/1/B, Opposite Pillar #150, PVN Rao Expressway, Main Road, Attapur, Hyderabad – 500048, Telangana, India.
Phone No : +919989635555
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

5. Citizens Hospital

The Department of Urology at the Citizens Specialty Hospital offers world-class diagnosticmedical, and surgical treatment facilities for male and female urinary tract disorders. The department is equipped to perform the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures (Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and Robotic) to improve outcomes with minimal complications and faster recovery times. The department also provides services for prostate problems.

Facilities for diagnosis and management of male infertility are also available at the department. We also have the expertise in performing robotic kidney transplantation for end-stage renal failure patients. We stay in close contact with the international urology community and work consistently to update our clinical scope and therapy offerings.

Infection of the urinary system may occur in any of the organs, such as the kidney, ureter, urethra, and bladder. Patients with urinary tract infection experience urinary leakage, urge to urinate, painful urination, and abnormal urine color.When urine contains a high level of crystalline substances, bladder stones are formed. Patients with stones have pain, resulting in blockage of urine.

Several types of cancer may occur in the urinary system. These are kidney/renal cancer, urinary bladder cancer, ureteral cancer, and urethral cancer.Urological conditions also include prostate enlargement and prostate.

Contact Details

Address :  Registered Office Address- Door No. 1-100/1/CCH, Nallagandla Village, Serilingampally Mandal,Hyderabad, Telangana-500019, India.
Phone No : +91040 67 19 19 19
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

6. Pranaam hospital

With decades of experience under its belt, Pranaam is an epitome for compassionate care and treatment that meets the highest national and international standards for diagnostic and treatment services in the areas of Urology and Nephrology.

At Pranaam, we provide a broad range of diagnostic and treatment services in these areas with the best minds who are also specially trained in areas of paediatrics, gynaecology and other branches of health care.

Our renowned departments offer a gamut of services for diagnosing and treating conditions that range from urinary tract infections, infectious disease, renal disease, stone disease, paediatric urology, Prostate disease, reconstructive urology surgery, laparoscopic urology surgeries, critical care nephrology, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, to incontinence, impotence, infertility, erectile dysfunction and more.

Our leading team of top urologists, nephrologists, surgeons, trained specialists and support staff are known for providing the finest urological and nephrological care in the industry. We’re housed in a fully-equipped state-of-the-art facility that boasts of all the resources needed to help our patients reclaim their healthier lives.

Contact Details

Address :  Plot No. 40/41, MadinagudaHyderabad - 500050,Telangana, India
Phone No : +91 99660 60000
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

7. Remedy Hospital

A unit of Albha Health Care Pvt Ltd, Remedy Hospitals offers a wide range of highly specialised medical, surgical and diagnostic services in diverse specialties. Managed by a team of internationally qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, Remedy Hospitals provides compassionate, family centered and quality medical care at affordable costs, adheres to high moral and ethical standards and is committed to all-round holistic excellence. Egion and one of the best in the city..

As we focus ahead, we remain committed to provide the finest of medical care, while keeping abreast of the latest in medical technology and care. Remedy Hospitals meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs within a caring and supportive environment and timely, responsive services.

Our objective is to be a pioneer in the field of medical treatment and care driven by patient focus, user friendly services, quality care, specialists’ expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Contact Details

Address :  Road No 4, K P H B Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad,Telangana 500072
Phone No : +91 991 22 22 042
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

8. Rainbow Children's Hospital

When it comes to the health of your child, you want nothing but the best. If your child is experiencing urological problems, it is essential to seek out the best pediatric urologists in Hyderabad to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

Rainbow Children's Hospital is a top-tier medical facility in Hyderabad that boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced pediatric urologists. They have a reputation for providing world-class healthcare services, and their team of urologists is no exception.

At Rainbow Children's Hospital, the pediatric urologists specialize in diagnosing and treating a wide range of urological conditions in children, including urinary tract infections, bladder problems, kidney stones, and genital abnormalities. They are well-versed in the latest treatment techniques and use state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

The pediatric urologists at Rainbow Children's Hospital are not only highly skilled, but they are also compassionate and dedicated to their patients' well-being. They take the time to listen to your concerns and provide personalized care that is tailored to your child's specific needs.

In addition to their expertise, the urologists at Rainbow Children's Hospital work closely with a team of other healthcare professionals, including pediatricians, nurses, and support staff, to ensure that your child receives comprehensive care.

If you are looking for the top pediatric urologists in Hyderabad, look no further than Rainbow Children's Hospital. With their team of highly skilled and compassionate urologists, your child will receive the best possible care for their urological condition.

Contact Details

Address :  Road No - 2, Banjara Hills, Near L V Prasad Eye Hospital, Next to Hotel Park Hyatt, Hyderabad - 500 034. Telangana, INDIA.
Phone No : +91 080-35358317
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

9. Yashoda Hospital

Since three decades, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has been providing quality healthcare for the people in their diverse medical needs. People trust us because of the strong relationships we’ve built with them over the years.

Under astute leadership and strong management, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has evolved as a centre of excellence in medicine providing the highest quality standards of medical treatment to all sections of the society. Our work has always been guided by the needs of patients and delivered by our perfectly combined revolutionary technology, best medical expertise and advanced procedures.

We offer sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery.We understand that people walking through our doors are often going through a stressful time. We will go the extra mile to help both patients and their loved ones, feel completely at ease through courteous interactions at every stage.

Contact Details

Address :  Kothaguda, Hitec City Telangana, 500084
Phone No : +91 7353350999
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

10. Pace Hospital

We are having one of the top urology doctors in Hyderabad, having more than 40 years of experience and treated more than 75,000 patients with kidney and ureteral stones, kidney cancer, urinary tract infections (UTIs), urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, urinary tract disorders, hematuria (blood in the urine), overactive bladder, bladder prolapse, interstitial cystitis, urinary incontinence and urinary cancer.

PACE Hospitals is one of the recognized as a premier healthcare provider with proven credentials in delivering excellent care for a wide range of tertiary healthcare services with personalized and ethical Next Gen Medicare. While its clinical outcomes are on par with international standards, PACE - through relentless research and innovation; successfully delivers advanced procedures at a fraction of the international costs.

PACE Hospitals is a super speciality hospital focused on tertiary care services in the field of Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Urology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Pulmonology, Gynaecology, ENT, Cardiology, General Medicine & Diabetology, Endocrinology, General Surgery, Critical Care, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Psychiatry, Rheumatology and Andrology in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

At PACE, we are focussed on wellness. We are striving to enhance the quality of life, not mere sickness management. Our healthcare delivery system is attuned to providing transparent, inclusive, cost-effective services that are in harmony with the growing local needs

Contact Details

Address : Beside Avasa Hotel, Pillar No. 18, Hyderabad - 500081
Phone No : +91 04048486868
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

Telangana, a state pulsating with cultural richness and technological advancements, is also at the forefront of providing advanced healthcare services. Within this dynamic healthcare landscape, urologist doctors in Telangana play a pivotal role in addressing a diverse array of urinary and reproductive health concerns. In this article, we explore the significance of urologists in Telangana, shedding light on their services, expertise, and the essential role they play in promoting urological wellness.

The Role of Urologist Doctors:

Urologists are medical specialists dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. In Telangana, these healthcare professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront, ensuring that residents have access to cutting-edge medical care for various urological conditions.

Diagnostic Excellence: Utilization of advanced imaging techniques such as ultrasound and CT scans for accurate and timely diagnosis.Conducting urodynamic studies to assess bladder function and identify issues related to urinary incontinence.

Medical Management: Prescribing medications for urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).Offering hormonal therapies for male reproductive health issues.

Surgical Expertise: Performing minimally invasive procedures for kidney stone removal, ensuring quicker recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.Conducting surgical interventions for prostate issues, including transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).

Choosing the Right Urologist: Selecting an apt urologist is crucial for individuals seeking specialized care. Factors such as the doctor's experience, specialization, patient reviews, and the facilities available at the hospital or clinic should be considered. A patient-doctor relationship built on trust and effective communication enhances the overall healthcare experience.

Urologist doctors in Telangana stand as guardians of urinary health, contributing significantly to the well-being of the community. As Telangana continues to progress as a hub for cultural diversity and technological excellence, these urologists play an indispensable role in providing advanced and compassionate care. For individuals experiencing urological symptoms or seeking preventive care, the urologist doctors in Telangana provide a pathway to a healthier and more fulfilling life. With a commitment to advanced medical techniques and personalized care, the journey to urological wellness in Telangana is guided by the hands of skilled and dedicated professionals.

What does a urologist in Telangana specialize in, and when should I consult one?

 Urologists in Telangana specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. Consult a urologist if you experience symptoms like persistent pain during urination, blood in urine, or reproductive health concerns.

How do I choose the right urologist in Telangana for my needs?

 Consider factors such as the urologist's experience, specialization, patient reviews, and the facilities available at the hospital or clinic. A comfortable patient-doctor relationship and effective communication are crucial.

What conditions do urologists in Telangana commonly treat?

 Urologists in Telangana address a range of conditions, including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, bladder issues, prostate disorders, and male infertility.

 What diagnostic procedures do urologists in Telangana perform?

 Urologists use advanced imaging techniques, such as ultrasound and CT scans, conduct urodynamic studies to assess bladder function, and perform blood tests like prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing for diagnostics.

 Do urologists in Telangana provide surgical treatments?

Yes, urologists offer surgical interventions, including minimally invasive procedures for kidney stones and surgeries for prostate issues, such as transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).

 How often should I have a prostate checkup in Telangana?

 The frequency of prostate checkups may vary based on factors like age and risk factors. Consult your urologist to determine an appropriate screening schedule.

What can I expect during my first visit to a urologist in Telangana?

 During your first visit, the urologist will likely review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and may order diagnostic tests if necessary. Be prepared to discuss your symptoms and concerns.

 Can urologists in Telangana provide preventive measures for urological conditions?

Yes, urologists may offer guidance on preventive measures, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, and seeking prompt medical attention for urinary symptoms.

How do I schedule an appointment with a urologist in Telangana?

 You can schedule an appointment by contacting the urologist's clinic or hospital directly. Many healthcare facilities in Telangana provide online appointment scheduling for convenience.

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