What are some of the best Facebook pages data scraping tools?

Why are Facebook Pages the best way to collect data on B2B leads?

There are millions of businesses that are registered or have created their business profile on Facebook to interact with their customers or potential customers.

You can explore any business niche or keywords in the Facebook search bar and by clicking on the Places or Pages tab you can find a list of business profiles with company title, phone, e-mail addresses, business addresses, links to websites, and many more.

Plus, this is the most authentic website for collecting valid data from B2B leads from any country or city for marketers and database providers.

How to extract data from Facebook pages to Excel sheets?

You can extract the data from the Facebook pages by a manual copy and paste method which will take months or years to extract the data as there are millions of records available on the website,

If you really want to waste your time and your energy to extract that data, then it's best for you. The other best way to use Facebook page scraping tools which can automatically extract data with simple clicks,

These tools work like humans but 100 times faster than humans, these tools will help you extract thousands of Facebook page records and locations for an Excel sheet.

What is the best tool to extract data from Facebook pages?

There are many tools available in the market that can extract and export Facebook data to an Excel sheet, but you need to choose wisely a tool that is useful for you and meets your needs,

Facebook Lead Extractor is one of the Best Scrapers to Facebook scrape data of potential Facebook customers. What makes it unique from other tools is that it doesn't need coding,

It's so easy to use that you can convert Facebook pages to Excel sheets with just one click. You can extract the following data using Facebook Lead Extractor, Lead Scraper, extract Facebook pages

• Extract commercial titles

• Extract business addresses

• Extract the owner's phone

• Extract email addresses

• Extract links to websites.

• Extract data from any country or city

There is no risk because this tool has a free demo, in a free demo you can extract all the data you want and see how it works.

Once you are satisfied with its extraction or performance, you can purchase the license to export the data to an Excel sheet. Facebook Leads Extractor is the greatest Facebook pages scraper if you want a cheap and dependable solution to extract data.

For only $ 25 per month, you can extract hundreds of data points from potential Facebook customer’s every day without any coding. Download now to try.

Facebook Leads Extractor is the script for the United Lead Scraper project. United Lead Scraper has over 180 websites including social media, e-commerce, and directory sites that are specially designed to extract b2b and b2c lead data from these websites.

What is United Lead Scraper?

United Lead Scraper is software that extracts data from all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as individuals and company directories such as yellow pages and white pages,

As well as e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. This tool may be used to extract data from any website you choose. Here are some of the following United Lead Scraper benefits and features.

• The best tool to extract data from B2B and B2C leads with just one click,

• Save time and money by eliminating copy and paste

• No need for coding or technical skills

• Avoid blocking websites by placing random time limits.

• Automatic paging and tracking

• Automatically click anywhere on the website

• Export data into Excel or CSV file.

• Supported with window, 7,8,10

How to extract data from Facebook using United Lead Extractor?

Here is the guide on how to extract data from Facebook pages with United Lead Scraper.

Step 1: Download and install United Lead Scraper on your computer and open it.

Step 2: Search for Facebook Scraper in the United Lead Scraper search bar

Step 3: Click on Run Extractor from the drop-down list.

Step 4: After opening the new window, search for any business in the Facebook search.

Step 5: Click on the search button at the top left of the window. The software will start the extraction.

Conclusion: There are many websites like Facebook where you can find a snippet of b2b leads data like companies, names, phone numbers, emails, and many more, but manually copying and pasting can help.

Waste of time and effort, United Lead Scraper is a Facebook Indexing Robot capable of automatically extracting and exporting data to excel sheets with one click from any social media websites and directories.

It is the best tool for small businesses and a low-cost solution. Plus, it has a free demo. There is no risk, you can try the free demo for days and months. Download now and try the free demo now!

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