What Are The Causes And Treatments For Cracked Skin?

The skin barrier keeps your body away from toxins and other impurities. Do you know what happens when your skin barrier is compromised?

Well, your skin gets cracked as a result of a compromised skin barrier. The best cosmetologist in Karachi says that skin becomes dry and irritated which can be caused by different factors, such as climate changes, environmental factors, cold, etc.

Many causes can be managed with simple yet effective home remedies. Some causes affect different areas of your body, such as lips, cheeks, heels, etc.

Let’s check out the reasons that cause skin cracks and what you can do to heal them.

Causes of cracked skin

Some other symptoms are also common with cracked skin.

Dry Skin: Xerosis or dry skin is a condition that is common and can cause discomfort. Our skin contains natural oils that keep it moisturized and prevent it from getting dry.

When your skin does not have enough oil, it may end up drying out due to less moisture. It makes your skin look like it shrinks and results in cracking.

Dry skin can be experienced due to cold weather. It happens because low humidity and temperature dry out the moisture of your skin. People increase the inside temperature of the home which also causes low humidity.

Hot water or shower is also a reason which can cause dry and cracked skin. People should apply moisture on the exposed areas of the skin to prevent cracks.

Detergents and soaps contain harsh chemicals which leave your skin cracked. Exposure to such chemicals leads to dry skin and causes irritation. Some people also experience skin redness.

The use of some medications can also worsen your skin condition, which means leaving your skin dry and damaged. Some drugs have side effects which cause skin cracks.


It is a skin condition that makes your skin look like a tomato. It means that eczema causes skin redness which also results in itchiness. It commonly affects your arms, face, inner arm, and behind the knee.

You should get medical help if eczema gets worse over time. Why?

Because it leaves your skin dry and also causes scratching which leaves marks on your skin.

Eczema does include some other signs too, such as blisters, rough patches, peeling, flaking, etc.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Cracked heels are also a symptom of diabetes. People with type 1 or typ2 diabetes may experience cracked heels. It often leads to diabetic neuropathy or can damage the nerve.

Some other symptoms you may experience include ankle weakness, numbness in feet, pain in legs and hands, etc.

Chapped lips

Having dry or irritated lips means that you may have developed chapped lips. It leads to swollen and sore lips. There are different reasons that can cause cracked lips, such as cold weather, exposure to the wind, allergic reaction to using any lip balm, etc.

What should you do?

Here are some tips that can help to heal your cracked skin.

Use moisturizing cream

Dry skin worsens the cracks on your skin. You must take care of your skin before it ends up with unhealthy or damaged skin. The key to restoring your skin moisture is to stay hydrated. Drink water as much as you can.

When you buy the creams, make sure that it does not contain any harsh chemical or it can damage your skin.

Buying skin products means that you are going to have smooth skin. The following ingredients in the products can be beneficial for your skin healing, such as shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Petroleum jelly

It helps to treat dry skin and keep your skin moisturized. If you have cracked skin, apply it overnight and you can see the difference. People with sensitive skin can also apply petroleum jelly as it restores the moisture of your skin. Use a bandage to cover the area of your skin after applying petroleum jelly, such as cracked heels.

Apply the petroleum three times a day and make sure that you avoid walking in public places. Possible complications of cracked skin include bacterial infections, scarring, bleeding, deeper skin damage, etc. Pain while walking is also a sign of cracked heels.

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