What Are the Expected Results from Pap Smear Test

Pap smear testing is an essential tool that can help save many lives from cervical cancer. The tests help detect irregular cells in your cervix before they become cancerous. This screening is made to see if the precancerous cells in your cervix can result in cancer. Typically, pap smear testing is conducted by a gynecologist. When conducting these tests, the doctor will combine them with HPV to detect the human papillomavirus, which increases your risk of getting cervical cancer.

Suppose the outcome from pap smear tests comes out positive, which means there is a sign of cervical cancer, other health issues, or infection. These tests are sometimes called Papanicolaou or pap tests. To determine the expected outcome of these tests, keep reading this post.

Why Perform a Pap Smear Test?

Primarily pap smear testing is performed alongside pelvic exams. If a woman is over 30 years old, the test will be conducted together with HPV or papillomavirus, a virus transmitted through sex. If this virus is not detected earlier, it might result in cervical cancer. Usually, you and your doctor will decide the right time to do pap smear tests and how regular they should be performed.

Doctors mostly encourage women to undergo these tests once they turn 21 because their reproductive system is grown. If you are 21 years, you should undergo these tests at least after 2 to 3 years. Women who are 30 years old should undergo pap smear testing together with HPV after every 3 to 5 years.

If you have a high chance of getting cervical cancer, you are encouraged to go for these tests more often. Some factors promote the risks of getting cervical cancer. For instance, if you were diagnosed with cervical cancer or in the last tests, you showed signs of cervical cancer.

Here are some factors that increase the chances of getting cervical cancer;

HIV Positive Women

Changes occur in your body when you get cervical cancer. Some of these changes affect how cells are made in your uterine and cervix walls. Due to the weakened immune system resulting from HIV, you might get subsequent infections in your reproductive system. Other than having pap smear tests to detect cervical cancer, it also helps to detect other infections to ensure that your cervix and vagina are healthy as you continue with your medication. You should also have a look at this rapid hiv test kit in case you are looking for the best one

Cancer Remission

If the tests were conducted and the doctor finds cancerous cells in your system, which caused total cancer later. If that is the case, you will need to ensure that the cancerous cells do not grow again. Therefore, you will need to recheck it to see if you are getting better. If you are a recovering patient, you will be required to go for more regular check-ups than usual compared to other patients. If the abnormal cells have reduced, this shows progressive healing.

A Weak Immune System

If you have pre-existing health issues, your immune system may become weakened. A weak immune system enables all types of abnormal cells to attack your cervical tissue. Suppose you undergo intense chemotherapy sessions for HIV, your immune system tends to weaken.

Sometimes, a weak immune system is caused by genes carried in the family for years. If you have this issue, make sure to schedule an appointment with a pap smear provider. This will help ensure that the abnormal cells do not take over the cervix area and cause issues.

It is critical to have peace of mind in terms of your health. Understanding what is happening with your health will help to prevent any complications that may come in if the underlying issue is not detected earlier enough. This tends to benefit your mental health because you will not have any anxiety or stress. Take a pap smear test and reassure yourself that you are doing okay health-wise.

What Are the Benefits of Pap Smear Testing?

Any woman tends to benefit from pap smear testing. The test enables you to understand your cervical health because it can affect the whole reproductive system. The considerable advantage of undergoing this test is that it allows you to determine if you have cancerous cells in your system. You can avoid advanced stages of cervical cancer with these tests. The outcome from the doctor might show if you have cervical cancer. Also, they can help detect and remove the possible spread of other fetal viruses like HPV, which generally attack the vagina and cervical areas of reproductive health.

Typically, your doctor will encourage you to take pap smears together with papillomavirus if you are 30 years old. Each test is done and offers essential information regarding any underlying issue. Another essential advantage of a pap smear test is that it allows the detection of any risk factor that might cause a lifelong disease or infection.

Eligibility for These Tests

You might be wondering who is the ideal candidate for this test. Doctors usually suggest that you have a pap smear test for the first time when you turn 21 years. The test should start at 21. Since then, cervical development has already begun. The doctor's sample will enable him to make a comprehensive analysis of the medical issue. After you start this test, regular appointments will start.

For those 21 years old, you will need to come for the tests after 2 to 3 years. And if women are in their 30s, they should undergo pap smears every 3 to 5 years. The routine tests will help in making your cervix look healthy.

If you are under 21 years and sexually active, you should take these tests because you are prone to infections. If you have had past health issues, you also should take a pap smear test.


As you have noted, pap smear testing is critical for women. This procedure is safe and will help you understand your reproductive health. The doctor will let you know all about the tests in the consultation room. They will as well instruct you on things to avoid before the procedure. That is why consultation is essential. After the tests, you can go back home and wait for the test results. If the tests come out negative, there is no presence of cervical cancer or any other issues. But if they come out abnormal, the doctor will analyze them to find the issue. They will then educate you on the abnormal cells.

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