What Is The Best Interior Wooden Wall Cladding And Paneling Option

Interior wooden cladding has the power to make or ruin a project in architectural woodworking. Many considerations must be taken in producing and installing decorative wood wall cladding, from veneer matching and material choice to exact technical requirements. Matching veneer panels is one of the most difficult chores in architectural woodwork, and doing it correctly is a do-or-die endeavor.

Regarding wood wall cladding, the AWI Standards provide standards for interior wood wall cladding, and QCP projects must be tested against these. Even if a woodworker succeeds in correcting a mistake in sequence-matched veneer panels, the procedure may be expensive and time-consuming.

Continue reading to find out the seven most important things inspectors check when inspecting wall cladding for woodwork.

What exactly is interior wood wall cladding?

Various ornamental panel patterns may be found in wood wall cladding for residential and commercial environments. Architects and woodworkers employ various wood wall cladding styles to improve the aesthetics of interior spaces, from shiplap and board and batten to flat panel and beadboard.

In addition to enhancing the design, adding wood panels to an architectural woodwork project has the following advantages:

  • Installed properly, they'll last for years with no need for upkeep. They may hide imperfections in the walls, such as holes, dents, and wires
  • Insulation and renewable resources make them eco-friendly for a more energy-efficient home

The art of wood wall cladding interior is complicated in many ways, from selecting and matching veneers to using accurate dimensions and using wood finishing processes.

Best Interior Wooden Wall Cladding And Paneling Option

In this section, we'll go over the benefits and downsides of each paneling style, as well as their average price range.


Since shiplap is one of the most popular current design trends, you'll know about it.

As a foundation layer, did you realize that shiplap was originally intended to be invisible? It's safe to say that this recognizable design element has gone a long way from its modest beginnings.

When it comes to design, shiplap is an excellent option. It adds visual interest to the area while maintaining clean lines. Additionally, this wall paneling can tolerate much more wear and tear than drywall. A homeowner seeking attractive and tough walls may consider this material an option.

Shiplap is tough to clean and maintain due to its grooves. When there are large amounts of shiplap on the walls, it will be a lot of work. To avoid warping or rotting of your wooden cladding exterior, make sure you install your shiplap properly.

Using a mix of wood and metal

With the addition of board and batten wall paneling, you can quickly add some distinctive 3-dimensional texture to your property. Even though it was initially used for the outside siding of a property, the design has been adopted for usage inside a residence.

Batten is the molding that covers the board's junction, which is called "battening." It lends a dash of elegance to every environment. You may paint these panels whatever color you like, just like any other wall paneling. Bold is fine, but so are clean crisp whites.

If you take care of it, it's a rather low-maintenance item. Having board and batten might be expensive. Due to the quantity of material and accuracy needed, it's one of the most costly solutions.

Wood or vinyl are the most frequent materials for making board and batten paneling.

Planks of Wood for a Wall

Wooden planks may be used to quickly and cheaply create a place that is visually appealing and rich in texture. There are many ways to use salvaged, new, or even repurposed materials in a project.

The kind of wood, finish, and color applied to it, as well as the pattern in which it is set out, will significantly impact the overall ambiance of the room. Any house may benefit from this sort of wall paneling.

Costs for planks are determined by the kind of wood you select and the area that has to be covered. Those who manage to save boards will have a good day's work ahead of them! MDF is also less expensive than real wood. The cost of wood may be reduced by purchasing sheets and having them cut (or cut them yourself).


Evenly spaced grooves run the length of the paneling in this ornamental design. Depending on the style you're going for, you may either panel the whole wall or just a portion of it. There is a standard 1.5-inch or 3-inch gap between each groove (the flat portion of the screen). However, if you want a different width, you may have one created for you.

Tongue-in-groove beadboard and sheet beadboard are two forms of beadboard. Tongue-in-groove installation takes a lot more time and work since each board must be installed one at a time. Sheet headboards are available in two different lengths: four feet and eight feet. You may give the boards a unique look by painting them a color other than the conventional white.

Beadboard gives a place a classic, refined appearance. When it comes to the design of the space, it may be utilized with almost any sort of material. When working with beadboard, the cleaning procedure is something to keep in mind. The grooves in the panels make them more prone to collecting dirt.

Ask yourself these questions before opting for wooden wall cladding and paneling :

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

This is an excellent project for seasoned DIYers. The most difficult aspects of leveling and working around obstructions like windows and doors are the most difficult to overcome. Doing a ceiling You may wish to hire a professional photographer.

What Stores Sell It?

A wide range of manufactured wood and MDF goods are available from home stores, occasionally in the form of kits. You can get better-quality wood cladding at lumber yards, but it may need a special order.


When wood cladding is built correctly and with enough space for growth, it should endure for the whole life of a home. Moisture and dings may be more prone to damage to MDF.

Wrapping Up

It's been common practice to cover interior walls with wood paneling and wooden cladding interior. Despite its extensive history, wood paneling can be a wonderful addition to any house. With this knowledge, we hope you can better comprehend the Best Interior Wooden Wall Cladding & Paneling.

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