What to Expect When Using Glytone Exfoliating Body Lotion

If you’re relatively new to the concept of Glytone exfoliating body lotion, what we’re essentially talking about is a product that’s ideal for helping those with rough-textured skin on their body. If you were thinking that exfoliation was just for your face, then think again!

The thing is, your face is not the only part of you that’s susceptible to the signs of aging and this particular Glytone product is more than capable of combating it, allowing the user to enjoy younger, more toned skin, with a much more even texture.

Containing glycolic acid, this popular lotion is one that’s able to eliminate dead skin buildup, promoting new cells to grow underneath. All those bumps and rough areas are a symptom of the ageing process, but these intensely hydrating elements help keep the skin supple, soft and healthy.

What kind of area is Glytone exfoliating body lotion ideal for? Well, it’s perfect for the knees, feet and elbows - places where damage and roughness are quite common.

It’s Also Great For the Treatment of Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris, a condition that’s characterised by raised, often red or pink bumps on the surface of the epidermis, can be helped through the use of this cream.

This is because it typically contains up to 17.5% glycolic acid, which is extremely adept at removing the dead skin that causes the condition that manifests on the backs of the thighs and arms. Using a Glytone body lotion of this kind on a daily basis will typically result in an even, smooth skin texture.

That’s not all either, as this lotion also counts antioxidants and vitamin E among its ingredients, both of which offer a powerful antidote to damage caused by free radicals.

What’s the Best Way to Apply Glytone Exfoliating Body Lotion?

In order to achieve the best possible results, you should apply the lotion to your legs, arms and any other areas that you feel are in need of some support. Your skin is at its most receptive immediately after taking a bath, so that’s absolutely when we’d recommend applying it.

After using an exfoliating body wash in your bath, apply your lotion immediately after stepping out of the tub, although we wouldn’t apply it to any area that you’ve just depilated - or it might sting!

So, What Do Customers Think?

We’ve covered the general information about Glytone exfoliating body lotion, but we couldn’t complete this article without mentioning what people who’ve used it actually think.

We had a look at 5 random reviews and the general consensus was the results were every bit as good as those promised in the advertising. People said it was awesome for firming and moisturizing, as well as exfoliation - praise indeed!

We even saw users coming back and providing updated reviews that point towards a product that works for the long-term as well as the short. Anyone suffering with ‘crepey’ or lacklustre skin is sure to get a great deal out of using this product, so it’s difficult not to recommend it really.

Is it for you? Do you have uneven textured skin? Then it’s absolutely worth a look.

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