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When To Use Performance Testing, Stress Testing and Load Testing?

When To Use Performance Testing, Stress Testing and Load Testing?

Being a quality assurance engineer or a developer or if you work as DevOps, you are required to conduct various sorts of performance tests. This will help you to guarantee feature addition or every code variation. Those two things are:

·         The system is not broken

·         It works as per the expectations

Now the question arises regarding the types of performance testing that must be conducted, the difference between each testing type, and the situation that is suitable for the particular testing type. Keeping this scenario in mind, we have written this blog.

Defining Performance Testing

Performance testing is conducted to assess the way a system performs and behaves. Performance testing evaluates the resource consumption, speed, reliability, scalability, stability and responsiveness of your infrastructure and software. Various sorts of performance tests offer you various data.

When To Execute Performance Testing?

Companies contact performance testing companies when they have to execute performance tests to assess the app and website performance. This can perhaps cause extension to testing networks, databases, and testing servers. Following the waterfall methodology will enable you to test every time the latest version of the app is released. You are expected to test continuously when you are going agile and shifting left.

Defining Load Testing

A load test is another significant sort of performance test that assesses the way a system performs under a huge number of concurrent virtual users who perform transactions over a particular time period. In other words, the test sees the way a system manages heavy volumes load. There are many open source load testing tools available in the market. JMeter is extremely popular amongst them.

When To Execute Load Testing?

This type of test is conducted when you have to examine the load your system can handle. You can arrange tests to mimic different user situations. They can concentrate on various portions of your system (these include checkout page). You can see the way load behaves when coming from various geo-locations, how the load might be created and then level out to constant level. Load tests must be executed all the time in order to guarantee that your system is always on-point. This is the reason; it must be integrated into your unceasing integration cycles. This involves utilising tools such as Taurus and Jenkins.

Defining Stress Testing

A stress test is one of the types of performance tests that assess the upper limits of your system that are under big loads. Stress tests check the way a system performs when there is intense load on it, the way it recovers after going back to normal consumption. Are the Key performances Indices (KPIs) like response time and throughput time similar to spike in load? Stress tests also find memory leakages, data corruption, security issues, and slowdowns.

When To Execute Stress Testing?

Stress tests in Kandivali are executed against your app or website prior to big events, such as black Friday, selling tickets for a famous concert that has high demand and elections. This type of testing is recommended every time with your systems’ durability capabilities. This guarantees that you are always prepared for unpredictable traffic spikes. This provides you additional resources and time to resolve the hurdles.

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