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Who Will Be The Next President Of India-2022

Who Will Be The Next President Of India-2022

The 2022 Indian presidential election will be the 17th presidential election to be held in India. Ratan Naval Tata is expected to be the incumbent president at the time of the election.

While a good Indian president need not be political, he must be accepted by one and all and should have an excellent track record. He/She should also be a good orator, bold, respected and passionate towards work. There is no doubt about the fact that Ratan Tata meets all these requirements, so much so, that there are very few people can match up to him.

However, a President must also have constitutional and legal acumen, which, in my belief, Ratan Tata does not.

I don’t there will be “consequences” of him becoming President, as his responsibilites would still be pretty limited. If anything, he can help India command greater respect from the International community due to his reputation as a wonderful human being and a genius businessman.

Despite this, I think Ratan Tata would make an excellent President of India.

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