Why choose Eye Align for Squint Treatment?


Strabismus or squint eyes is a medical condition wherein both the eyes of the individual do not align with each other. It is an eye condition that is commonly seen in younger children but also develops in adults due to various medical and health conditions or injuries. Squint eye, also known as crossed eyes, can be treated if diagnosed in time. There is a common misconception that the squint eye condition is congenital. However, the squint eye may be acquired at a later stage, maybe late childhood or adulthood, or even at old age due to certain underlying medical conditions and injuries. Medical conditions could be any, such as thyroid, diabetes, stroke, head injury, etc. But squint treatment is something that one must consider immediately if the individual is detected with a squint eye. Covering more on the squint treatment in detail, we have also shared why Eye Align is the best for Squint treatment. But before that, let us first understand how squint eyes can be treated.

How can Squint eye be treated?

As mentioned earlier, the cause of squint eye could be a genetic, medical condition, or an injury. So, depending on the cause and severity of the condition, squint eye can be treated using various surgical and non-surgical methods for children and adults. While the primary objective for treatment remains to be ensuring eye alignment and improvement in vision, the treatment also focuses on treating the cosmetic error of the eyes as well. That said, it is also important to note and understand that squint treatment and its outcome may vary based on case to case and the severity of the eye condition. Further, the outcome may even vary from child to adult since it is seen that young children tend to recover quicker for these reasons; doctors also recommend early diagnosis and treatment for such conditions. Below is the most common line of squint treatment given to children and adults based on the type and eye condition.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercise is the most common treatment recommended post-diagnosis. Eye exercise, in general, helps improve the vision of weak eyes and allows them to work better. Further, practicing specific eye exercises facilitates treating squints in adults. Doctors often recommend quick and easy eye exercise that also helps strengthen the eye muscles and also helps in the focusing of the eyes. Eye exercise, in general, helps in the treatment of a wide variety of eye problems, including squint treatment.

Prism Eyeglasses

Strabismus and squint eye in adults may also be treated with prescribed eyeglasses. For instance, eyeglasses with prisms help the correct double vision to some extent. Prism eyeglasses realign the images in a way that the eyes can see one image at a time. For squint eye treatment in adults, using prism eyeglasses will help fix vision issues.

Squint Eye Surgery

Squint eye surgery is always a last resort. In the most severe case of squint eye condition, doctors recommend squint eye surgery if non-invasive treatments do not work or other treatment options fail. Squint eye often occurs due to loose eye muscles that control its movement. However, with appropriate surgery, the surgeon can fix the muscle issue and get both eyes working right. Surgeries can even realign the eyes and address the cosmetic issue of the eyes (the way the eyes seem).

Approaching the right ophthalmologist and with appropriate diagnoses, squint treatment isn't really difficult. With either of the above-mentioned treatment or with the combination of the above-mentioned squint, eye treatment can be done efficiently with great accuracy and care.

Why choose Eyealign for Squint Treatment?

Eye Align is one of the best eye care centers in the city, offering comprehensive eye care treatment and Eye Align solutions. Specializing in squint eye treatment, the center provides end-to-end eye treatment for children and adults. The squint treatment includes diagnostic, medical, and surgical eye care services using the latest tools and advanced technology.

With state of art clinics and the best ophthalmologists on the team, we have a handpicked team of doctors for eye care squint treatment. The group includes highly skilled and experienced Eye Specialists in Mumbai, including surgeons, assistants, and support staff who offer the finest squint eye treatment in the world.

Currently, Eye Align is a super specialty eye care hospital with advanced diagnostic and treatment machines for the eyes. The infrastructure boasts an array of advanced tools, equipment, and a highly safe environment that enables doctors to diagnose and treat squint eye problems accurately, safely, and effectively. One of the most trusted eye hospitals that aim to provide the best patient care and experience with every visit and consultation.

Eye Align has successfully treated thousands of patients to date and continues to help people with their squint eye problems. The eye can be your trusted eye care specialist if you are looking to get treated for a squint eye condition. You can be assured of the best diagnosis, consultation, and treatment, all under a single roof.

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