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Why you Need Education Consultancies?

Why you Need Education Consultancies?


India is one of the countries in the process of developing has a significant number of students abroad each year. Here are a few of the numerous reasons students are more eager to pursue a degree abroad.

  • To be exposed to the diversity of cultures around the world, because foreign universities host students from a variety of countries.
  • To become more independent, which will aids in developing their decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Meet new friends, to learn new technologies, and increase your understanding.

The choice to study abroad poses many questions to the students:

  • Which country should you choose?
  • What is the top university?
  • What course would best match my needs?
  • The choice of course is the potential for success.
  • What would be the total cost?
  • Do you think the property is secure and safe? There are numerous...

Today, we live in an digital world where we have all the news from around the world within our fingertips. Thanks to mobile phones and the Internet.

The student will receive answers to the questions above via the internet. But , they will only be suggestions. They aren't able to draw a conclusion from this information. Additionally, no details of a minor nature during the process of studying abroad are provided.

Sometimes, family and friends can help students, however, they are limited in their knowledge. Maybe one of their college buddies who are currently studying abroad could be able to help. But that is not equivalent anything that is professional guidance for career development.

In light of the previous reasons, there is the need for professional aid, which is where Education Consultancies comes into play. This article is about exploring the need for international education consulting services.

Need of Education Consulting:

The choice to study abroad is always an exciting decision for students, and will have an enormous impact on their professional. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek professional advice.

The primary function of educational consulting firms is to help students who want to pursue their studies abroad. Overseas education consultancies comprise experts that have an understanding of all universities overseas. Consultancies work with a variety of the universities abroad and collect information on the academic life of international students.

This aids in co-ordinating students with their foreign university to ensure admission. Thus, international education counselling is highly informative and essential as is the advice given.

Students visit the educational consultations to find out more about their desired course and study destination. It is crucial that students understand the whole process of studying abroad since foreign education is quite expensive.

Benefits of a Education CONSULTANCY

The procedure of applying for higher education in countries outside of the United States is getting easier with the passing of time. A lot of students are attempting to apply to universities abroad by themselves. But, they need to be aware of all conditions to be able to proceed with their studies abroad.

To obtain a students VISA requires adherence to a variety of rules and guidelines. If there are any errors made, the chance of being denied VISA rejection is greater. This could cause problems for students for the next few years.

To avoid this Students should seek out professionals for advice on education. Only an experienced education consultant has the most reliable and trusted knowledge about the process of studying abroad. Below are a few things that can help us benefit from these agencies for consulting:

  • They will be there to assist you through the entire process.
  • They'll help you with any details they can provide.
  • As good listeners, they will listen to your needs and preferences.
  • You can seek out excellent advice on your education, since they are knowledgeable about the studying abroad.
  • They will assist in VISA and other document procedures.
  • Even after you have moved abroad you will still be able to get advice from them whenever you require it.

Student Benefits:

The student should be able to provide answers to these questions after consulting an educational counselor.

Selecting the Course:

  • Affordable Universities and countries of study.
  • What are the requirements for an international student?
  • Financial estimation
  • Exams to be able to apply for study abroad

How to apply for the course:

  • Options for Career and Employability for the course you have chosen at the University
  • The procedure to apply
  • Scholarship and student loan options are available.
  • The process of applying for a Student VISA

Other considerations to make:

  • Security and lifestyle at the border of the foreign country
  • Accommodation
  • Part-time jobs availability
  • Amount of International students studying at the University


Dolphin Education Consultancy, offer the below services to students to ensure that they do not have to be unable to make the right decision when they decide to pursue their studies in a foreign country. We help students make the experience of studying abroad a breeze.

Profile Evaluation:

We are aware of your personal profile and, based on that, we provide you with the appropriate course and university alternatives. We also give you opportunities for career after the completion of your course.

Career Counselling:

We don't just offer suggestions, but also assist you in pick the right country, university and the course you want to pursue according to your financial needs and eligibility.

Admission Guideline:

Once you have been confirmed as a student at the college and course After confirmation of the university and course, we will help you understand fees, the best date to apply, Entrance and English tests to be passed at the university, and the costs for accommodation and study.


Based on the guidelines set by international universities Based on the requirements of international universities, we help you with the compilation of all the documents required for the application process.


Certain documents such as statements of Purpose, Resume, Essays and so on. are required by Universities to assess academic and English skills. Therefore, we assist you to tailor these situations to the highest standards whenever needed.

Educational Loans:

We assist you with the procedure and information required to obtain educational loans. We also assist you in finding scholarships from universities abroad in accordance with your personal profile.

Assistance with VISA:

We will assist you with preparing for VISA interviews and will provide complete information needed regarding VISA documents.

University Interviews:

We help students with getting ready for the Credibility Interviews that are conducted by universities of other countries through mock interviews.

Accommodation Assistance:

Accommodation services provided by universities to whom we have direct connections are offered to students in order to stop the need to search and struggle. Additionally, in certain cases we ask you to reach out to our senior students for assistance on how to live.

Team Query:

Once enrolled at the university The student is able to contact our customer service team anytime they require assistance in a foreign country.

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