What is women empowerment?

Often as mistaken, only Successful women aren’t example of women empowerment but also the maid who work in our houses also a mother who choose to be house maker is example of women empowerment, the working women labor is example of women empowerment, a woman IPS is example of women empowerment. Women empowerment isn't about fame, money or success but it is about the liberty to choose what one woman wishes. Liberty to carve her life with her own aspirations, conditions and dreams and not molded by society. Women empowerment is happening by every passing second, by every passing moment, where a girl is no more killed in womb, where she is not subjected to discrimination when she is born, where she is not bounded by just household chores, where her path is carved by her own dreams, where she educates and where she empowers.

Women does not only shape her life but of entire nations as mother, as sister, as wife, from working in barns under burning sun to working in an office with air conditioners, women is using most of its opportunity. There is no field which isn’t marked with a women’s determination, be it sports, Armed forces, home maker to changing the course of nation as minister.

I do agree that in today’s era women are subjected to various crimes and offences but today women are standing, women are fighting against it, raising their voices, seeking the change, as well as our Constitution empowers them, as discrimination on basis of gender is prohibited, women is provided Reservations and all rights, in addition there are laws to protect her  dignity and liberty. But we cannot reach moon in a day, it will take time but at this moment it’s fair to say the process of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT has long begun.

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