Wood That Brings Ideas to Life: Amp Up Your Designs With AK Plywood

You can put your heart and soul into your designs, but if you don't pay equal attention to the materials you utilize, they will not reach their full potential.

Knowing the techniques of woodworking without understanding the properties of the wood can be disastrous. Glue joints can fail, joinery can pop apart and your tabletops could split open! You wouldn’t want that, now would you? All of this can be avoided if you have a basic understanding of wood and the other materials you use. Whether you want a more traditional and comfortable feel or one that is minimalistic and modern, wood makes all the difference.

Engineered and natural (solid) wood are the two most popular types of wood used in construction. In this blog post, we’ll help you pocket some information on plywood, a type of engineered wood, and tell you how to choose plywood for furniture.

What Is Plywood?

It's a man-made wood product manufactured by glueing together multiple layers of wood veneers. The adjacent wood veneers are joined using a method known as cross-graining. This makes plywood一

  • Incredibly strong
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to splitting when nailed
  • High impact resistant
  • Resistant to shrinking, swelling and wrapping

It doesn’t stop there. Plywood can also be specifically manufactured to resist termites, water, chemicals, and fire. They are available in different types based on how they are manufactured.

Since it is so versatile, it can be used to construct furniture, walls and flooring, kitchen cabinets, and even other general DIY projects you may be considering. However, just like how one shoe does not fit all, there are several varieties of plywood to be aware of before using them.

Below are some of the most popular types of plywood used. By understanding each of their properties you can learn how to choose the best plywood for furniture or any other design you are working on.

Types of Plywood

MR grade

Also referred to as commercial-grade plywood, moisture-resistant(MR) plywood is made using urea-formaldehyde glue. Although it can withstand a certain level of moisture and humidity, it is not waterproof.

This kind of plywood is good for home furniture and office furnishings. It is also suitable for other interior woodwork like panelling, partitioning, etc.  

BWP Grade (Marine Ply)

It is the most superior type of plywood available in the market today. Made with water-proof glue (phenolic resin), marine ply is lightweight, strong and is a popular choice in building boats and boat parts.

This kind of plywood is perfect for building outdoor furniture, especially in coastal regions. It is also important to note that marine plywood is made of raw wood and needs to be chemically treated to resist rot and decay.

BWR Grade

As the name implies, this type of plywood is very resistant to water and humidity. It's also an exterior-grade plywood that's perfect for semi-outdoor and outdoor projects.

BWR is suitable for use in kitchen cabinets where there is a lot of water contact. This plywood is made of phenolic resins and can resist water better than MR grade plywood.

Flexible plywood

As the name suggests, it is an extremely flexible, easily bendable plywood. It can be bent, rolled, twisted or curved into any shape you desire. It is highly durable and can be waxed, painted, stained, oiled or lacquered to bring your design to life.

It is used to make furniture that has smooth and seamless edges with a single sheet look and feel. It can also be used in constructing lampstands, ornamental designs, decorative woodwork, etc

MDF core plywood

In this kind of plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fibre) is used instead of hardwoods or softwoods. The MFD core gives the plywood uniform strength and stability along with consistent thickness.

This is an excellent substrate for high-end veneers and applications that need routing and shaping. MDF core panels are also the recommended choice for 32mm construction because of their consistency in thickness and flatness.

Fire-retardant plywood

Fire-retardant plywood not only keeps you safe from fire but also keeps you dry and protected from other elements like moisture ans termites. FR plywood is the best choice for offices and restaurants that have a lot of fire activity but also have a lot of water exposure.

The fire-retardant plywood is created using an innovative approach and advanced technology to provide a low-flammability nature that reduces the risk of spark or ignite.

Pre-laminated plywood

Pre-laminated plywood is plywood that has been upgraded aesthetically by the addition of attractive laminate sheets. By using these sheets, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort that would otherwise be spent manually attaching laminates to plywood.

The laminated plywoods are resistant to the effects of water, moisture,  chemicals as well as various weather conditions. AK Ply's pre-laminated plywood is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality requirements and outlasts decorative laminates in terms of durability and longevity.

Though we are at the end of the list, the options for plywood does not end here! Plywood is a versatile product that can be manufactured in various ways to fit your requirements. Be it for indoor furniture, outdoor furniture or for panelling walls and floors, you can explore more types of plywood at Ak group’s Apple plywood to find the best quality plywood in different types for your next project!

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