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WordPress SEO Checklist: Tips to Improve Your Rankings

WordPress SEO Checklist: Tips to Improve Your Rankings

It is important to improve the WordPress SEO because it will bring traffic to your website. It’s sad, most of the SEO guidelines are too technical. Hence, the new user can start at the right time.

You must take care of SEO practices for WordPress.

The more the market share of WordPress, the more people look for ways to improve WordPress SEO.

Numerous blogs and bootstrap companies are building their brand on WordPress SEO and organic search. Even though it is at a high-risk end, this signifies that SEO is the vein of digital businesses.

Why is SEO optimization necessary?

Search Engine is the source of traffic for many websites.

Search engines like Google employ advanced algorithms to rank and understand your page appropriately.

Even though these are not perfect algorithms. It still needs to know what is the intent of your content.

The search engines will not rank your content if you do not do so. As a result, your brand’s site will be ranking in the search result. You will miss all the traffic.

How can you use an SEO checklist?

Below we have highlighted the focus area of SEO:-

  • Off-page SEO
  • Content
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Basics of SEO
  • On-page SEO

How can you improve your ranking?

  1. Installation of WordPress SEO plugin

WordPress is SEO optimized but it is recommended to install an SEO plugin. It will give you full control over-optimizing.

You can go for the plugins such as Yoast SEO. Yoast is the winner when it comes to popularity. It will allow you to:-

  • Add Schema or social markup
  • Allow breadcrumbs
  • Generate XML sitemaps automatically
  • Edit the meta descriptions
  • Write excellent content with the right keyword analysis
  1. Word Count does the magic

Content is the queen of the chess board “Business”. It can do great magic. Both users and Google love top-notch content. Rather, it is better that you publish long-form content.

Long-form content can help you to have more backlinks.

  1. Use Focus Keyword
  1. Short URL

Google loves sites that are structured, organized, and clean. Use short URLs.

The Research Institute, Marketing Sherpa ran a test and found that around 250% of executives clicked on an organic listing. Ensure to keep your URLs short.

In fact, WordPress can help you to create the URL automatically based on your content title.

  1. SEO-optimized WordPress theme

You need to consider a WordPress theme with simple codes and designs. You might be aware that Google only displays mobile-friendly results first. This means you need to have a theme that is responsive on both mobile and website

A feature-rich and poorly coded template can decrease the speed of the website. This will negatively impact the search ranking and visitor experience.

You can use themes like Brando. This WordPress theme is completely responsive. It is coded with CSS3 and HTML5. It is based on the Twitter Bootstrap. Hence, it is SEO friendly and lightweight.

  1. Use Focus Keyword

Google is just a computer algorithm. This is the reason why the keyword is still important in 2022.

You need to develop an effective write-up for your customers and visitors, but that should be intelligent writing.

Be it any search engine like Yahoo, Bingo, Google, etc., rely on SEO practices. You need to craft the content (blogs, web pages, etc) for your audience keeping SEO practice in mind.

  1. Write meta-descriptions

The meta description does not have any key role in the WordPress SEO for rankings. However, this may affect your CTR.

You need to focus on writing a well-written meta description.

  1. Use Heading Tags

Googlebot will only check the HTML header tags such as H1, H2, H3,...likewise. The hierarchy is highly important. H1 tag is the highly essential header. This must have your focus keyword. You must ensure to include keywords on your headers.

Just ensure that you do not mess with your headers. This is just to split up your write-up. Your visitors can read your page easily. Also, ensure that you do not stuff the keywords unnecessarily on your webpage/ blogs.

  1. Safety and Security

Google blacklists more than twenty thousand websites a week for phishing and malware. Your business website will not be ranking in the search result.

This clearly denotes that WordPress security plays a crucial role in ranking. You can use tools like Sucuri. This will safeguard your site against any attacks.

  1. Google Analytics

You cannot take the right decisions without having the right data.

You can use Google Analytics. This marketing tool will give you insights and allow you to check data.

  1. Sitemap

The sitemap assists the search engine to make decisions for the page that needs to be crawled.

This is a list of URLs that specifies the main content of your website. It ensures that your pages ate crawled and indexed.

  1. Identify the competitor

Before establishing your base online, you need to check what keywords are working best for your competitors.

  1. Internal Linking

Most people ignore and neglect the link-building tactics in SEO. This strategy can give you noticeable gains.

  1. Fix the issues of Keyword Cannibalization

It appears when multiple web pages rank for the same keyword. Your one web page is competing with the other. The pages can also rank for numerous keywords. It is in fact a monumental issue.

This is because search engines are having a hard time displaying the webpage.

Alternate ways

Similarly, there are alternate ways that can improvise the ranking of your website. They are:-

  • Optimize the business profile of Google
  • Do link intersect analysis
  • Fix the orphaned pages
  • Use Alt Tags for your images
  • Do the audit of content
  • Check the title and meta tags
  • Fix missing meta descriptions
  • Fix meta descriptions that are duplicate
  • Fix Redirect Loops
  • Add structured data

Keep an eye to improve your ranking

A good WordPress SEO service provider can give your effective support.

There are numerous WordPress SEO strategies other than this. SEO can offer you many aspects. In fact, this is a recurring “game” for many businesses.

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