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Youtube Influencers or Instagram Influencers which one is the Best Platform?

Youtube Influencers or Instagram Influencers which one is the Best Platform?


Brands looking to collaborate with Influencers are always confused with YouTube vs Instagram for business. The question of whether Youtube Influencers or Instagram Influencers which one is the Best Platform has always been around. However, we at Chtrbox strongly believe that both YouTube influencers and Instagram influencers offer great value to brands in their special way. Depending on what the business goals are, brands must accordingly make a choice. Instagram Influencers and YouTube Influencers both offer an equal amount of engagement and audience reach, if not less, for influencer campaigns. Here the question isn't about which is more popular, YouTube or Instagram, but rather which social media platform can add value to your brand. So, for better clarity and understanding, we have complied certain points to be considered that can help you decide which Platform will work better for your business and brand campaign.

Points to Consider for YouTube vs Instagram for business

Working with the right influencers especially using the right Platform for your business marketing campaign is the key to a successful influencer marketing campaign. Having been a part of this industry for years, Chtrbox strongly believes in considering social media influencers who are relevant, have good reach, resonate well with their audience, and are well-aligned with your niche and brand values. Considering these points are crucial because it is these influencers who will contribute greatly to your campaigns. Let us read on to understand more about these factors.

Relevance –

Relevance is definitely a no-brainer. You need to ensure that the social media influencer you engage with is relevant to your industry, niche, and business in general. This is important because the audience you plan to reach out to must also be relevant, or else the influencer campaign is definitely a failure. Moreover, you must know whether or not your audience is available on YouTube or Instagram? Based on such relevance selecting YouTube vs Instagram for business makes more sense.


Reach is another important factor to be considered when deciding whether YouTube Influencers or Instagram Influencers which one is Best Platforms for your business. Reach means the number of followers the social media influencer has and his reach to these followers. This count is important because the number of people we are talking about is the potential reach for your influencer campaign. So, which is more popular, YouTube or Instagram, among your target audience, and is the influencer able to reach out to many potential target audiences is the real question that you should figure out.

Resonate –

When we talk about resonance, it is basically about the potential engagement that an influencer can generate from their target audience. The engagement generated should also be relevant and valuable to the brand. All of this can be measured by the likes, shares, and comments that the influencer manages to get. So, in this scenario, you need to analyze and gauge whether your target audience connects more with videos on YouTube or images and videos on Instagram. You need to see what type of content your audience resonates with for making the right decision.

Now that we know about the few important points that need to be considered for YouTube vs Instagram for business let us learn how each Platform can be beneficial for influencer marketing.

What Makes YouTube a Great Platform for Influencer Marketing?

YouTube is a very popular social media platform dedicated to video content. It is currently the second most visited webpage with over 1.9 billion monthly active users. This makes the Platform a huge channel of opportunity for influencer campaigns. It is one of the greatest sources of content for any industry or Platform looking to build its brand and create awareness. We believe that YouTube is a spectacular influencer marketing platform because, as per statistics, video marketing accounts for nearly three-quarters of internet traffic. Video contents are, in general, seen as more engaging, entertaining, search-friendly, and content that grabs the quick attention of the audience. YouTube videos can be a great tool for businesses to not just build their brand and create awareness but also help boost their sales. Influencers on YouTube have the knack and skills for making sponsored content fun, entertaining, and also informative to watch.

What Makes Instagram a Great Platform for Influencer Marketing?

Talking about the content on Instagram is very different from YouTube. Instagram offers a range of features, including sharing images, videos, stories, and reels. So, the versatility in the option for creating a specific type of content, from Stories and videos to high-quality photos, is a major reason why brands love this Platform. Moreover, this Platform's content is great for consumers who prefer not to watch long videos.

Also, the story highlight feature on Instagram allows influencers and marketers to retain some of their featured stories permanently, making the content long-lasting. With these benefits in mind, the attractiveness of Instagram as an influencer marketing platform is much higher.

Youtube Influencers or Instagram Influencers which one is the Best Platform

Personally, my final take on which platforms work best depends on your marketing goals, campaign objectives, and specific marketing features that you are looking for in your brand campaign. If your campaign is about offering product information or educating your customers, then YouTube may seem to be a better option. YouTube offers a better channel to share long-form content that is informative and more of educating the audience. However, if your campaign is about product marketing and sales, then Instagram may seem a more relevant Platform. Instagram allows quicker reach to your niche audience. Simply define the goals of your marketing campaign, and you can easily determine the Platform that best suits your brand strategy, content format, and target audience. Do your bit of research and analyze the pros and cons before you take a call. Ultimately it is the way you plan and executes your strategy that will be the game-changer for your business. So, choose wisely and make the right decision that suits your business.

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