Cardiologist Hospitals in Indore

Cardiologist Hospitals in Indore

Finding a cardiologist in Indore is essential for individuals seeking cardiac care. Here are some well-known hospitals in Indore that have cardiology departments and can provide the services of cardiologists:

Top 10 Cardiologist Hospital in Indore

1. CARE-CHL Hospitals

Established in 2001 as CHL-Apollo Hospital, CARE-CHL Hospitals have come a long way in terms of providing patient-centric hospitality. In more than two decades, we have boarded above 140 board-certified doctors and consultants. With our ever-evolving healthcare services, strengthened by modern technical equipment and support system, we have become a leading hospital in cardiac surgeries and angiographies in Madhya Pradesh with up to 50% market share.

With a strengthened healthcare infrastructure, the inclusion of an expert management system and contemporary healthcare provisions has created an extensive team capable of providing excellent healthcare services. Our team undertakes the highest number of CT Angio and Body scans in the state with the highest reported IP admissions and surgery volume among all private Hospitals/chains in Indore & MP.

We aim to become a healthcare system with a people-centric view, and a transparent approach that makes technically advanced healthcare systems available to the common populace. Our mission is to support the deliverance of advanced healthcare by applying innovative approaches, trained staff and learned doctors.

Our vision is to become a trustworthy healthcare provider following the global healthcare model integrated with efficiency, and modernity that would yield analytically-based research.

As a multispeciality hospital, CARE CHL Hospitals has placed its values on strengthening the clinical experience by incorporating patient-centricity in health requirements. Our values are embused in transparency, empathy, compassion and teamwork to yield excellent outcome.

Contact Details

Address – AB Rd, near L.I.G Square, Rss Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452008
Mob No : +91 731 477 4444
Email id: [email protected]

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