Complete Guide on Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

If you want to see a hardcore citadel, Jaigarh Fort is the area to visit. One of the 3 hill-top forts in Jaipur, Jaigarh Fort is honestly a marvel of engineering and was built in 1726 by means of Jai Singh II and for this reason the name. Jaigarh also method Victory Fort. It is located at the Cheel ka Teela Hill amidst the Aravalli variety and has numerous complexes within its premises consisting of the palace complicated, a museum, armoury, temples and so on. The highlight of the castle is truly ‘Jaivana’, a cannon on wheels manufactured inside the fort itself and turned into once upon a time, the world’s biggest such cannon. Visit the citadel to respect its wonderful structure, to walk thru its history and to simply surround you with royal appeal and power.

Interesting Facts About Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort turned into one of the principal cannon foundries in the course of Emperor Shah Jahan’s rule as there had been many rich iron ore mines within the region.

Did you realize that  former rulers of Jaigarh Fort, Major General Man Singh II and Sawai Bhawani Singh additionally served within the Indian Army submit Independence?

The most important appeal of the castle is the Jaivana Cannon, one of the biggest cannons at the time, weighing 50 tonnes and having a 20.19 toes barrel and eleven inch diameter. As the canno rests on four wheels instead of two, it could be became in 360 ranges, for that reason making it possible to hearth in all the 4 instructions. Since, there were no bitter members of the family with the Mughals then and there was peace, the cannon was fired only once.

Though a strong and delightful castle, it become by no means home to any rulers but became mainly used for manufacturing artilleries.

Built of red sandstone, this is a fortified fortress and still maintains its class and pleasure.

It is the watchtower that is the exceptional location within the castle to be because it gives an remarkable view of the extraordinary environs.

There are  temples within the castle premises – Kal Bhairav Temple changed into built within the 12th century even as the Ram Harihar Temple is a 10th century production; a ought to-visit.

Jaigarh Fort become in news in 1977 while the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi turned into said to have launched a treasure hunt in the fort premises. Though the search via an navy unit endured for 3 months, they didn’t locate some thing. Bad news for others however top news for the citadel as it was left undisturbed.

Traveller Tips

You Need to hire Cab Service in Jaipur to explore Jaipur.

It is quality to wear comfy garb as you'll ought to be in your ft for most of the time. Wear relaxed footwear as well. Cotton garments are finest considering the sunny climate.

Carry water bottles with you.

The citadel is pretty a sizable shape and the passages are winding and puzzling. So, take care now not to wander off inside the fort. Take unique care of kids.

It is first-class to avoid walking on the rims of the fort.

Please be a part of inside the efforts to maintain the fortress premises easy by means of no longer littering.

Things to Do

There are numerous points of interest near Jaigarh Fort and you may cowl a number of the places in a day’s excursion.

Participate within the water historical past stroll which was launched in 2013 which aims to inform visitors approximately the catchment place for the castle and additionally approximately the enormous network of canals and drains that have been a part of the castle.

There is a brand new gallery, the royal guards’ gallery which similarly to showcasing the citadel structure additionally provides a glimpse into teh lifestyles and paintings of Sawai Man Signh II and Sawai Bhawani Singh, former rulers of the castle.

Places to Eat Around

Jaigarh restaurant in the citadel premises

1135 AD, positioned at the Amer Fort

The Stag Rooftop, placed contrary Amer Fort

Opening Hours

Jaigarh Fort is open from 9:00 a.M. – 4.30 p.M. On all days.


Entry Fees: For Indian visitors, it's miles Rs. 35/-; for foreigners, it is Rs. Eighty five/-.

Camera Charges: Rs. 50 and Video digital camera fees are Rs. 2 hundred.

Availability of Guides

Guides are available on request. A Hindi talking manual might be to be had for Rs. A hundred and English speakme guides for Rs. One hundred fifty.

Time Required for The Visit

Around 1 hour or . If you're a history buff, you could love spending more time exploring the fortress, spending time at the museum or just taking over the splendor of the environment.

Best Time to Visit

It is all through iciness months that Jaigarh Fort is satisfactory to go to. So, plan your go to somewhere among November and February. If you are adventurous enough to be in the fort for the duration of wet season, you can as all through the time, you get to see the castle sopping wet in rain with the environment blanketed in green. The fort appears to mellow down in the course of rains because it takes on a romantic appearance rather than its ruggedness at other instances.

How to Reach

You can lease buses, private or government, from Jaipur City to attain Jaigarh Fort. You also can reach the fortress through cabs or Taxi Service in Jaipur.

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