The currency on Lord Ram in Holland a European Nation

First of all , How many of u know that there is a currency on Hindu God Lord Ram that started in Holland a European nation. Currency is known as RAAM. 1 RAAM= 10 Euros.

So, It is also a very strong currency started by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s Vedic City in 2003. The main aim is to bring RAM RAJYA in the world for the reason of Eradicate poverty and bring peace.

Benjamin Feldman, ‘Minister of Finance’ of the Maharishi movement, told BBC News Online the Raam could be used to battle poverty and create world peace.

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Similarly, In the Netherlands, the Raam notes are accepted in Dutch shops at a fixed rate of 10 Euros per Raam. Therefore,
“There are now about 100,000 Raam notes in circulation.

It Seems like, That is not a lot but we are keeping a closed eye on it because it must never lead to confusion for the public,” the Dutch central bank spokesman said.

Shopkeepers can exchange their Raam notes at the Forties Bank branch in Roermond. So, they are trying to open many centers or money exchange shops for Raam.

Therefore, I personally very happy to know that Holland's government has no problem with Raam, its a great work by Maharishi Global Financing Research.

On February 24, 2002, Maharishi Vedic City began to distribute locally Raam Mudra, the currency of the Global Country of World Peace. The City Council adopted Raam Mudra as the ideal local currency to support economic development in the city and development of local businesses and organizations wishing to accept that currency.

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Raam Mudra is available in beautiful one, five and ten Raam paper notes. There is a fixed exchange rate of one Raam for $10.

The Global Country of World Peace is dedicated to creating world peace through the establishment of a group of 40,000 Vedic Scholars in India, and the eradication of poverty throughout the world through large Vedic organic agriculture projects in developing countries that will raise the standard of living and quality of life in those countries and will help make those nations self-sufficient.

Of course, dollars are also accepted in the City, as are credit cards. Change of less than one Raam is given in US currency.

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