Everything About Murud Janjira Fort

A destination known for its beaches and forts, Murud Janjira is a perfect weekend getaway In Alibag Near to Mumbai and Pune. This beach destination is located at a road travel distance of about 182 kms from Pune and about 159 kms from Mumbai. Located in Raigad district of Maharashtra, Murud is filled with resorts and vacation homes that provide you the ambience for a perfect holiday. The silver sands and majestic forts along with coconut grooves make it a backdrop for a vacation to remember. Here are some of the must-see places in Murud Janjira for a complete holiday experience:

Murud Janjira Fort

The fort standing tall along the coastline represents the glory and resilience of the past. If you are a history lover, then the architecture and the art that is engraved all over this fort will surely leave you inspired. At the roof of the fort one can witness the serene view of the Arabian sea merging with the blue skies. To learn about the tales and stories associated with the fort, don’t forget to hire a guide to complete your experience at Murud Janjira.

Garambi Falls

There is nothing that brings in more inner peace and solitude to the wandering soul than the sound of gushing waters. The Garambi Falls is a beautiful experience with waters flowing down from a height of over 100 meters. Surrounded with greenery and the dense forests, this waterfall at Murud Janjira will touch your heart. One can spend hours wandering about in the midst of nature with the sounds of the water and the chirping of the birds.

Murud Beach

Located in Dapoli, the Murud beach is every vacationer’s delight. A perfect blend of the beautiful scenery and adventure activities in water, this beach has something in store for everyone. Believe us or not, but if you are lucky you may even encounter some friendly dolphins right here. The beach being immensely popular is often quite crowded particularly in the evenings.


Murud Janjira also has a bubbling city shopping market where one can buy a number of local sweets and snacks for their family and friends. The masalas found here are particularly very famous as they have an assorted mix from the Konkan region.

Ahmedganj Palace

if you are mesmerized with history of the Murud Fort, wait until you explore the Ahmedgaj palace. The entire palace has a Mughal style of architecture and tells the story of the Nawabs who once ruled in this region.

With a perfect blend of history and fun, Murud Janjira makes for a perfect vacation destination in Maharasthra.

Sailboats from Rajapuri jetty are the only way to approach the fort that is spread across 22 acres. The fort has 19 bastions that still stand intact and its main gate can only be visible when one is very close to it. The fort also has a small gate that opens to the sea as an escape route. The fort’s well is a marvel as it contains sweet water (despite being in the middle of the sea) and it is defended by cannons. In its heyday, the fort had palaces, mosques, freshwater tanks, markets and quarters for officers.

Janjira Forts In Maharashtra is derived from the Arabic word Jazeera which means island. The original structure was built in the 15th century by a Koli chief as a defense against sea robbers and thieves.

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