Everything About Tikona Fort In Maharashtra

There was a great panic of Lohgad, Visapur, Tung, and Tikona in Shivshahi in the wind.

A triangular castle that is easily recognizable by its distinctive shape in this quartet! When the monsoon begins, all the land receives a new spark. This is the perfect time to set foot on the Maval hills and store all the wind in Maval's mind!

The windmill! One of the twelve Mavals. South of Lonavala, the basin of the Pavana river originates with Sahyadri. A large reservoir of Pawana dam was found on this river in 1949. In such a wind, there was a great terror of Shivshahi in Lohgad, Visapur, Tung, and Tikona. A triangular castle that is easily recognizable by its distinctive shape in this quartet!

Pawna Dam, fifteen kilometers from Kamshet on the Pune-Mumbai highway. From this dam to Pawanagar, Kale Colony area, from Talegaon, Kamshet to ST. Buses arrive. From here, there is a triangular fort on a four to five kilometer walk. From the south, there is a road from Poud- Kolvan-Kashig to the fort. For this, a bus departing from Pune's Swargate, Kashig bus was available. Apart from this, some ST buses also run in the direction of food beyond Talegaon. If you get any of these buses, it can be done near Trikona by landing at Ghevand village at the base of the fort.

At the height of 6 feet (19 meters) above sea level, the fort is shaped by a triangular head, so its name is Triangle! It is also known as 'Bitindgarh', but it does not look as sweet to the ears.

As the black colony begins to approach the fort, this triangular shape of the triangle first captures the attention. The skeleton of doubt is mistaken in the minds of the novices as they see the splinter of the sky. But through farming, rice mulch, nature's friendship becomes tight until it reaches the base of the pedestal, and then the challenge begins to seem easy.

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