Important Factors For German Shepherd Dog Foods

As with many different breeds of dogs, German shepherds have their own specific dietary needs that can vary depending on the age, health, and activity level of the dog. There are important factors for German Shepherd dog foods to take into consideration that can help you find the best combination of quality ingredients that will provide your German Shepherd with the nutrients they need to thrive and maintain their organ functions. There are also many factors that you must take into consideration when buying food for your German Shepherd in order to make sure you purchase the best food possible. Some of these important factors to consider include: Since German shepherd tends to develop a food allergy, it might be beneficial to choose food that doesn't contain any of the commonest allergens, like chicken, wheat, corn, and beef. Although many of these same allergenic ingredients can be found in non-allergenic dog foods, the reaction and potential harm that your dog could suffer if they were to accidentally eat one of these ingredients would be greatly increased.

It is also important to remember that even though the prevalence of German Shepherd dogs in America has dramatically increased over the past ten years or so, the prevalence of problems with herding dogs, in particular herding disorders, remains high. One of the more common and serious problems herding dogs can develop is intestinal bloat, which occurs when an affected dog's intestine becomes completely blocked by scar tissue. Intestinal blockages can occur due to congenital defects, injury, disease, or even a complication from serious bowel disease. If your German Shepherd dog develops intestinal blockage, which can be caused by a variety of different circumstances, the result would be fatal.

If you are looking for dog foods for your German Shepherd, it is essential that you look beyond the ingredients listed and consider how each of those ingredients affects the overall health of your dog. Although it is very important that your German Shepherd has the right mix of nutrition to thrive, it is equally imperative that you make sure they receive that nutrition and in the correct proportions. The most effective and safest foods available are those which are specifically formulated with the requirements of German Shepherds in mind.

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