Top Grand island boat trip in Goa

Goa is filled with peculiar beaches and frolic rides. You’ll be in deep regret if you fail to try water sports and rides in Goa. There are many beaches where you can try these water sports. One of the popular island in Goa which is widely known among the international as well as local tourists is Illa Grande which is popularly known as Grande Island Boat Trip. It is one of the most exotic locations in Goa. It offers pristine and unspoiled water and therefore is perfect to try out water sports and activities. There are various boat trip packages to reach this place. Though some are expensive, if you happen to visit this place with your group then you be lucky enough to avail discounts. We at sea water sport offer you the water rides and boat trips at a very friendly budget that can be easily afforded by everyone. The adventure journey starts from the jetty. Our experts will pick you from the hotel and drop you till the jetty. There will be lunch provided by the experts where you can savor the sea-food delicacies along with chilled beer. There would be unlimited snacks and cold drinks available in the boat.

Do not miss the chance of watching dolphins around here. You will be enthralled with the dolphins jumping and twirling around your boat. Observe the exotic fishes swimming in the cold water of Goa. Unleash your photography skills by capturing those amazing sea mammals and dwell on the natural beauty of Goa. While on the trip, You can witness some of the Goa’s famous historical spots that include Portuguese Aguada fort, oldest central jail, merchant’s millionaire palace, and also can capture the sights of marvelous beaches in Goa.

After the Boat trip, you’ll be escorted to the jetty where you can try the adventurous sea water activities. But before trying these activities, you need proper guidance and equipment required for the related activities. Some of the favorite sports that are loved by the people are Bungee Jumping in Goa, Scuba diving in Goa, Snorkeling, Paragliding, Jet ski, River rafting, Parasailing, Speedboat ride, Wave surfing and many more. You don’t have to be a swimmer. These are all the recreational activities where there will be teaching sessions on the dive site by our experts and we also provide the diving equipment during the activity. So plunge into the cold water and explore the marine life of Goa. If you are tired of performing water activities then why not try fishing? Grande Island would be an ideal destination to try out fishing. It presents immaculate and stainless water and everyone would love to catch fishes over here. After spending some time on Grande Island you can also visit monkey beach.

Top Scuba Diving Spot in Goa- Grand Island in Goa

Life underwater is entirely different from the life above on the ground. The world below is full of mysticism and magical and to see this world is an experience of its own. Scuba diving in Goa is one sport which lets you dive deep into the sea and feel the charm of the underwater world. India has a huge coastline providing ample places to try out this exciting sport. As this sport is slowly catching on, India has many scuba diving tourist spots. You can hang around with beautiful shoals of fish, try out some treasure hunting at the various shipwrecks sites or just sail past the coral reefs.

If you are looking for snorkeling, diving, scuba diving,fishing in Goa, don’t have any second thoughts, just head for the Grand Island. Grand island is located in west of the Mormugao peninsula in South Goa. The only way to go there is by using water transport. Grand Island is also known as Grande Island, GrandiIsland, etc

Grand Island is one of the favorite places for scuba divers, whether they are experts or fresher. Not only water sports, but also a trip to Grand Island will unwind you and rejuvenate at the same time. It is blessed with many beautiful, tempting and fantastic places. if you do boat riding in grand island you can see the friendly dolphins frisking around your boat, view the biodiversity in the marine life, go bottom fishing to get hold of a good catch and you can watch the chef cook it into delicious BBQ especially cooked for you.

Few places like the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with beautiful beaches, Lakshadweep with its raw untouched beauty, Goa – the hotspot for tourists, a quaint little town of Pondicherry, Pigeon Island of Karnataka boasts of some of the enchanting and enthralling sites for scuba diving. Colorful corals, marine fauna and flora and aquatic beings make these places perfect to go for scuba diving.

A relaxed mind, easy breeze, clear sky, a steer clear water and quality time with your loved ones. What else would one want during a vacation? Let’s make it memorable together in Grand Island in Goa, which is located a few kilometers westward from Mormugao peninsula, situated in South Goa. Grand Island in Goa is a popular place for diving. The depth is 7-20 meters of the sea, which is perfect for both skilled divers and beginners.

Grand Island Goa is also very famous for few places which are remarkable and are worth visiting like Suzy’s wreck place which tops the list of the divers. Another interesting place to visit for the divers when in Grand Island is, Davy Jones Locker. Suzy’s wreck and Davy Jones Locker are also very famous for activities like Treasure-hunt. All in all, Grand Island is an unforgettable place.

Goa is emerging as the most favored destination amongst the tourists for the adventure activities in Goa. Being the dwelling place of exotic fishes, turtles, reef sharks, and marine vegetation, Goa underwater world is worth exploring. With a huge coastline and favorable water conditions, Goa offers beautiful places for scuba diving. Here is the list of few of them:

1.Cove of Shelter:

Cove of Shelter is an impeccable diving site for the beginners. Here the depth of the water is not too much. It is enough to dive and view the underwater world even for the amateurs. You get to see little wee fishes swimming in groups, corals reefs and scary lobsters too.

2.Reef of Uma Guma:

Another hot spot for scuba divers in Goa is the Reef of Uma Guma. Get mesmerized with the underwater aquatic beings like the tunas, sharks, porcupinefishes etc. The depth is of almost 14 meters so you can get to see the beautiful coral reefs that present memorable visions of the place to haunt you for your life. An expert diver can dive easily at this place.

3.Bay of Bounty:

Yet another scuba diving destination for scuba diving learners, be it newbies, beginners, amateur divers with their trainer can look out for plenty of tiny colorful fishes with hardened corals. This is an ideal destination for learning scuba diving along with cuttlefish and sharks. At a depth of just 6 meters, this is quite convenient for beginners.

4.Wreck of Suzy’s:

Goan waters are witness to the wrecks of World War II vessels. People are still excited at the thought of taking a look at these wrecks. The wrecks can be viewed at a depth of about 30 meters in the company of angelfishes, parrotfishes, stonefish etc.

5.The Jetty:

Grand Island is a haven for the scuba divers. Jetty is to the north-west of the Grand Island and offers a depth of almost 6-8 meters. It boasts of a mesmerizing experience underwater along with the lionfish and baby mullets.

6.The locker of Davy Jones:

Strongly recommended only for experts and professional divers since the currents here are way too strong for an amateur to handle. Indeed it involves thrilling adventure.

7. Boat rides

Boat rides and other water sports are quite a hit amongst the tourists at Grand Island. You can make it more memorable by indulging in Snorkeling in Goa or Parasailing in goa. There is an amazing water world full of surreal beauty, colorful shoals of fishes, calmly swimming dolphins, and others never before seen underwater animals in the underwater world near Grand Island. You can experience the mystical world below the sea as you participate in the refreshing snorkeling activity on the Goa’s Monkey beach.

Another activity to collect good memories from Goa is Paragliding in Goa. It is even more fun when you experience it with your loved ones. It has a perfect blend of making you feel excited about adrenaline getting charged up whilst making you relaxed and calmed when you’re high up in the sky enjoying the nature’s view. This daytime activity allows you to fly up high in the sky like a free bird leaving all your worries and tensions behind. After you reach the area, our experts will guide and brief out you and your partner with all the instructions. Once you’re done, get ready for a lifetime experience of about 15 minutes which we bet you, you’ll never forget in your entire life. Paragliding in Goa is one such activity that will satiate and quench your thirst for fun during your vacation with family or friends. Goa is considered as the perfect spot for tourists and it becomes even more perfect with such exciting activities like Paragliding and its similar that bungee in goa. You can definitely not sit idle while your stay in Goa.

The Scuba Diving in Goa costs as per the activities you want to indulge in. You need to follow the trainer’s instructions thoroughly. All the diving equipment, fins, masks will be provided to you. Generally, one dive is of about 40 – 45 minutes. Oxygen kit and First Aid is available on site. Some safety rules:

  1. Dive in a company. Avoid going alone.
  2. Do not hold breath. Breathe normally
  3. Begin with small steps. Try shallow waters first
  4. Double-check the equipment for any malfunctioning before diving.
  5. Do not pollute the abode of marine life. It is the place of their living.
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