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Approaching the world of paid online campaigns (via Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yandex for the Russian market) often turns out to be a titanic undertaking.

In fact, many sectors (even the most mature ones, made up of companies with huge turnover) are often unprepared for the mechanisms and, above all, do not fully know how to work online. They need to be guided with a new method, and to do so, they need to create synergies with someone to help them in the world of online advertising.

Due to lack of staff, lack of knowledge and culture among operators (both at the clerical level and in management), or simply due to lack of time, the decision to outsource an agency for the management of paid online campaigns is often a choice to consider.

A good PPC Company is, in fact, able to give value to the client's business, informs him about the new format/ad possibilities available, analyzes the reference market, knows the correct bid management strategies, profiles the "anonymous" visitors of the site and turns them into customers through remarketing lists, suggests good reasons for making (or not making) an investment in Pay Per Click.

In short, an Digital marketing company in delhi "studies" the online marketplace to suggest the right marketing mix combination.

Before selecting a partner to contract out your online advertising activities, it is important, however, to “look inside,” ask yourself questions, understand what you hope to achieve from the collaboration with the partner.

Here we have structured some questions that can help you understand how / what to look for in a PPC agency.

Where is your business going? Is this the right way to get there?

The reason why a company uses tools such as AdWords or Bing Ads is to publish ads on the SERPs, make them appear to the public, and obtain concrete conversions (whether they are sales, quality leads, etc.). Sure, but is the company sure that only PPC is the winning path?

We must ask ourselves:

  • What is the level of competition for your products and services?
  • What PPC results appear in SERPs? Are they different from organic results?
  • Are we sure that the site is optimized enough to "surpass" the AdWords ad quality score? And that the landing page is optimized?
  • Do I know the online scenario? Do I know my competitors? Am I aware that online, there may be competitors that I had never considered offline?

A mature company should ask itself these questions always. The specialist (not only PPC but web marketing in general) should be able to work on shared ground.

Are we sure my marketing goals are only achievable with AdWords?

Sometimes campaigns alone may not be the only recipe that increases a company's turnover. It may be necessary to think of a different strategy, and a good agency must know how to recommend the best solution.

Speaking of goals, it's important to set expectations realistically. The countryside cannot be expected to work miracles with:

  • paltry media budgets
  • confused and jagged target
  • website / CMS not prepared for tag customization and conversion tracking (otherwise, without tracking conversions, how will you know if the investment is leading to conversions?)

In all of this, an Digital marketing company in delhi can make a difference.

You need to talk about a 360 ° “strategy,” and that means working on landing pages, ads, conversion rate optimization, data analysis, and sales. In particular, it is necessary to understand that PPC strategies give more results if placed within an SEO plan, expanded with concrete examples of content marketing (and perhaps a good social activity).

Often the best ppc company in delhi has multifaceted specialists also in these fields, not a single figure of "Web Marketing Specialist" who knows a little of everything but does not deepen anything. Good agencies have various specialized figures in this sense, never a single one.

Will the SEM Specialist remain outsourced to the agency?

A good agency will certainly be ready to provide detailed explanations about the digital maturity status of the company, informing it about the opportunities (but also about the risks) that will be found when the function is absorbed in-house. However, the good agency is also the one that is able to "accompany" the customer towards autonomy, possibly forming himself the person appointed to manage your campaigns.

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