How to make a surfboard

If you want to know how to make a surfboard from Styrofoam, you need to follow the steps. Note that making a surfboard takes a lot of time, but the result is worth making your own unique surfboard.

Step 1:

You start with a large piece of Styrofoam on which you draw a surfboard to know how long your surfboard should be and how wide. The cost of surfboard and other details are available on the internet. Keep in mind that you need to make it a little bigger to make sure you don't make it very small by sanding.

Step 2:

Cut out 3 pieces of wood that are the same length as your piece of Styrofoam and that are firm, lay it next to the Styrofoam.

Step 3:

Saw your surfboard out of the Styrofoam and sand it roughly before starting.

Step 4:

Cut your surfboard neatly in the middle. Glue the piece of wood on one side with a special glue and do the same with the other side. This gives your surfboard extra strength.

Step 5:

Secure your surfboard with stickers and place the other 2 wooden planks next to it to wood it firmly against each other and let the glue dry.

Step 6:

Now sand very neatly the little bit of wood that sticks out in the middle of your surfboard. This is to make sure your surfboard is sturdy.

Step 7:

Sand your surfboard across the entire width (from the nose to the nose on the other side) to make sure it has a slightly rounded exterior and not that it's some sort of square. this is to ensure that you can easily send. Make the piece of wood smaller again so that it really fits into your surfboard.

Step 8 :

Put fiberglass over your surfboard and cut out a bit so that it is also part of the bottom of your surfboard.

Step 9:

Carefully pour the epoxy over the fiberglass on the top of your surfboard. Spread it over the top with a plastic comb (you can make your own). If the fabric is too long, take the bottom with you. Now cut off the remaining fiberglass. And let it dry.

Step 10:

Now put fiberglass on the bottom of your surfboard and cut out exactly the bottom. Now pour the epoxy over it and spread it again tightly from the tail to the nose of your surfboard.

Step 11:

Sand the tail of your surfboard to where you want the fins. See what your fins have to stick to the surfboard. Cut out that shape and a piece of wood that is also the same thickness. now see if it fits.

Step 12:

Take the piece of wood from which you removed the shape and place it on the slab where you want a fin. Now put the milling machine on it to make sure that shape comes into your plank. Take the router off and see if your piece of wood fits in it. Now do this also in the places where you want the others to fin.

Step 13:

Now put epoxy neatly on the bottom and the side of where you want a fin and then put the fin in. Secure it with something to make sure it stays in place. leave that now

Step 14:

Now take the fins off only leave the bottom that is on your fins to make sure fins can go on it. Put epoxy over that on the side and dab it neatly so there isn't too much. then put a little bit of fiberglass over it and make sure that the pieces of the fins are still out. Now secure that piece of fiberglass with epoxy. Do the same for the other fin spots and let it dry.

Step 15:

Now do the part where you need the leash. Make sure you have what the leash needs to be attached to and also get that from a piece of wood. Then put the milling machine over it. If that fits, put the piece of wood in it to see if it fits.

Step 16:

Now you put the epoxy in that hole and put the thing in there and let it dry. When that is done, secure it with fiberglass except where the wire of your leash should go. Then you fix it with epoxy.

Step 17 :

Then do your whole plank of epoxy again from the tail to the nose first the bottom and when it is dry the top again.

Step 18:

When that is dry you can iron everything neatly to feel if everything is good. if not, sand it down a bit and put epoxy over it again.

Step 19:

Now you can design anything on your surfboard as long as you do it with something that is waterproof. like coloring it or drawing something on it to make it unique. you can also put your own signature on it to show that you have made it yourself.

Step 20:

Once that is all dry you should put wax over the top of your surfboard and when you have done that you can go surfing.

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