5 Reasons to Start a Company in Mauritius

The Island Nation of Mauritius has no doubt become a part of business expansion story for the major corporate sectors in the last few years. The key benefits of business setup in Mauritius can be described as the following:-

ü  Low Tax Jurisdiction

ü  It has democratic government and is known for political stability;

ü  It boasts of an excellent infrastructure and is well connectivity by road, water and air;

ü  It offers individuals a lucrative tax regime – no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, and no customs duty;

ü  The literacy rate is over 80% as a result of which the workforce is highly qualified;

ü  They‘ve enacted policies in order to protect foreign investors hence it is Safe and well regulated jurisdiction to conduct global business;

ü  Double Tax Avoidance Agreements with 34 (thirty-four) nations;

ü  No minimum capital requirement;

ü  Easy company setup process;

ü  Free Market Economy with no exchange controls;

ü  Convenient time zone for eastern as well as western countries;

ü  Multi Culture Society and Multi Lingual Population.

Most importantly, there are five (5) major reasons to register a business in Mauritius:-

1. No Longer a Tourist Destination:

In addition to being an internationally renowned tourist destination, Mauritius has built itself a solid reputation in being an honest, reliable and secure financial centre. Hence, there are many such good reasons to choose business setup in Mauritius for your business relocation etc. since it also has excellent infrastructure and is well connected by road, water and air.

2. Attractive and Flexible Tax System:

The government of Mauritius is doing the best they can to create an investor-friendly environment for both local & international companies. And this is truly evident from the following:-

· Mauritius has a low tax jurisdiction

· There are no inheritance taxes

· Offers 80 percent tax credits to offshore companies

· Dividends are tax exempted

· No capital gain tax

· Free repatriation of dividends, capital and profits

· 15 percent VAT

· VAT offered on equipment and exemptions from custom duty

· DTAA (Double Tax Avoidance Agreements) with thirty-four countries

3. Easy Company Incorporation Process

Business setup in Mauritius is quite simple and effortless. Foreign entrepreneurs can register a business in Mauritius within a few days and enjoy up to 100 percent foreign ownership. Also, there is no minimum foreign-capital required for company registration in Mauritius and starting operations ultimately.

4. Excellent Protection for Foreign Business Owners

Mauritius is one place where foreign business owners can enjoy excellent safeguard. The country is signatory of many treaties and multi-lateral agreements that ensure protection of foreign investors such as:

· The 1958 New York Convention

· The International Court of Justice of the Hague

· The International Centre for RoID (Regulation of Investment Dispute)

5. Free-Market Economy & Convenient Time Zone

In Mauritius, there is free-market economy and no control over exchange. This means there is absolutely no limit when it comes to transferring dividends, capital and profits out, from Mauritius to another country. In other words, you can easily transfer your profits generated in Mauritius to the place where your company is headquartered.

Further, nestled in Madagascar’s east along the Indian Ocean, Mauritius benefits from its convenient time-zone that is GMT + four (4) by opening for business early before the Far Eastern side markets close and is just in time to catch-up with the opening market in the United States.

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