How to Remove Holi Pakka Colour from Face and Skin

Hey Friends Holi is Coming on Sunday, 28 March 2021 and trending question is how to remove holi colour ? hope you have purchased Natural Colour or organic Colour but what about your friends who is doesn't know how to play holi. They Purchased harm full Color which elements are chemical. because of harm full Colour your skin get damage or your hair can get damage.The biggest culprit during Holi is the harmful ingredients that are used in the holi colours.

Now You are Thinking What to Do ? and How to Play Safe Holi

So you have had lots of fun on Holi having those yummy delicacies and smearing colours on each other. Holi is such a fun festival but what after Holi, there you go with the cumbersome task of removing colours from your hair and body.

That's quite a huge task but if you remove colours with some tested tips and ways mentioned by Trending News Wala, the task can become easier. I hope you have followed the tips for prepping your skin and hair for playing Holi.

How to Remove Permanent Holi Colours

Use our checklist to take-off the colours easily.

1. Care your Hair

Before Playing Holi

Before going out to play colour full Holi with your friends or your family members apply either castor oil or olive oil or coconut oil to the hair. Oil is best protective layer on hair and this will help you to make the colors come off easily when you wash your hair.

After Playing Holi

First and foremost dust off all the dry colours from your hair by using your hands. Remember to be extra gentle or else you will get your hair fall. Now use of lots of water to clean your hair just stand below shower for 5 to 10 minutes. Water will clean your.

Once you see colour is not coming in water then you have to use Egg yolk or curd for 5 minutes.

Now Clean your hair again with water.

Wash your hair with a good shampoo. make sure you use branded shampoo.

Purifying shampoo is the best shampoo to remove holi colour.

2. Care Your Skin

Before Playing Holi

Apply a generous amount of moisturizer or coconut oil on your hands, face and all exposed body parts before going out to play. this step is always recommended to young people when they play holi because there are chances your friends use oil paint or chemical colour to play holi.

Female can use dark nail paint on there nail before playing holi it will be best to remove after holi.

Try to avoid playing holi with those who use oil paint or hard colour which damage your skin.

Apply foundation just before playing Holi. This will protect your skin from dry colours.

you can also use Vaseline to your lips before going out to play holi. It will also prevent colours from settling in the cracks of your lips.

Wear sunscreen at least 30 to 45 minutes before you go out to play with your friends or family member with holi colours.

After Playing Holi

Use cold water to remove the colors from your skin. If you are using hot water the its difficult to remove the colours.

Avoid cleaning again and again your face during playing colours

use cotton with coconut oil to scrub your face

Remove Nail Paint which you used before Playing holi

Now you can use bath soap but make use you use best quality of moisturizing soap .

void going for skin or hair treatments like facial, bleach, hair colour and the like just after holi. Wait for at least a week or two before you use chemicals or products on your skin and hair.

Holi is a Indian Hindu religious festival of colours and fun, and following these simple steps will ensure you have a safe and fun day with colours.

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