10 Most Paid Jobs Abroad For Indians

We desire for many things, but due to lack of sufficient wealth we cannot fulfill our aspirations, even our dreams are also depend on our funds. Although, we believe that our passion for a particular field should be more important than our interest to have more money, but what if, you can get high paying jobs in abroad where you just need the matched qualifications as well as the experience which will help you to become a wealthiest one.

So, do you also want to get jobs abroad which will pay you high?

Here, we are giving you the 10 most paid jobs abroad for Indians.

1. Doctor

As we know that healthcare professionals are very significant and popular jobs. As now days some dangerous diseases are spreading rapidly all over the world and we can depend on them only. Doctor is one of them, who play a major role world widely. A Doctor in abroad can earn up to ($ 1,07,095 to $ 1,59,488 per year). Some countries where you can get this high paid job are Ireland, Canada, USA, Netherlands etc.

2. Management consultant

Management consultant helps a business to advice, develop business growth, and solve the problems. This job profile is also one of the most paid jobs and you can earn approx. ($78,000 to $130,000 per year). Countries which are hiring and paying high would be Luxembourg, Malta, UK, Ireland etc.

3. Lawyer

Lawyer is also one of the most paid jobs. Although to get this job one has to study a lot and clear many exams, and the salary varies from country to country. If you want to get into this profession, you can earn around ($92,173 to $240,000). Countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Australia etc. paying nice salary.

4. International Journalist

Those with degree of Journalism and mass communication, and English Literature are the suitable one to go for this profile. International affairs are every here and there and an international journalist can earn more or less ($75,000 to $120,000 per year) in countries like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland etc.

5. IT Professionals

IT professionals are vital and admired all over the world. It includes cyber security, artificial intelligence, software developing etc. They can earn up to ($92,700 to $109,373). And some countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany and many more country pays you really high.

6. Marketing Manager

The Salary of marketing manager is somewhere around ($99,000 to $145,620 per year) in abroad. They are liable for planning, executing companies marketing policies and many other job duties they do.

7. International Professor

Lecturer is one of the prestigious profession and respectful job. Countries like Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Sweden and many more country paying satisfactory salary.

8. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are highly demanded profile across the world. They are always working with data, review the data, then accordingly take decisions for the betterment of the organization and many more responsibilities are played by them. Some countries, like USA, Australia, Israel, Canada and many more are paying roughly ($92,450 to $ 120,000 per year).

9. Hospitality Professionals

As tourism is trending day by day so does hospitality career, and almost all hospitality job profile pay a decent salary. However, the salary structure varies from profile to profile. The average salary in hospitality career is around ($50,000 to $100,000 per year). Along with that, some top countries in this field are New Zealand, Maldives, USA, Mauritius etc.

10. Nurse

Nurse is also one of the fundamental profiles under healthcare professionals. As new diseases are arising, so doctors, nurse, pharmacists are the only one on which we can depend. Moreover, there are some countries which are paying quite pleasant salary around ($75,330 to $91,000 per year) in countries like Luxembourg, Denmark, Canada, Australia etc., also, the salary can goes up a lot-according to the experience.


So, depending upon your qualification and experience, choose your preferred profile in your desirable destination. Other than the above job profiles, there are other various jobs available in abroad, you just need to explore more. To discover more, you can get in touch or contact with Abroad Job Consultancy.

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Aditya Pandey is a well-known Indian Blogger, SEO Expert, and YouTuber. He is the founder and CEO of MyDigital Crown, a Digital Marketing Company that provides Digital Marketing Services, SEO
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