Most requested surgeries: wide nose rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery in most cases is motivated by aesthetic problems, and the wide nose is one of the most common. When a patient consults with Dr. Sahil Singla to perform a nose operation, planning the process is of great importance to him.

Initially, he performs an exhaustive exploration of the entire nose, in the case that this article of Wide Nose Rhinoplasty, the best plastic surgeon in Delhi carefully examines the tip visually and manually, to obtain precise information on the envelope of the soft tissue and the ala cartilages., this procedure is complemented with an intranasal study.

Next, a detailed photographic documentation is carried out to obtain a more precise diagnosis and, in this way, perform a wide nose and thick skin rhinoplasty, which favors the underlying anatomy.

Causes of a Wide Nose

Cases with a large and wide nose are frequently characterized by having a nasal tip that protrudes excessively from the face and causes an imbalance between the beginning of the septum and the nasal tip.

There are many reasons why a patient may have a large and wide nose, almost always because the wing cartilages are converted. Another possible cause may be due to thick skin and wide bones, which make the nose look broad, at all angles.

Rhinoplasty results before and after wide nose

In general, the results of a wide nose rhinoplasty are very satisfactory, although the thickness of the skin can make these changes more subtle. The inflammatory process may last a little longer in people with thick skin and have a longer postoperative period depending on the technique used.

Although the changes are immediate, the definitive results can be seen in 3 months from the wide and flat nose rhinoplasty. In the same way, it is convenient to take into account that there are different factors that can change the final result, such as the consistency of the cartilage, the type and thickness of the skin and the propensity for poor healing.

Wide nose surgery with Dr. Sahil Singla.

There are several techniques available to Dr. Sahil Singla plastic surgeon in Delhi to reduce a wide nasal tip, since the same problem can be solved with different approaches.

Depending on the complexity of the surgery, the surgical intervention can be performed through an external or internal approach surgery. Each of the rhinoplasty techniques is explained in more detail below:

  • Open technical rhinoplasty: in complex cases the rhinoplasty is carried out with an internal approach technique, where greater access to the cartilage and a broader view of the area is sought, it is performed through an external columellar incision, which is extended towards the nasal vestibule and that allows to elevate the cutaneous cover and leave the entire skeleton exposed, being able to work comfortably on the nasal tip in a more precise way and insert grafts if necessary. The recovery process of the patient with this technique is longer and the inflammation is usually more pronounced.
  • Closed technical rhinoplasty: open rhinoplasty is a nasal approach technique for aesthetic purposes, with few modifications, it is appropriate for the reduction of small volumes. The plastic surgeon will intervene on the patient through the nostrils, refining the tip, with minimal trauma without leaving visible scars. In this procedure, the integrity of the lower lateral portion of the nose is left intact. Being less invasive, it leaves fewer sequelae, the postoperative period is shorter, less painful and the inflammation is milder.

At the end of the procedure, a splint is placed on the outside of the nose or nasal plugs to protect the work done.

Rhinoplasty price

The price of a rhinoplasty in Delhi depends on several factors, including the complexity of the surgery, the experience and training of the plastic surgeon in Jammu, and the location where the surgery will be performed.

If you wish to contact Dr. Sahil Singla and his team of specialists in his office, to request information on the rhinoplasty procedure or any other surgery, you can do so through the contact form or via WhatsApp.

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