Seven body cycles शरीर के चक्रों का गणित और विज्ञान

Nowadays where the chakras are being seen, the chakras are being discussed. Especially in the west, wherever you go, you will see a 'wheel alignment center' everywhere, where you can make your chakras in a straight line. Apart from this, there are people from yoga studios to Cairo-Practicing, working on all the chakras. It has now become a fashion bit.

Let's understand what are these chakras? There is a total of 114 cycles in the human body. Although there are more chakras in the body than this, these 114 cycles are main. You can call them the place of meeting or meeting places. This confluence is always in the shape of a triangle. By the way, 'chakra' means the wheel or spherical. Since its relation is in motion in the body from one dimension to the other dimension, hence it is called a circle, but in fact, it is a triangle.

Seven body cycles

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Now the question is, what are these chakras doing in this body system? Originally the chakra is only seven - Mulaladhar, Swadhishthan, Manipurak, Anahata, Vishuddha, agya, and Sahasrara. The first cycle is the masculine, which is between the anus and the genitalia, the Swadhishthan chakra is just above the genitalia. Manipurkar Chakra is under the navel. Anahat Chakra is just below the place where the ribs are found in the heart. Vishuddha Chakra is in the pit of the throat. The mandir chakra happens between the two rituals. Whereas Sahasrara Chakra, also called Brahmandra, occurs at the top of the head, where the newborn is the most gentle place on top of the child's head.

We can call the chakras above and below the circle, but the use of such language often leads to misunderstanding. It is like comparing the foundation of a building and the roof. The roof is never more important than the foundation. The foundation of any building is its main base, not the roof. The strength of the building and how durable it will be, it all depends on its foundation, not on the roof, but on the roof. But when we talk, we say that the rooftop and bottom is below.


If your energy is predominant in the coccyx, then life will be the most important place for food and sleep. By the way, chakras have more than one dimension. One dimension of the chakras is their physical existence, but they also have spiritual dimensions. This means that they can be completely transformed. For example, the Mooladar chakra, which craves food and sleep, if you have created awareness properly, then you can also completely liberate yourself with these things.


The second cycle is Swadhishthan. If your energy is active in Swadhishthan, then your life will be the priority of Amod Pramod. You will be waiting for a lot of physical pleasures. You will enjoy everything in life.


If your energy is active in Manipurk, then you will be karmayogi. You will be ready to do all kinds of work in the world.


If your energy is active in Anahat, then you will be a creative person.


In the same way, if your energy is active in Vishuddha, then you will be very powerful.


If your energy is active in the Angya, or you have reached the command, then it means that you have achieved accomplishment at the intellectual level. Intellectual accomplishment gives you peace Although it may not be real in your experience, but the intellectual achievement you have gained, it brings you stability and peace. No matter what happens around you, or whatever conditions it may be, it will not make any difference.


Once the energy of the human being reaches Sahasrara, then it swings in ultimate bliss like crazy. If you bend in joy without any reason, then it means that your energy has touched that peak-peak.

Fall to the top

Actually, we can call the journey of Sahasrara to any spiritual journey, from the basement to the Sahasrara. It is a journey of development from one dimension to another, there are seven different levels of intensity.

There are many types of spiritual processes and practices to take your energy from the basic idea to the order cycle, but there is no way to go from the command to the Sahasrara. There is no special way. You have to make a leap or you have to fall in that pit which is unfathomable, which has no bottom. This is called 'falling upwards'. In yoga, it is said that you can not reach there until you have the urge to 'fall above you'.

This is the reason that many so-called spiritual people have reached this conclusion that peace is the ultimate possibility because they are all stuck in the commandments. In reality, peace is not an absolute possibility. You can be immersed in happiness, so much so that the whole world starts to feel like a joke in your experience and understanding. Whatever things are serious for others, it is a joke for you.

People stay on the mandatory cycle for a long time in preparing their mind for the leap. This is the reason that the spiritual traditions have given importance to the relations of the Guru-disciple. The reason for this is just that when you have to leap, you should have incredible faith in your guru. 99.9 percent of people need this belief, otherwise, they can not jump. This is the reason why so much importance is given on the relationship of the guru-disciple because without faith no one will be ready to jump.

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