Tarkulha Devi Temple

There is a belief about the famous temple of Maa Tarkulaha Devi, 20 km from Gorakhpur, that whatever wishes are received from the heart are fulfilled. In the Sharadiya Navratri, long queues of devotees are seen in the temple. Mother protects her devotees under all circumstances. The temple has also contributed a lot in the freedom struggle.

Vitual Visit of Tarkulha Devi Temple

This is the story: Babu Bandhu Singh of Dumri principality was a great devotee of mother. He blew the bugle against the British. When the first cry of independence arose throughout the country, Babu Bandhu Singh, a master of guerrilla warfare, joined him. He lived in a dense forest. The Gurra river passed through the same forest. In the forest, Babu Bandhu Singh used to worship the mother Bhagwati by making pindis under a tarkul tree. He fought the guerrilla war with the British and offered them sacrifices at the feet of his mother. The British got an inkling of this. They left their detectives behind them. Soon a traitor gave him complete information about Babu Bandhu Singh. After this, the British laid a trap and caught this heroic fighter.

Babu Bandhu Singh prosecuted. He was sentenced to be hanged. It was decided to hang him publicly so that no one would dare to revolt. On 12 August 1857, as soon as the executioner put a noose around Babu Bandhu Singh's neck and pulled the lever, the noose broke. The executioner hanged him six times, but each time the strongest noose was broken. The British got upset. The executioner also started pleading that if he could not be hanged, then the British would hang him. After this Babu Bandhu Singh made a request to mother Tarkulaha Devi and prayed that she should be allowed to hang him. After his prayer, the executioner hanged for the seventh time when he was hanged. After this incident, the greatness of Mother Tarkulaha Devi spread far and wide and gradually the devotees started worshiping at the temple.

How To Reach

Temple Opening Time

Prasad In Tarkulha Devi Temple

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