The Top 6 WordPress Age Verification Extensions

The Top 6 WordPress Age Verification Extensions

Searching for the top age verification plugin wordpress? Using age verification plugins, you can limit access to the website's material to users of a specific age range. We've chosen the top WordPress age verification extensions for you in this post so you can quickly set up an age gate. Flippercode can help in setting these plugins for you.

How Can I Include Age Verification on My WordPress Website?

Using a native age verification plugin wordpress, you can quickly impose a limitation on the content of your website. WordPress plugins have many features and possibilities for customization that you may change to suit your website's preferences.


The finest WordPress form builder plugin is WPForms. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you may design many kinds of web forms. Additionally, the WPForms Pro version comes with our full Form Locker extension.

Using the Form Locker extension, you can construct a form and restrict who can fill it out to people of a specified age group. Before using the form on your website, users must input their birthdates to verify their age. The minimum or maximum age, are entirely under your control.


The most significant lead production plugin is OptinMonster. Without writing any code, it enables you to design great advertisements that include an age verification popup.

You can quickly implement age checks to the WordPress websites using OptinMonster. You can make a straightforward age verification window with Yes/No choices or show a verification popup that requests users' birthdates. Popups, fullscreen welcome cards, and floating bars can be easily made for various projects or events.

Age Gate

It is the best plugin for age verification plugin wordpress that verifies your age. By establishing your own rules, you can limit the content of your website. You can age-gate all of your website's content or just some of it.

The Age Gate plugin offers various choices for verification. You can question visitors for their age, show drop-down menus, or have plain Yes/No icons. The bots and spiders are automatically excluded from age checks by Age Gate.

Age Verification for WordPress

A free age verification plugin wordpress called Age Verification allows you to add a unique popup window to your site. Visitors must validate their age to read the material on your website, which you may do by displaying an age verification popup.

Age Checker

A paid plugin for age verification plugin wordpress is called Age Checker. It offers three methods for determining age: birthdate, easy checkbox, and enter authentication protocol. Additionally, it provides a variety of design and customization choices that enable you to adapt the verification screen to the requirements of your website.


The WooCommerce age checks plugin is called Agy. Agy can be the practical plugin choice for you if you offer goods that must be purchased by those who are of legal purchasing age. It offers numerous customization options and tools to build a robust age verification system and enables you to establish age checks for your WooCommerce business.

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