Tips on Picking up the Best Private University in Assam

Assam is a fast-growing state and is a patron of several universities, both public and private, with an excellent education system. The government of Assam has been investing tremendous energy, effort and resources to improve their quality of education, in the recent past. Assam has both public and private universities offering a plethora of courses like Bachelor’s, Master’s, diploma and doctorate courses. If you are focusing on the private universities of Assam, then given below are a few tips for you that might help you to attain a seat for higher studies in the best private university in Assam.

1.      Choice of subjects

The first and foremost point is that you should ensure whether your subject of interest is available or not at the specific university where you intend to apply. Also, make sure that the subject is available as a course that you intend to join. For example, a B.Tech Computer Science aspirant planning to join a university having only diploma courses in Computer Science would be futile and wasteful. The best private university in Assamdoes have most of the popular courses in the country; yet, always conduct a thorough research about the same before submitting your application.

2.      Rating of the university

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) is a framework methodology which ranks different universities all over India. The NIRF ranking is an all-inclusive ranking that takes into account various factors like the quality of education, the qualifications and degrees of expertise of the faculty members, the camps and other facilities like libraries, sports grounds, research laboratories, percentage of women, percentage of students belonging to other states as well as nations, percentage of physically challenged students and percentage of economically disadvantaged students.

The NIRF rankings are a very credible and trustworthy source of information regarding the rankings of various universities as the entire process of assigning these ranks is revised every year and takes into consideration several factors, both academic and non-academic. Some of the best private universities in Assam have been attaining the top spots consecutively for several years in the yearly NIRF rankings.

3.      University Library

The university library is the heart and soul of knowledge. These sacred repositories of knowledge are the storehouses of information and come in handy during the preparation of exams and for research projects, where a single textbook would not suffice and a large amount of information and knowledge is required to be gathered. Students especially the ones who intend to foster their knowledge and master their research skills consider going to the university library for the purpose. Thus, this plays one of the most important roles in their decision to select a particular university.

With the advent of technology, we now notice a paradigm shift in our library culture. We now see digital libraries, electronic books and library networks and portals. Private universities with these facilities get an upper hand while students sort their preferences. And if you are out on the lookout for the best private university in Assam, this is a must factor.

4.      Scholarships and financial aid

Education in private universities is expensive and several socially and economically disadvantaged students rely heavily on scholarships and grants to fund their education in these private universities. Besides, scholarships also act as incentives that greatly help to keep students motivated throughout the duration of their course.

Moreover, with the progressively increasing interest in student debt every year, scholarships have become all the more important. Getting admitted into a fully-funded program helps candidates manage the degree of their own choice.

Luckily many of the best private universities in Assam offer scholarships and tuition waivers to both underprivileged and meritorious students.

5.      Opportunities for research

Research greatly aids in improving the economy of our country. Besides, it is also a passion for several budding researchers, whose talents must be nurtured. They also provide an additional edge to students aspiring to take up higher degrees and fellowships abroad.

Research in private universities is mainly facilitated by well-equipped laboratories, research grants and opportunities for passionate students to undertake various research projects, both in India and abroad.

Sound research facilities and opportunities are important points to be considered while sorting the list of available options while selecting the best university in Assam.

6.      Hostel facilities

This is a key point to consider while choosing a private university in Assam, especially for potential students who are from other states, districts or countries. Before zeroing down on a college, students must make sure to enquire about the number of students staying per room, the facilities provided, the security, its proximity to the college and the absence of untoward incidents like ragging and harassment reported.

We have explained in great depth, the six most important points to consider while selecting a private university in Assam. Keeping these points in mind would help students make informed and mature decisions regarding their choice. We wish them all the best and hope they achieve their dream of securing admission to the best private university in Assam.

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