Guest blogging has been very popular in recent years, as it offers bloggers endless benefits, such as the chance to build a positive character, get their brand in front of a new audience, earn hundreds or thousands of new loyal readers, and augment their SEO metrics. Guest posting is not just about getting backlinks, it also opens gates to new customers, quality website visitors, and higher rankings on search engines. As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of a guest posting. As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of a guest posting.

A digital marketer is constantly in the rush of getting quality links from a variety of referring domains, but we all find irritation in the activity of free guest posting. So, as a helping hand to the community, we have come up with a list of guest posting sites that you can approach as a contributing author. Please keep a note that the list is prepared based on our experience, but they may change their free guest post-confirmation policies in the future.

However, sometimes it can be challenging to find high-quality guest blogging opportunities. And even when you do find worthy ones, your approach and outreach can break your chances of successfully publishing your blogs. So here are the top 10 free guest posting or guest blogging sites that give opportunities for posting blogs.

1. Your Digital News

Your Digital News is a USA Based Free Guest Posting site, Where anyone can Write & Publish for Travel, Health, Finance, Business, Local Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, and many more. For making Post on Your Digital News Email: [email protected] or WhatsApp on +91 8369511877.  

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Email ID: [email protected]
Password: guestpost101

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2. Suddh News

Suddh News is a Free Guest Posting site that allows you to write Instant Approval with Do Follow Back Links. Guest blogging is also popular as a guest posting. It is one of the valuable parts of SEO off-page activities in which a content writer writes for another website of a company. Being one of the beneficiary parts of search engine optimization, it helps in establishing links, authority, and exposure with a chance of building a strong relationship in the same industry. It is just like a two-way highway where you decided to make your presence on someone’s website but in return should be ready to give other bloggers a space on your own website with some predefined restrictions you have for them.

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Email ID: [email protected]  
Password: Guestpost012*

3. Adsy – Guest Posting Service

adsy guest posting service


Adsy unites exceptional publishers and buyers to help them reach a new level of business greatness. Choose relevant publishers & order blog post creation or provide your own text. It is the best solution for both, buyers and publishers. Sign up to increase your rankings & grow brand awareness or get paid for placing content on your site. Register right now and get a welcome $10 bonus on your account.

Trending Newswala has a huge community and resources that unites all creative, thoughtful writers who want to express their stories and ideas on a wide range of current and trending topics.

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If you want to be part of Trending Newswala then you can write to [email protected] or WhatsApp +918369511877

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5. Trusted Owl

A one-stop hub for all-categories blogs, Trusted Owl is one of the best free guest posting websites. This is a blog site that invites guest bloggers to contribute blogs without any charges. Trusted Owl invites blogs from creative and homegrown writers and by choice writers. A blogging site that runs for India and other countries, it covers all niches from politics, science, technology, health, lifestyle, travel, sports, education, entertainment, news, businesses, and much more. Trusted Owl is open to everyone from small bloggers to top journalists and celebrities. To write for Trusted Owl as a guest blogger, you need to be really sharp and thorough with the topic to get onboard.

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6. n10

n10 is One of the Free Guest Posting Websites available for Travel, Health, Finance, Business, Local Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, and Many more

If you want to be part of n10 then your can write to [email protected] or WhatsApp +918369511877

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User ID : [email protected]
Password : guestpost101

7. Auto AajTak

Auto AajTak is One of the Free Guest Posting Websites available for Automobiles, Businesses, and many more...

If you want to be part of Trending Newswala then you can write an email to: [email protected] or Whatsapp at +918369511877

Contact at : [email protected] Please always Mention Website Name

8. CarFixo

Carfixo is One of the Free Guest Posting Websites available for Automobiles, Business, Local Businesses, Technology, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, and many more...

If you want to be part of CarFixo then you can write an Email to [email protected] or WhatsApp (+918369511877)

9. Miska

Fans were delighted by the funny video, with one writing: “This is priceless,” while another added: “She is the best!” However, one fan was quick to point out an inconsistency with the series, as Monica and Chandler had in fact moved out of that apartment by the series finale, and wrote: “That’s not your home anymore, you moved with Chandler.”

Free Write for us | Guest posts | Health, Technology, Business, Travel
We are offering guest posts on our website. We accept technology, business, Digital marketing, SEO, finance, Startup, Lifestyle, Travel.

10. YourStory

Known as the largest media company for startups, entrepreneurs, and game-changers of all kinds, this blog hosts stories, researchers, and research reports. Founded by Shradha Sharma, this platform is highly popular among youth with a global Alexa ranking of 7,280.

To be a guest poster for YourStory, one needs to submit polished articles like the one already hosted by the platform.

11. PCStacks

PCStacks Share a complete information to get Best, including PC, peripherals, all-in-one computers, Gaming Software, laptops, monitors, and computer hardware.

It is currently the mecca for digital marketers and content professionals and also one of the best free guest posting websites. PCStacks is a sales and inbound marketing software which helps businesses in generating traffic, converting leads, and drawing revenue.

Its core themes include technology, business, marketing, web design, etc.

12. Feedbeater

Feedbeater - A Mechanical Keyboards Guide Blog
Feedbeater – A Mechanical Keyboards Guide Blog was last modified: October 17th, 2020 by Atish Ranjan

13. WP Reset

WP Reset - WordPress Development & Debugging Tool for Non-devs
WordPress development tool for non-devs. WP Reset takes the pain out of debugging & developing themes and plugins by resetting & restoring WP installations.

14. Yehiweb

Yehiweb | Technology, How Tos, Guides, Games, News. a popular technology website that features product reviews, articles, games, windows 10, ms office, videos, and how-tos, guides.

15. PACE Business

PACE Business
PACE Business is a one-window solution for people from all strands of life looking to learn more about businesses, startups, and how their lives can be affected by them.

16. Youth Ki Awaaz

A portal covering all trending and burning issues, especially opinionated pieces on everything from politics to diversity within the country. As the name suggests, it is for the youth and by the youth and ranks globally at 39, 693 on Alexa’s charts.

In case you need to submit your guest post on this platform for free guest posting sites, your stories must be finely-written and raw and should send a message out, loud and clear.

17. ShoutMeLoud

This is a blog that screams being your own boss via blogging! Sounds interesting, right? It has a community of over 735+ bloggers who have contributed 1 or more guest posts.

It familiarises its bloggers with the nuances of WordPress, SEO, Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, and more. They boast of a following of 978,00+ subscribers over their website and have an Alexa ranking of 21, 168.

18. OutBrain

One of the highest-rated free guest posting sites, it is known to be the world’s first content promotion platform and helps discover over 1 million people discover content, services, and products.

A web advertising platform, it hosts sponsored content which helps it in driving revenue. The Alexa ranking for the same is 128.

19. The Huffington Post

A news and opinion website run both for India and America, it covers all niches from politics, news, satire blogs, technology, media, women’s issues and more. Founded in 2005, it has even won a Pulitzer Prize and enjoys a global Alexa ranking of 152.

Their free guest posting sites is has a really wide spectrum and is open for everyone from small indie bloggers to celebrities and award-winning journalists.

20. Miska a platform for authors and publishers to post their guest posts with backlinks. the website has Health, Technology, Business, Education, and niche with fine worldwide traffic which helps authors to rank their keywords and traffic on keywords. Authors, entrepreneurs, and publishers can share their articles with a relevant niche with just a click. If you are an author or publisher and looking to publish your content, you are always welcome at free guest posting sites.

21. HubSpot

It is currently the mecca for digital marketers and content professionals and also one of the best free guest posting websites. HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing software which helps businesses in generating traffic, converting leads, and drawing revenue.

The Alexa ranking for the same is 519 and its core themes include Email, Sales & Marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Business.

22. Mashable

Mashable is a global multimedia and technology company founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It is one of the most popular contemporary trending websites and enjoys a 45 million user base and a 521 global ranking on Alexa. It even published republished content and its core content includes niches like entertainment technology and digital culture-free guest posting sites.

23. Investopedia

It is a platform where people can come with all their financial queries. With a global ranking of 803, it hosts all kinds of financial information catering to students, finance professionals, investors, and consumers alike.

To write on the same as a guest poster/blogger, you need to first submit an Investopedia contract form. Also, you must be really sharp and thorough with the business and finance niche to get onboard.

24. Moz

Launched in the year 2004, Moz builds tools that measure, monitor and evaluate a site’s SEO. It also makes content marketing, link building, social media, and inbound marketing fairly easy for people. In case you’d like to be a guest blogger for Moz, one of the best free guest posting sites, you may send your applications to [email protected].

25. Thought Catalog

This one is an online youth culture magazine with a plethora of stories revolving around love, loss, self-improvement, success, failure, and life in general.

Their global ranking is 2,525 and they accept republished content as well. Every person has their own experiences and there would be no better platform than ThoughtCatalog to pour your perspective out.

26. Happiness Creativity

Hi, I am Rajat Sharma, and this is my blog about health, travel, art, lifestyle, and parenting. I lived in New Delhi last 10 years with my family. I am a BA student and part-time blogger. I have started this blog in 2016 with the help of my elder brother.

27. myHQ Digest

This is a blog by myHQ which invites guest writers to contribute posts on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, freelancing, coworking spaces across India, and more. Do check this digest out to gather awareness about myriad contemporary and trending topics.

For writing a guest post, just fill in your details here.

28. WriteUpcafe

Bloggers are the building blocks of the online info-verse we live in. Around the planet fresh content is being created every second. Statistically speaking, on WordPress alone, 2.75 million posts are published every single day! As internet is maturing, this posting behavior is showing a demand for a more well-structured organization, so that the information can reach where its demand resides. Community plays a huge role in this information transfer. In 2009, WriteUpcafe was created to provide a space for the content creators to organize and interact with each other, and in turn make their blogs visible to maximum and appropriate readers.

29. Mazing US

Mazing US is a guest posting site and Leading digital content media highlighting and covering all the topics in the United States and around the World. Contact Us today for your queries here: (mazingus info) [email protected]


Article submission is being the most effective ways to increase backlinks and to generate quality targeted traffic to your website. Start submitting your article today and boost your web visitors. It's Free Guest Posting Site. widely considered one of the most popular websites for information on Medical & Health, computer, internet, automotive, insurance etc.

31. Article Beast

At Article Beast, we have a strong focus on high quality content guest posting site. It is our aim to allow writers the chance to publish well-written articles that our visitors will find useful and enjoyable to read. To give yourself the best chance of having your article published on Article Beast,

32. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed, Inc. is home to the best of the Internet. Across food, news, pop culture and commerce, our brands drive conversation and inspire what audiences watch, read, buy, and obsess over next. Born on the Internet in 2006, BuzzFeed, Inc. is committed to making it better: providing trusted, quality, brand-safe news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people; making content on the Internet more inclusive, empathetic, and creative; and inspiring our audience to live better lives. We'll continue to recruit the best founders and creators to join us in this mission, with more additions like Complex Networks and HuffPost to come.

33. Share Health Tips

Share Health Tips is a free health article directory that connects bloggers, writers, authors, and everyday educators who have an expertise in the field of health and wellness.

We strive to build a friendly community of the knowledgable authors who are very passionate about the health industry. Sharing your knowledge and experience is why we created Share Health

Sign up today for a free account and begin publishing your content. Our free article marketing directory is also an excellent way to promote yourself and your website. Gain visibility and exposure now!

34. Klusster

Klusster unites business owners that need more content distribution with businesses that need more content for social.

Not only can you build greater authority with Klusster, but when you upload your content to the network, we stream your high-quality posts to our community of over 100,000 businesses, bloggers, and digital marketers so they might leverage your content for their social audience.

34. Techulator is a technology portal, offering news and reviews of software, gadgets, mobile apps, smart devices and a lot more. We also write on various technology topics including Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows as well as product information on smartphones, laptops, computers, gadgets, home automation, smart devices and more.

Explore our news section for updates on latest technology updates, product releases, new launch announcements and general information on various technology topics. Our product review team performs extensive reviews of devices, services and apps in our review center. You can find hands-on product reviews, programming guide, technical tutorials, solutions to various computer problems and guidance on how to use various computer related products.

35. Easy Articles

This is a free guest posting websites Platform, where quality Articles are published by reputed Authors.   This service is rendered by us absolutely free. To qualify your writing in the form of articles, posts in our BLOG, it has to be a quality article and interesting to our users.

Our role is to facilitate publishing, get indexed in Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo, Yahoo,  and major search engines, and make your article available to a large audience across the web.

We do have additional services like promotion of your articles and get prominence, which can be found from your Authors login panel


A one-stop education community, it EduGorilla has over 120, 000 subscribers and over 500,00 monthly visitors. One of the best free guest posting websites, it invites posts from creative and indigenous writers and preferably writers from the education niche. The Alexa ranking of this site is 31, 121.

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