Say No To “Made In China” | Stop Buying Chinese Products Now

Say No To “Made In China” | Stop Buying Chinese Products Now

“Make in India” was the slogan we all shouted together. But, when it comes to buying things, we go for Chinese products Boycott China Products and Say no to Chinese products.

Whether it is decoration lights, machinery, metal, electronic gadgets, garments, crackers, clothes; most of the products we use are made in India. Unfortunately, it is a fact that the “Made in China” label is seen in every product nowadays. People like you and me using china products are not only making our domestic market demolish but also culture and ancestry are crushed. Inescapably, China products have crushed our Indian festivals as well. Holi seems incomplete without Chinese Gulaal, Makar Sankranti seems incomplete without Chinese Manja, Diwali seems incomplete without China Crackers. There are dangerous Chinese firecrackers that have become a huge problem at so many levels.

With so many Indian festivals around the corner, dealers and brokers are stocking up on the Chinese crackers. Chinese Firecrackers from farther astray are now being imported from China. No clear figure is found yet, but some reports say Chinese fireworks worth Rs 1,500 crore are India into India each year from China.

What happens if everyone boycotts China?

I don't consider everyone, but if 20 crore people Boycott China Products goods it also makes a change. The new ways of production started in India. The entrepreneur can find a market to sell their goods, it gives employment to the Indian peoples. It increases the Indian economy. This makes the way of living better.

This is the right time to boycott China, as all the world is opposing China. The other countries can start investing in India. As there is no competition from Chinese goods they sure that their product can sell in this Indian market.

What should happen if we uninstall the Chinese app?

Among 130 crores Indian if a minimum of 20 crores can uninstall it can make a bad impact on the Chinese economy. The Chinese economy is grown on the basis of their apps like shareit, TikTok, Zoom, ucbrowsers, etc. If we uninstall all these apps there is an impact on China's economy. And we have other options to use an app, just you have to uninstall this Chinese app and install another app. I am giving the following table which gives information about the replacement app.

Chinese App which we need to Uninstall

Mi Community
Mi Store
Mi Video call-Xiaomi
Parallel Space
Perfect Corp
Photo Wonder
QQ International
QQ Launcher
QQ Mail
QQ Music
UC Browser
UC News
Vigo Video
Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab).
QU Video Inc
Wonder Camera
XenderQQ NewsFeed
QQ Player
QQ Security Centre
Mail Master
360 Security
APUS Browser
Baidu Map
Baidu Translate
Bigo Live
CacheClear DU apps studio
Clash of Kings
CM Browser
DU Battery Saver
DU Browser
DU Cleaner
DU Privacy
DU recorder
ES File Explorer.

Another question can everyone ask is that What about your mobile phone?

Yes, the phone is made in China, but we already paid for it. So it does nothing in the Chinese economy right now. In the future Do Not Buy Chinese Products. Your small contribution can help us. It is all for us only. To grow India better.

Why should we ban china?

1. If Chinese goods and services are boycotted then it will grow the Indian market. We buy Chinese goods because they are less expensive but if you stop the buy them, then it will create room for Indian market. This increases the demand for Indian goods. And one thing happens that Indian manufacturers start to making goods in mass production. Due to mass production prices goes down and we get it at a cheaper price. So you think that why they are not making mass production today? Because there is no demand for the goods made in India, so they are not making mass production.

2. Due to the fall of Chinese goods, Indian entrepreneurs like Organic Food Market Happysoul can find the market to sell there goods and services. This is the opportunity for them to come to the market and make changes. Due to this, employment can also available to Indian people.

3. The trend of boycott China is followed all over the world, due to this the new foreign companies can start the investment in the Indian market. Because there is no fear for them to lose, due to there is no competition from Chinese products. And this gives also employment to the people.

Why should we buy an expensive product?

This is true when we Boycott China Products. We have to pay more compare to Chinese products but it worth it. Eg. We have to buy a bulb which. In the shop there are two bulbs one is Chinese and the other is Indian. Chinese bulb cost is ₹100 and the cost of the Indian bulb is ₹150. We may prefer the Chinese one, but it is the loss of us only. If we buy an Indian bulb at ₹150 it gives profit. You think how?

It improves the Indian economy.

It increases the demand for Indian goods.

This money goes to the Indian government. It can be used for making roads, education of students, the health of Indian people.

Who are the Indian people, you and me? This means the extra money spent by you is used on you.

If we consider India-China tread deficit it is $50bn. So we do something.

Saving Money May Harm You

There are obvious reasons why people continue to import Chinese crackers illegally into India. Chinese firecrackers use a cheap but dangerous alternative to potassium nitrate which is typically used for making crackers. Chinese labor who are cheap and unregulated and the use of unproven materials makes the Chinese firecrackers cheap, but they are false and have proved to be very dangerous. Chemical used in Chinese fireworks called potassium chlorate, a high friction sensitive used in making these firecrackers that cause to explode easily even when dropped.

Imported Chinese firecrackers often have a higher rate of sulfur and potassium chlorate, through which the level of pollution is also higher. The high level of sulfur produces toxic oxides of sulfur, which cause irritation of the eye and also irritates the skin. Handling potassium chlorate causes respiratory distress and breathing trouble. Prolonged exposure can lead to bronchitis, and affect the kidneys and the nervous system.

These dangerous and cheap Chinese firecrackers are flooding the domestic market ignorant buyers prefer to buy Chinese products instead of Made in India variety of crackers and Boycott China Products.

Effects Of Chinese Crackers On Environment And Body

The country China is a big manufacturing market and there are several huge producers that make Chinese fireworks. What comes to India has to do with the cost. Since the crackers containing potassium chlorate are cheap, they are imported here. There needs to be a clear policy for importing fireworks so that it can be regulated. The sparkles from fireworks last a few seconds but air pollution can stay in our environment for hours. Chinese firecrackers smoke is rich in tiny metal particles making it very different from normal air pollution of the environment. These particles are used to make firework colors in much the same way as scientists of Victorian identified chemicals by burning them in a Bunsen flame; bright green or white from barium compounds, blue from copper and red from strontium or lithium.

How we can avoid it?

The best thing would be to Boycott China Products like firecrackers altogether but for reasons of tradition; festivity and giving it to the demands of children many of us continue to burst Diwali crackers. So buy fewer crackers this festive season, buy the non-noisy crackers that don’t pollute as much. Don’t compromise on life by buying Chinese firecrackers this festive season. Be a cunning consumer:  look for the manufacturer’s name and address and other information on the box. If the Firecrackers seem cheaper than others of its type, be cautious. If one who reads this, who likes it, shares it and helps to support it then it is guaranteed that our future will be secure.

If It Says “Made In China”, Avoid And Make Your Festive Season Joyful.

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