Check out Different Types of Modular kitchen Based on Layout!

When it comes to modular kitchen design, there are various designs to choose from. The most demanded of all are straight, parallel, L-shaped, U-shaped, and Island. So, to get your favorite design is to identify how much space you have. A modular design consists of kitchen drawers, doors, cabinets, and pull-outs that are opened almost eight-to-ten times a day. If you remember the refrigerator is opened alone 40 times a day. When you search on Google, for why you should have a modular kitchen design, then there are immense advantages you can add to your space. Let us have a look at the types of modular kitchen designs.

ü  Straight Modular Kitchen Design:

This is the traditional kitchen design, that is found in almost every Indian home. It is now modified with a modular kitchen design having drawers for a furniture store in Hyderabad with all your accessories and other functional elements. A modified traditional design is really basic and suits a minimalistic decor type. It is a must-have for hassle-free dine-in at home.

The color palette to choose can be neutral, two-tones, all whites, and bold and bright. Choose according to the illumination you want in the space. All whites are good for small space kitchens and neutral shade in case you don’t have much time to clean. The bigger space kitchens are good with two-toned shades or bold and brighter colors. Identify your requirement for the kitchen space.

Straight Modular Kitchen Design

ü  Parallel Modular Kitchen Design:

Now your kitchen will not be a hidden room of your home. With a parallel modular kitchen design, this could be no more. Show off your kitchen with pride and comfort, as this particular style allows you to move easily in the space. This design of a modular kitchen allows the steady movement of light. Also, the natural light flows easily from windows and doors to every corner of the kitchen area. Now, you are keener to cook in the kitchen all your delicious meals for your family.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

ü  L-shaped Modular Kitchen Design:

For medium kitchen sizes, an L-shape modular kitchen design works best. This design requires thoughtful planning, to keep the space clutter free and organized. Now, you can amplify your creativity, which means it can be fitted to any space. A floor plan of what is assigned where also the same design doesn’t work to any other kitchen space following an L-shaped modular kitchen design. There is space assigned for each work such as cooking, cleaning, and other preparations. In an L-shaped design, the kitchen is built in the corner, where two walls form a perpendicular angle. In which, one part of the wall is twice the length of the other.

L-shaped Modular Kitchen Design

ü  U-shaped Modular Kitchen Design:

A U-shaped modern kitchen design features three walls, where the cabinets and appliances are lined. A kitchen with such a design is always the most spacious of all. It is found to be efficient as it frees the floor space. A “Golden Triangle” concept is followed in a U-shaped kitchen design, which is a natural fit. Here, the fridge, the sink, and the gas stove are within arm’s reach. The feature that an L-shaped and other kitchen designs like galley misses, is found in a U-shaped modular kitchen design  you will find at Luxury furniture stores in Hyderabad. The best benefit of having this design is the traffic that occurs in the workflow is a safety factor here.

U-shaped Modular Kitchen Design

ü  Island Modular Kitchen Design:

In 3 and 4 BHK apartments, the kitchens usually have larger spaces. Such spaces are managed with a kitchen island and make use of everything in a sophisticated manner. In this way, you and your guests can work alike, also your kids have room to play and eat, while you cook for them. An island gives more storage area, also the space is more ventilated and listed, as an island requires a pendant light all over.

Island Modular Kitchen Design

Now, from the above, you must get a clear picture of what shape modular kitchen design will fit best for your space. And, you also get to know, what features you require for your kitchen area. So, look for the spaces you have at home and have your modular kitchen design at home.

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