Why You Need Boiling Water-Proof(BWP) Plywood for Your Next Project!

The term BWP grade plywood is known by many and is thrown around often. But how much do you really know about the BWP ply? Why use it? Where to use it? And what are its benefits?

Let’s find out!

We all know about the miracles of plywood 一 the engineered wood that’s desired by everyone in the industry for its properties, advantages and usage. This engineered wood can broadly be classified into two types for Luxury furniture store near me

  1. Interior grade which includes MR grade (Moisture resistant) plywood
  2. Exterior grade winch includes BWP (boiling waterproof) and BWR (boiling water resistant) plywood

Boiling waterproof plywood is abbreviated as BWP. It is the highest grade of plywood available for external use with the ISI specification number being IS:710.

Besides using it for exteriors, most carpenters and interior designers prefer BWP plywood for kitchen cabinets and under-basin king-size beds with storage because of its remarkable characteristics, dining area glass dining table set. Even when boiled in water for 7 whistles in a pressure cooker, it typically does not get damaged.

Benefits of BWP grade plywood

As mentioned earlier, BWP has a plethora of remarkable characteristics. Some of them are listed below 一

  • It can withstand a lot of wear and tear for a long time
  • SSR (Strength and Shape Retention) is high, indicating a stronger load-bearing capacity
  • BWP is resistant to high moisture levels
  • This plywood is suitable for all-weather situations, and its qualities make it ideal for the construction of boats and ships
  • Different treatments can give BWP plywood anti-warp qualities, resulting in sturdiness in both wet and dry conditions throughout its life
  • It’s strong, durable and has minimal core gaps due to its uniform thickness
  • Without compromising strength, it is easily bending and flexible
  • BWP is termite and pest resistant, enhancing product quality and making it ideal for interiors as well

As you can see, the benefits are numerous. This makes BWP an extremely versatile material that can be used in several places, both internally and externally.

Applications of BWP grade plywood

As the name indicates, this grade of wood is a preferred choice for water-prone areas where you cannot prevent the plywood from coming into contact with water. If we were to name some of its many applications, they would include 一

  • Building wooden storage units for balconies and terraces
  • Kitchen cabinetry, utility compartments, under-basin storage, rooftops, lofts, and high units where physical contact with steam and water is a significant risk
  • Bathroom walls and floorings
  • Lawn chairs, garden tables, outdoor swings, patio benches and other outdoor, furniture shops in bangalore

This plywood can be used in various projects and constructions, and will definitely help you to enhance your work and the aesthetics of your project. Now that you understand the properties and applications of the BWP grade plywood, it’s time to make the purchase! If you’re in need of the best quality plywood, visit AK group’s, Apple Ply. They are one of the best plywood manufacturers and will provide you with the finest quality BWP plywood!

That’s it for now! Cheerios!

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