What are the things you should consider before booking a hotel?

If you are working in a firm that asks for your regular travel or you are a traveler, you tend to book rooms for yourself. Every group of hotels has certain policies regarding services, rooms, charges, etc and sometimes many people do not follow them and fail because they do not understand it. So, if you are looking for a hotel room in Surat, below are the mistakes that you should avoid making:

Mistake 1. Booking time

Many people are so organized with the trip planning that they end up booking their hotels ahead of the actual time they’re going to be at the destination. So, only a few people know the exact best time to make a booking. This may result in failing to get the room they want but whatever they get is cheaper than the price of rooms booked earlier by some people. These people end up spending a lot of money than they actually should. Therefore, any time before you book yourself a hotel room, take a moment out to understand the location of your hotel and the surrounding area. If the area is popular and usually caught up with the activities then there are chances of the hotels going on higher rates, in that case, you can book earlier but if the place is out of activities then booking a day before of arrival is suggested as they make it for the low price. This is usually the process with many hotels.

Mistake 2. Ignore the details

As mentioned above, all the hotels have certain policies for every service they provide from staff to rooms to restaurants. Most people prefer to book online these days since it saves a lot of time compared to making a reservation and doing all the formalities at the time of arrival. Sometimes, people are so much in a rush while booking online that they avoid the finest details written right in front of their eyes on the webpage. Do not mistake yourself by avoiding details. Sometimes you make the payment and fill up for the card number but they charge you internet fees, pool fees with the room charges and that doesn’t make a good deal, therefore, you need to cross out the things you are not going to utilise during your stay, that saves you a lot of money and taxes included.

Mistake 3. Booking a small room between family

Avoid booking a small room while you travel with your family. Room sizes change from hotels to hotels and location to locations. Therefore, it’s better to look at as many images as possible on their website and confirm the size ratio before finding a suitable room type. Call the hotel reception and ask for the maximum occupancy of the rooms to avoid the fuss.


If you are booking rooms in Surat or even somewhere else, these are the common mistakes you should avoid making else it can ruin your travel experience.

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