What questions should an interior designer ask a client?

What questions should an interior designer ask a client?

This does sound like a tricky proposition, but it’s rather quite straightforward. As an interior designer there’s absolutely no need for you to get frantic over the questions that you should ask your client. You just have to get into your client’s mind. Try to see the whole interior designing project from their angle. Sample this quote from the famed interior and product designer Kelly Hoppen, where she addresses the homeowners. She says: “Learn to look not just with your eyes but with your heart. Find the things that connect with you. How else will you know how to design your home?”

Well, the doyen spoke her heart out, and here’s where you should take a cue from. If you read between the lines, interior designing should reflect the personality of a homeowner. It should also live-up to their socio-cultural trends. Meanwhile, interior design must be a monetary win-win for both you and your client. So, let’s walk you through some of the questions that you, as an interior designer, should ask your client.

5 questions that an interior designer should ask a client?

1.What do you seek from this interior designing project?

The whole idea of asking this question right in the beginning is to gauge your client’s tastes and preferences. Importantly, the answer to this question would set the premise for future proceedings, and will also enable you to strike congruence between your ideas and your client’s ideas. Let’s simplify it; this is an interior design project driven by tastes and creativity. You wouldn’t want it to be a clash of the titans!

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2. What’s your budget?

There’s absolutely no need to mince words on this front. You have to be sure on how much your client is willing to spend. Is it economically viable for you as an interior designer? Strangely, there’s a misplaced belief among some homeowners that minimalistic themes are cheaper as compared with extravagant ones. While this might be partially correct, the fact of the matter is that your creativity and talent shouldn’t be laid to auction. As a dedicated and ambitious interior designer, you have the right to charge the right price for your work. Some clients understand this straightaway, while others might continue to press for a bargain.

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3. What’s your deadline?

It’s important, rather imperative, that both you and your client set realistic deadlines and not shoot arrows in the dark. If your client is too rigid on a particular deadline, then you have to assess the situation from a holistic point of view. After all, you are best interior designer in jaipur who not only has to execute a project, but also establish goodwill. You have to be a stickler for accuracy and appeal. There’s no scope for haste. Ideally, both you and your client must move shoulder-to-shoulder and arrive at a deadline that’s achievable and feasible. And if the client is too impetuous, then it’s better to disband right at the outset.

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4. Is it the first time you’re working with an interior designer?

The answer to this question will open-up the client’s perception of the entire interior designing project. Suppose your client has never worked with an interior designer before, then you have the opportunity to make them think realistically. We’re not saying that your client is a novice, but your role as an interior designer with first-time clients allows you to educate them in the entire process. Meanwhile, if your client says that you are not the first interior designer in jaipur to come into contact with them, then you have to find out why they ditched the earlier one. The interior designing project hinges on how they respond to it.

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5. Are there any examples which you can share?

This will speak volumes of your client’s choice of interior design firms in jaipur and will make your task easier as well. The examples will also help you identify with the project as a famous interior designer in jaipur. Well, it can be the opposite as well!

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Conclusion : -

How your client responds to these questions will set the tone and template for your interior designing project.

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