Why a Coffee Mug Is a Great Gifting Option?

If you are looking to buy a special gift for your loved one. Then, you don’t have to look further for multiple options. Instead, we will let you know how a coffee mug becomes a perfect gifting option for special occasions. The recent survey conducted have concluded that people love coffee mugs as a gift. And 40% told that a mug is irreplaceable as a memory, if it is broken, it takes time to get habitual to a new mug for your morning coffee. Let us consider what memory it will create, once it is gifted.

Morning Habit

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In India, people start their morning with a cup of tea or coffee, which is irreplaceable. A hot beverage is always served best in a nice coffee mug. A coffee mug with time becomes a habit, which cannot be replaced until it is broken. WoodenStreet provides ceramic coffee mugs of unique designs that add joy to people's life.

Just keep in mind for whom you are buying, then accordingly choose the  designs. If you are choosing for your friend or cousin, then a cartoon  character design will be a perfect gifting option.

Great for work

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People who work outside their home, prefer a coffee mug to have their tea or coffee. And in recent days, people who are working from home prefer mugs too. It creates a memory for life and a habit that cannot be replaced easily. And, if it has some quotes written on it, it’ll keep you motivated throughout the day. So, why not gift a special mug to your loved one, that creates a memory for life.

By gifting a coffee mug, that has written a beautiful quote can initiate a  conversation. It always reminds you of the person, who has gifted it to you.

Keen Collectors

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If one love collecting mugs, then what can be a better way to surprise them. If your friend is an animal lover then, gift a dog and cat-designed coffee mugs. Choosing an animal design coffee mug, that your friend loves serves personalization.

One can gift a set of coffee mugs with motivational quotes written on it. In this way, you are introducing to the world about collecting the mugs.

Coffee mugs are not only used for drinking hot beverages, people who collect mugs knows it very well. They can be used as a pen holder on the desktop table, which reminds them of their friends who gifted them. Teenage girls use coffee mugs for keeping makeup brushes and other cosmetic products. There are immense reasons, one can choose to gift coffee mugs.

Memorable for long

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Choosing a coffee mug for gifting, always creates value. First, its design says what one tries to convey to the recipient. Second, it is used to have tea or coffee in the morning after you wake up. A great start to the day by remembering the memories it has attached to. Therefore, using a coffee mug for a while, sentiments are attached to it.


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Gifting a coffee mug is an affordable choice. At WoodenStreet, the starting range of a coffee mug is 199/-. A budget-friendly option to make your loved ones happy. When a coffee mug is chosen with attractive colors, it increases the value. The quality of coffee mugs serve longevity which in turn creates a memory. So, a coffee mug as a present will be thoughtful enough, every time one uses it, it reminds of them.

WoodenStreet has many designs available as a gifting option. It all depends on to whom you are gifting it. There is a range available for every age group. So, choose that serves quality too and at very affordable prices.

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