WordPress Multi-page Forms: Why is it Necessary?

WordPress Multi-page Forms: Why is it Necessary?

It is essential to maintain in mind that long and complex WordPress forms, such as insurance claims, registration forms, surveys, etc., might cause stress for users. Your users will see your form-filling interface first. A simple glance at the endless list of form fields can result in apathy.

All types of complex and lengthy forms must be intuitive and easy to use from a usability perspective. The forms must assist rather than obstruct users during the process of filling them out.

In any case, you are likely to have an impact on the user experience related to your website's forms.

Which way? Psychology first. Much of technology is related to psychology.

Can you tell me how the website form filling works? The solution is straightforward - cut up the long forms into shorter forms and make it easier for people to fill them out.

The following are a few reasons why multi-page forms can increase your website's form submission rate substantially:

  • Users who fill out multi-step forms in WordPress can feel more accomplished once each step is completed: once each sub-form is completed, people have a stronger sense of accomplishment. Are you familiar with the to-do list technique? By completing smaller tasks one by one, you will feel happier. This is also true for long forms.
  • People are less likely to make mistakes when working with such forms since their focus is not interrupted; they don't scroll endlessly. Therefore the form is completed much faster and easier.
  • By decreasing visual clutter, dividing large forms into multiple pages (sub-forms) can significantly reduce a user's mental effort.

It's all just psychology in any case.

Do the next step if you're ready to become a form psychologist and significantly improve your website's user experience of filling out forms.

With ARForms, you can take your multi-step WordPress forms even one step further.

The multi-step form option is included by default in ARForms, the ultimate WordPress form builder plugin. Technically, you can create unlimited forms using only one plugin, each of which can be converted into a multi-page WordPress form.

Let's look at how to set up WordPress multi-step forms with the ARForms plugin to show how simple it is:

  1. ARForms –> Add New Form is where you'll make your form.
  2. Look for the Page break element in the list on the left side. You can include as many breaks as you think are necessary for your form. You also have manual control over the breaks, which you can quickly shift around in the form editor.
Multi-page WordPress Forms

3. Using the style builder on the right, create the form layout you want.

That concludes our discussion. It's probably easier than you think.

multi step live form

In the field settings, you may also choose "Process bar" instead of "Wizard" to show the progress of filling the form with a progress bar.

WordPress multi-step-forms
WordPress multi-step-forms

You may construct a form design and structure that can influence the user's emotional response and overall submission performance by thinking of it as a combination of exceptional functionality and a powerful stylistic toolset.

Furthermore, ARForms allows people to go back and double-check the information they've entered without losing data on the current or prior pages. The form buttons for "next" and "previous" are there to assist users in the process (by the way, you can change the label of these buttons).

Bringing things to a conclusion

Sub-page forms in WordPress provide a lot of advantages over primary one-page forms, and they're prevalent in practice. While many popular WordPress form builder plugins require installing additional addons, ARForms does it right out of the box. It can dramatically improve the user experience of filling out lengthy forms while also increasing the form submission rate.

Why not give it a shot? It's simple and effective.

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