Akshardham Temple of Swaminarayan-Gujarat

he main attraction in Gujarat's Gandhinagar is the Akshardham Temple of Swaminarayan. Akshardham Temple of Swaminarayan in Gandhinagar is one of the largest and most important temples of Gujarat state. By the way, even now in Delhi, a huge Akshardham temple has been built. But the Akshardham Temple thing of Gandhinagar is different.

A temple that is full of architecture that describes the cultural heritage of India. Due to being the largest temple in Gujarat, there is a wonderful temple. Akshardham Temple has become a major and popular attraction among devotees and tourists.

Lord Swaminarayan has a seven feet high, beautiful statue in the temple. In this temple, the founder of Swaminarayan Sampradaya, the great saint who came to Gujarat from Ayodhya, his biography has been elegantly mentioned. There is a lost of the crowd in this magnificent temple, perhaps this is the reason why the temple has also suffered a major terror attack in which the life was very much wrecked. Still, the beauty of the temple could not be worked. Yes, there has been a lot of changes in the security of the temple as you can not take a camera mobile phones, etc. in the temple. Now the soldiers are contributing to the protection of the temple.

There are many hi-tech exhibitions in Akshardham temple, to see the devotees and tourists get tickets. There are many restaurants for eating food in the temple premises. Here you can enjoy a variety of dishes, including whole vegetable, Swaminarayan khichdi. Due to the cleanliness of the restaurant, you can enjoy the food right. There are many types of games in the temple premises for children and children to play, in which you can enjoy at least 2 hours.

If you come to the Akshardham Temple then you can take time to roam the swings and eat the food. Photography, mobile phones, etc. is prohibited in the temple premises. But there is a provision of memory photography on behalf of the temple. You can post photos by paying it. The Swaminarayan sect has a very good influence in Gujarat. Not only that, but there are also Swaminarayan temples in foreign countries where the Gujarati community lives.

There is a very good market of Gujarati chaniya cholis or Ghagra choli  in the premises outside the temple. You can also buy it from here. There are many hi-tech exhibitions in the Akshardham temple and you will have to take a ticket to see such high-tech exhibitions.

Here is some of the Sample of Chaniya Cholis and Ghagra Choli :

In November 1992, the inauguration of Akshardham Temple, the major B.P.S. Was initiated by himself. For the efforts of BAPS, Akshardham Temple is a center for encouraging India's art, culture and values. Akshardham is an excellent example of Indian roots, where art is invincible, culture is unlimited and prices are not stable. In the Swaminarayan temple, Harish Mandapam, Prasad Mandapam, and Vibhuti Mandap are the names allotted for various floors.

People from different classes come in Swaminarayan temple and are engaged in the service of God and devotion to devotees. There are many types of programs in the temple. The main idea behind these programs is that with the philosophy of Lord Swaminarayan, there is goodwill for humans and living creatures in the people. The purpose of BAPS is to educate people about the rich spiritual and cultural roots of India and reach them to the next generation.

In the temple premises, 'Sahajanand', 'Sat-Chitta Anand' and 'Nityanand' are three permanent exhibition halls.


The temple has been built after 13 years of relentless hard work or said a total of 13 years of labor donation in building the temple. Its length is approximately 1,751 feet (534 meters). The spacious structure extends to 108 feet height, 240 feet length and 131 feet width. The temple is composed of 6,000 tonnes of pink sandstone. Which was imported from Rajasthan? The complex carvings claim the skilled craftsmen of Bandipahadpur. To ensure the maximum life of the monument, no steel or iron has been used in the construction of the temple.


To show the life of Lord Swaminarayan is a Sihananda exhibition which is a delightful exhibition and reflects Swaminarayan's life through simple settings and shows. In the exhibition, there is also a "video show of travel time", which is also fantastic and most enjoys the tourists.


This is another permanent exhibition in which "Integrovishon" is a fantastic 14-screen multimedia presentation. Man's search is a Vedic truth which is clearly visible in the exhibition here. Apart from the multimedia presentation, the exhibition includes a 'mirror tunnel', glass mosaics and music fountains that dance on tunes.


After Shani-Chitta Anand, Nityananda is an extra presentation where the Upanishads are displayed during the data of Dainama and fiberglass that runs the message of Ramayana and Mahabharata. There is also an audio-animation at the show of the Hastinapur Palace from Mahabharata, the show includes a sketch of Gurukula, the devotion of saints and poets, and an explanation on the "harmony of world religions".

Sahajananda Wan

Sahajanand Van is a garden where nature looks at its top. The cool beauty of this garden is the magnificent structure of Akshardham. Many types of garden
Appears with flora and fauna There is a unique mention of spray fountains, herbal gardens, swings, waterfalls and lakes in the garden. Spanning fifteen acres, Sahanand Van provides a vision to actually see

AARSH - Research Center

Akshardham Center for Applied Research in Social Harmony (AARSH) is an innovative research institute that includes a well-stocked library, study center, and archives. The purpose of the center is to use the insights of the past, to study the current trend and manage potential solutions for the future.

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