Does Astrology Really Work? How?

Many people, even myself included, are first introduced to astrology through for their daily horoscopes in Indian newspapers like Jansatta, Yashobhomi. While the accuracy of these daily predictions done by these news papers can sometimes be questionable, there is something to be said for using the alignment of the Grah and tare for personal reflection and prediction. But most of astrologer like Astrologer in Canada, while an incredibly accurate and long-standing art form, is not science. Does astrologer really work, or is it simply a question of a fooling people ? If astrology or astrologer works, then how does it work?

As Pandit GR Shashtri ji notes in his Website for Vashikaran Specialist mumbai in  the question of how astrology works.

PanditGRshashtri ji has mentioned that Astrology is an ancient practice. According to, Many believe that the origins of much of the astrological doctrine and method that would later develop in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are found among the ancient Babylonians and their system of celestial omens that began to be compiled around the middle of the 2nd millennium BC.” These systems of divination and interpretation spread throughout countries and cultures, and continued up until the present day.

PanditGRshashtri ji believe that each planet is the embodiment of a god, goddess, or other spiritual being; it is the job of these beings to affect the lives of those on this planet. Some believe, in the same way as many Sadhu beliefs, that the planets are representations of archetypes, and are related to those events on Earth that affect us.  Still other astrologers believe that astrology can be explained by different theories in quantum mechanics.

Within the systems of astrologywale (Western, Vedic, etc.), people believe that the time, date, and location of their birth dictates their characteristics, talents, challenges, and even appearance (indicated by their Ascendant). The idea is that this information can be then used to help them plan and make other choices, or for self-examination and self-awareness. This is not to say that astrology negates the idea of free will; rather, it simply provides more details for our information tool kits. It is then up to us to decide how and if to use the additional information.

For some, the idea of astrology is implausible, but the cosmos has proven time and time again, with accuracy, that no matter how they affect us, they certainly do.

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