Everything to know about Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

The importance of healthcare has tremendously increased after covid times. It is not just the government being involved to take steps to create a better future but also ordinary citizens. As the facilities increase, so do the challenges. It was observed that maintaining a well-organized record of your medical documents was quite an effort-taking task, therefore NDHM (National Digital Health Mission) came to the rescue. If you find it difficult to maintain records of your past medical documents, you can finally rest assured of the services provided under the Ayushman Bharat Digital mission. This mission is focused on combining healthcare with digitalization.

It is driven to minimize the gap between healthcare and various stakeholders through digital platforms. Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission was launched on the 27th of September 2021, which the goal to provide healthcare benefits for all. The main aim is to digitized healthcare records through a unified healthcare interface so that it is convenient and easy for people to track and use their medical history when required.

This mission has changed the way people used to perceive healthcare in our country. With a mission like these on board, the future of healthcare is secured and accessible for every citizen.

All that's to know about the Ayushman Bharat card

Launched to help people deal with healthcare affairs post covid, The Ayushman Bharat card is the one-stop solution for finding all your necessary documents associated with your and your family’s health. A unique 14 Digit identification number is issued to anyone who desires to apply for the card. Apart from getting a platform to safely and in a paperless way store your medical documents, having an ABHA card can also help you to find the best hospital across the world so that you can get yourself treated by safe and professional hands.

The issue that people faced after covid caused a huge loss not only to them but to all of us as a country. To curb this situation, the ABDM focuses on making healthcare accessible for all irrespective of their background. To create the Ayushman Bharat Card you can simply apply for it on the online platform and get your 14-digit identification number. Once you avail of the card, here are certain benefits that you can use to secure your and your family’s health.

  • Get access to your medical documents anytime, anywhere without having to worry about finding your old files, test results, scans, etc.
  • Having the Ayushman Bharat card is not a compulsion, you can have full control over the information you like to upload on this platform.
  • You can find the best professionals by using this card, comparing them, evaluating them, and getting yourself treated by them.
  • The card works on your consent. Nobody can misuse the information provided by you on the platform. Only the people that you prefer sharing your unique ID can access your health-related matters.
  • The platform is safe for you to share your health information as it is encrypted and abides by various security parameters.

How to check your eligibility for Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

Any and every family that has been listed under the SECC automatically stands eligible for the yojana. Here are a few steps that can help you to check for eligibility.

  • Visit the PMJAY website and click on ‘Am I eligible’
  • Provide your mobile number for OTP generation
  • Select your state
  • Browse the list as per your name, mobile number, or ration card number.
  • If you spot your name, you are eligible for creating the Ayushman Bharat Health card.

If you do not prefer to get yourself indulged in the above-listed tedious steps then you can simply call on the toll-free number provided on the website to check for your eligibility. For further help, you can also avail help from Empanelled Health Care providers (EHCP) who are specialists working under the scheme to help people.

Once you check for your eligibility and get an ADHA card you can reap tremendous benefits such as the creation of unique health identification, a compilation of all health-related documents at a single platform, easy accessibility, free centralized data-sharing at your consent, access to various verified healthcare facilities and much more.

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