Lichen Planus : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Lichen Planus is an inflammatory condition that can affect your skin and mucous membranes. More than One million cases of lichen planus come every year in India.

On the skin, lichen planus usually appears as purplish, often itchy, flat-topped bumps. In your mouth, vagina and other areas covered by a mucous membrane, lichen planus form lacy white patches, sometimes with painful sores.

Lichen Planus occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks cells of the skin or mucous membranes. The reason for this abnormal immune response is unknown. You can't catch lichen planus or give it to another person. But you can Cure Lichen Planus with the Best Specialized Doctors nearby you.

Most people can manage typical, mild cases of lichen planus at home, without prescribed Lichen Planus Treatment. If the condition causes pain or significant itching, you may need medication to suppress your immune system.

Women frequently have trouble urinating, pain with intercourse, and bleeding after intercourse. No one knows what causes ELPV, though there's some evidence that an autoimmune mechanism is at work. Try connecting Amee Hospital for the best cure for women's problems.

Lichen planus Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Symptoms of Lichen Planus

Now it's time to know how you are gonna identify the lichen planus or what are the symptoms of having lichen planus in your body. There are some Signs and Symptoms through which you can say that it's lichen planus or not.

Also if you are not confident about it then, you can consult Homeopathy Lichen Planus Doctors or doctors that specialized in Lichen Planus Treatment. So here we present the Symptoms of Lichen Planus.

  • Lichen Planus symptoms may appear on skin, nails, mouth, scalp, or genitals in one or more of the following ways.
  • Round, irregular, thickened, flat-topped, dark skin lesions
  • Pink, gray, brown, or reddish eruptions, raised above skin level, with roughness and mild scaling in some cases.
  • Slow, gradual onset
  • The rough, oily look of lesions
  • Intense itching or no itching
  • New lesions of Lichen planus come up in areas where the skin is scratched or injured. This is called Koebner’s phenomenon
  • Bleeding may be present on scratching
  • Oral Lichen planus presents as white streaks on the mucosa of mouth, tongue, and gums. There may be ulcers in the oral mucosa, any part of the mouth. The ulceration can be mild or extensive.
  • Genital Lichen planus shows white streaks or ulcers on vulva, vagina, prepuce or shaft of the penis. Genital Lichen planus in both sexes can be painful.
  • Lichen Planus of nails may present with ridged, deformed nails
  • Burning in the mouth while eating spicy food

With these above Signs and Symptoms, you can find whether you are having lichen planus or not. Visit Doctors before you analyze it and concludes whether it's lichen planus or not. Because you can't risk your health.

Small wrong steps can ruin your health and life. So Be careful about it.

Lichen planus treament

Causes of Lichen Planus

After the symptoms, now It's time to know about the causes. How Lichen Planus is caused and formed. There are some reasons through which Lichen Planus is caused. if you take care of these caused then you can be safe from it. It is an Autoimmune Disease. So here are the causes and reasons that can cause lichen planus.

  • Some medicines can cause a rash. These medicines include diuretics (treatment for high blood pressure and heart disease) and medicine taken to prevent malaria. Be sure to tell your dermatologist about every medicine that you take.
  • In the mouth, a metal filling may be the cause. This is rare, but it can happen. If this is the cause, replacing the metal filling with a non-metal filling will get rid of the LP.
  • A rare type of LP, familial bullous lichen planus, runs in families. Other forms do not seem to run in families.
  • There may be a link between LP and infection with the hepatitis C virus. Many people with hepatitis C also have LP. Your dermatologist may check to see whether you have this virus.

Here are the Top Homeopathy Doctors that help to Cure Lichen Planus and other Diseases.

Treatment for Lichen Planus

Since Lichen Planus is not a huge disease. But it needs to cure that either at home or with the homeopathy medicine for lichen planus. Treatment can be different as per the types of lichen planus. But some of the common treatment for lichen planus are given below.

  • Topical corticosteroid (cortisone) cream, lotion, ointment, or gel
  • Topical tacrolimus or pimecrolimus
  • Anti-itch lotions containing menthol, pramoxine, or phenol
  • Corticosteroid (cortisone) injected directly into a thick lesion

Also, your doctor may suggest one of the following treatments for oral lichen planus:

  • Topical corticosteroid (cortisone) ointment or gel
  • Topical cyclosporine solution used as a mouthwash

For very severe cases of lichen planus, one of the following therapies may be recommended:

  • Ultraviolet light treatment
  • Oral retinoid pills such as isotretinoin or acitretin
  • Oral cyclosporine pills
  • Oral hydroxychloroquine pills

These are the treatment for lichen planus. Please consult doctors before taking medicine. All the medicine you intake should be recommended by the doctors only.

Lichen planus variants

  • Hypertrophic lichen planus
  • Is not uncommon
  • Large hypertrophic plaques develop especially over the shins and ankles
  • Such lesions may occur in isolation or as part of a generalised LP
  • Some lesions can persist for many years
  • Annular lichen planus
  • Although small annular lesions are common in LP, cases consisting predominantly of a few large annular lesions are uncommon
  • Annular lesions may be found on the penis, palms/soles, or can be widely scattered
  • Lesion normally have a narrow rim of activity and a depressed slightly atrophic centre
  • The differential diagnosis includes granuloma annulare
  • Lichenoid drug reactions
  • ​Cause an LP-like rash
  • The trunk is the most frequently affected site and the lesions more psoriasiform
  • The itch can be minimal or absent
  • Refer to the related chapter on Drug rashes - mild to moderate
  • Lichen planus pigmentosus
  • Occurs in darker-skinned patients
  • It presents with patches of hyperpigmentation, which tend not to itch
  • The course can be very prolonged and may last many years
  • Other types of lichen planus include linear, actinic, atrophic, guttate, bullous, pigmented flexural, Blaschkoid LP, and LP of the palms and soles. A mixed lichen planus / discoid lupus erythematosus picture has been described
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