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Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Water is life and drinking water has many benefits attached to it. However, drinks impure water may increase the risk of serious health risks. Contrary to the effects of drinking pure water; drinking contaminated water can cause diarrhea, cholera, stomach problems, dehydration, chronic disorders etc. To avoid health problems, as well as the health benefits of drinking water, start developing a habit of drinking clean water. How do you think you can get clean water and what are the benefits of drinking clean water, without quenching your thirst? With water purifiers such as INDUS WATER PURIFIERS, finding clean water in the comfort of your home or office is easy. Let's discuss in detail, the health benefits of drinking water in this article.

Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

· Induces Weight Loss

Drinking water helps to lose weight. It helps the body to function properly. It helps to cleanse the body and remove toxins through the urine. Water can make the place for airy drinks. Breathing drinks contain a lot of sugar, which adds to body weight. Although, water helps to curb the craving for snacks while quenching thirst and losing weight.

· Helps to Fight Fatigue

Two-third of the human body is made up of water; hence, dehydration affects our energy levels. Dehydration causes fatigue and tiredness. It helps maintain a healthy heart rate and blood pressure. Our blood is 90 percent water, and the blood carries oxygen. Drinking water sends oxygen to our cells and organs and, therefore, helps fight fatigue. It also helps to suppress stress hormones such as cytokines, thereby lowering your mood.

· Strengthens the Immune System

Drinking clean water strengthens the immune system. Water helps to produce lymph in your body, which keeps your immune system healthy. Drinking clean water allows your body to excrete toxins through urination, thus keeping the body free of toxins and a strong immune system.

· Brings Glow on Your Face

Drinking a sufficient amount of water reduces fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The infusion of clean water enhances skin cells that bring light to your face. Drinking water will keep the skin moist and make blood flow normal.

· It gives kidney health

The kidney controls blood pressure, maintains body water, and filters out waste products. Drinking clean water helps the kidneys to function properly. The practice of drinking pure water in sufficient quantity also prevents the formation of kidney stones.

· Lubricates joints

The practice of drinking water protects members from any harm. Our bone marrow contains 80 percent water. Cartilage is found in the joints and spinal discs. Thus, dehydration can reduce the severity of joint pain, which can lead to osteoporosis and joint pain for life.

How much water should be used on average?

On average, an adult should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Generally, we get 80% liquid in drinking water and the other 20% by diet. The amount of water taken also depends on a variety of factors, such as:

· Each Body Weight

· Performance Level - Active, medium or sitting

· Medical conditions

· Sweating

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