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Know How Changing WordPress Theme Affects SEO Performance

Know How Changing WordPress Theme Affects SEO Performance

SEO being the most crucial factor of the website, it gets affected by several factors so, in order to keep the website performance up to date, it is important to work in every aspect of the SEO. As with the growing digital world, more and more business has moved to the online store because of flexibility and security.

WordPress and Shopify are top trending platforms that most of the business use nowadays if you own a WordPress website then there are various factors that need to be kept in mind. There may be circumstances in life that you might need to update a theme or change the entire theme due to some website up-gradation and other customization. Take the help of the SEO Services Ahmedabad to update the website safely.

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So, what factors get affected if the theme is changed?

Design and user experience:

One of the most crucial aspects of SEO is the user experience. Many users may bounce back to the search results if your website is difficult to read or navigate, signalling to Google that your website is not helpful or user-friendly. Although a WordPress theme is much more than a design, it is a crucial decision.

Clear this question first:

Is your new design well-thought-out?

Is it comprehensible?

Is it compatible with mobile devices?

Website speed

Your WordPress theme has the power to make or break the performance of your website. Some of the themes are overly complicated and bulky. They may appear attractive on the surface, but if Google discovers that your site takes more than 8 seconds to load, your rankings will suffer. Switch to a lightweight theme that reduces the page load times to two seconds or less, on the other hand, and you may see a significant increase.

Content formatting

Updating the WordPress theme might not affect your website content but it may affect the formatting and arrangement of the content. It generally occurs in free theme, if you are concern about your business then use premium themes and take expert advice before changing the WordPress theme

SEO metadata

Many themes include SEO elements such as page names, meta descriptions, and structured data for rich search snippets. Switching themes, as convenient as it is, means losing all of your custom data, which might be detrimental to your SEO. That’s why, rather than relying on your theme, we recommend utilising a plugin like Yoast SEO to manage your SEO data.

So, how to maintain website SEO ranking after changing the WordPress theme?

The best option is to choose SEO-friendly themes, an SEO-friendly theme uses well-organized code to style material effectively, delivers a nice user experience, and loads rapidly. Always test your theme after installing before moving your website to live. There are also free themes available online that works best for most online stores but it depends upon the type of business and customization you want in your website.


keep the above things in mind before updating your website with other themes. hope by reading the above article you are clear that changing the WordPress theme might affect the SEO. Consult the expert SEO in Ahmedabad in case of any difficulty.

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